Nugget Tins

I made several of these Hershey Nugget Tins for my upcoming craft shows. I think it would make a fun little gift for friends and teachers and I’m hoping other [Read More]

Heidi Grace Candle Tins

You may remember last year when I purchased plain tins from Specialty Bottle, melted my own candles into them, and decorated them for sale at my craