• Rhonda Kelly

    Hi Taylor! Forgive me as I am normally behind the times and you may have already completed this section with your Q/A on Craft Fairs. I did a couple before but didn’t have much luck and I found that I had many problems with my paper items. For instance one time our booth was out in very direct sunlight and I had issues with the cardstock items fading. Do you have any suggestions on how to prevent that from happening? Thanks, love your posts and information, thanks for sharing all your ideas.

  • Andrea Walford

    Hi Taylor! I’m really hoping you share all of your wonderful craft show creations with us (hint, hint)! I’m thinking of entering some craft shows (I’ve never done any before) and could really use some great ideas! Also, do you happen to have any close up pictures of the mom’s survival kit?

  • Heather

    How much do you charge for your products? Do you sell anything but cards?

  • Tracy Dorton

    wow, what perfect timing! i love your blog, by the way! 🙂
    a friend of mine and i have wanted to do a couple of craft shows, but been too chicken to try it out. how many of each item do you bring with you? how far in advance do you start preparing for such an event? how much do you pay and what does it include…space, booth, tables, etc? thanks so much!

  • ScrapMomOf2

    I would like to know how you actually FIND craft shows. I’ve been trying to search to find some near me, and I’m failing miserably. Also, how much stuff do you make to take to the craft show? I would love to participate in a show, but I guess I don’t know where to start! I wouldn’t know how to price my items either! I would be interested in hearing / reading any advice you have! Thanks!

  • Elizabeth

    My question is: How did you get involved in craft fairs/shows in the first place?


  • Jacky

    Hi Taylor,
    You must have read my mind! In your New mommy survival kit, what went into it. And what did you sell it for? (I want to make some for girlfriends as well)
    Thanks so much

  • janice

    thanks for the opportunity to discuss this!
    i was wondering if you did the same craft fair yearly and just how many items are necessary to make to prepare?

  • Tami Wood

    Hi Taylor. I haven’t been able to visit BLOG world in a few weeks. How are you? I rec. the ATCs. Thank you.

  • lois lane

    Perfect timing!!! My friend does a big craft show every year. She does woodcrafts and some other things and she asked me if I wanted to sell some cards at her booth. I have never done anything like this, so any information you could provide would be great!!!

  • Heidi Burt

    Hi Lori-my questions are repeats.

    How much do you charge for a card. Do you offer different prices depending on difficulty of card?

    How many cards do you take to a show?
    Thx Heidi

  • candice

    Hi Taylor,

    I am curious to know what all you bring to the craft shows, how much you sell, and if you typically do themes cards such as Christmas at these fairs.

    I am also interested in knowing if you typically sell individual cards or boxed sets? I’m also interested in knowing what is the price points on your items and what is your best sellers?

    Finally, I am curious to know how you set-up your display? (risers or card racks).

    This year will be the first year I display handmade cards at the craft fairs. Any info you can provide for successful sales will be most appreciated.

    Thanks a lot,

  • debbiedee

    I am curious as to what you will be selling this year. I loved reading your blog last year and seeing all the goodies that you made for your shows. I used to do craft shows (“time-worn” cloth dolls) and love hearing about other’s experiences. I would also love to see/hear how you set up.

  • Karen Sullivan (BasketMom)

    Great topic – I’d love to know…
    1) What are your top money-makers – meaning, the items you spend the least money making but make the most money!
    2) What items do you sell the highest quantity of?
    3) Have you ever sold anything that has been a bomb? (I can’t imagine what!)
    4) What is the demographic of your craft shows? SAHM? Junior Leagues? Churches?
    5) How much stuff do you make and how much do you take home?
    6) Do you do “custom orders” – like have an example but just have people place orders that you fulfil later?

    Can you tell I’m really interested in this topic??? 🙂

    Thanks for giving us some insight – I’ve often thought of delving into this type of thing but I was really skeptical on what to do and what worked well.

  • Chris Hauck

    Oh my, I’ve been reading everyone’s questions and all I can say is “DITTO”. I want to know the answers to all the questions. One question that I don’t think I saw was how much time do you give yourself to prepare for a show? I guess it depends on how much you take to each, but generally speaking what kind of time commitment are we looking at? I’ll be anxious to see all the answers. THanks Taylor!

  • melissa f.

    Great subject. Do you mass produce one certain card?

  • Susanna

    LOL — I started to read the comments and they are pretty similar.

    * In your experience, what are the craft fair best sellers?
    * Is there a “market” that sells best? (I mean baby items, or a girlfriend theme, holiday, teacher, etc.)
    * I believe I remember a picture of your table set up from last year — can you post it again?
    * Any recommendations or special advice for first timers?

    Thanks for doing this. Our school fall carnival is in a month or two and I wanted to join as my first craft fair. I’d love for it to be a success.

    Thanks for all the answers!

  • Tammi

    Well Taylor reading through all the comments I have nothing else to ask all my questions were asked, so I just look forward to you answers. Thank you for sharing.

  • Rochelle

    How do you display your items? Do you have a photo of your table? What size table is typical of your craft shows?
    Also interested in pricing, and what you make!

  • barb (scs btexpress)

    Hi Taylor,
    I’m wondering about whether you sell cards in bulk or individually?
    Also do they require a tax number at the craft fair. Also do you make any other items like, altered art journals, or paint cans etc.
    Thanks, Barb

  • Julesiana

    Do you package your cards? I haven’t, but I was wondering if it would look more “professional”.

    Thanks for the help, I am turning my focus to fall craft fairs as well.

  • stampingranny

    How do you hold up at these trade shows? I use to do my line of custom marble mosaic tables at home & garden trade shows. It was exhausting, I was just about a one man show, set up to break down and taking orders! I can appreciate what you go through with regard to travel and all of the components of a successful show. All the best to you! Deb

  • Katie

    I will just read these, b/c I want to know it all. I have just started selling cards and I would like to know some other things that are popular and that sell. So thanks Taylor!! I look forward to all your answers.


  • Mary Duffek

    Hello Taylor!

    Thanks for offering your knowledge on craft fairs….I would like to know how you price your items, what your process is choosing what to sell and what your best-sellers are?

  • NormaJ

    Thanks for spending the time to inform us all of your experience in craft shows. I think if you answer the better part of the questions so far, you will have helped me enormously, Thanks so much.

  • Dottie K

    Hi Taylor, Do you package gift sets of cards? How do you package, qty. and price? What are the hot items this year. Any tips for the first time crafter would be greatly appreciated. This is so kind of you to do. Thanks for sharing all your experience with us. 🙂

  • Susie

    Oh, this is such a timely post – I’m just beginning to make items for a November craft event. What are your best sellers and how do you price things? I’ve never done this before. I’ve ordered a variety of clear envies to put each item in (except the little gift purses) and I plan to use several display holders. Do you sell your cards? Do you sell them indiviually or in packages? Thanks for the info.

  • Anonymous

    I saw some of your creations from last year and was very impressed! I remember you said that the way you display your items is really key to sales and was wondering if you could post some of those ideas again. I tried last year to do a couple of shows but didn’t do real well. I feel it was the display of my things that was my downfall. Thanks for offering up the much needed help. I hope you show some of your items this year. I love your stuff!!

  • Suzy

    I am going to my first craft fair ever so have so many questions. I would like to know:

    ~How much does an entry/registry fee usually cost? Do you get to pick where you are set up? Which is the best place to be set up?

    ~What are the best things to take and how many of each of those items do you usually take?

    ~is there a percentage formula for what you charge vs entry fees so that you know what you need to make to recoup fees etc?

    Thanks so much

  • Anonymous

    Okay, I am a novice at selling items but people keep telling me I should. My biggest question is how do you find information on craft shows that you want to participate in? I usually see ads for them when they are about to happen but I don’t know who to contact, etc. Thanks and best of luck for this seasons shows!
    Geny C.

  • Jackie

    My questions are pretty much the same – what to make and how much of it? Do card sets sell? If so, are they themed sets – all Thank You or Birthday – or are they mixed? Do you include a photo on the back of the box with what’s in it? I don’t really want people handling the cards themselves too much, I think.

  • Tara

    my biggest question is how much (of each item, especially single cards and sets) do you take? I’m stumped, and my first show is in October! I’m afraid I won’t take enough, or won’t have enought time to MAKE enough!

  • Donna

    great questions so far! Curious to see your answers, I’m thinking of doing one too

  • krcrafts

    Just thought of another one! LOL What are you planning to make this year?

  • krcrafts

    I’m interested in the items you included in your adorable altered lunch tins that you made last year…the new mommy one and the spa ones, specifically. Thanks for the help!

  • Sara

    I am wondering how you price your little boxes filled with marshmallows with a snowman tag attached. They were so cute when you did them last year, but I couldn’t find where you posted how much you sold them for.


  • loves2stamp

    I have lots of questions, I will just email you!

  • Clara

    Oh my! I have just been doing research on this and thinking about doing it myself. I have so many questions, but I’ll limit myself to 2:

    1) I’d like to know how many and what types of non-card items do you bring?

    2) How do you set up your table? I know people talk a lot about elevating your displays and such, but what else is imporant to note?

  • Dawn

    Hiya Taylor! Just curious what you sell more of…bulk cards or individuals?? And on the design of the cards…if they are bulk sets, do you try to keep a limit on embellishments?
    ps…I’m sure you do very well in CA…when I lived there, the ladies went “ga-ga” over craftshows!

  • Anne Marie

    I would like to know how you price your items not jsut what they are priced but how you come up with the final figure. Also what has been your best seller of all time? Do you sell more at Seasonal/Holiday shows? Thanks for helping other crafters out so much.

  • Morgan

    I’m curious too…What do you make? I have been thinking of getting a table at a holiday show – I live on the outskirts of DC, so there are plenty around and lots of people attend – I feel like it would be hard to know how much to prepare. I’ve been stockpiling, I bought some of those cute boxes from Paper Trey and have 6 cards & envelopes per box (with embelishments, that’s all that will fit). Anyway, I’m just curious what you do. Any insight will be appreciated. Love your blog.

  • Amanda A.

    Thank you for offering to help us out! I send you an email.

  • Lori M

    Hi Taylor! I’m wondering about pricing for individual cards and bulk cards.
    Thanks for all you do!
    Lori M

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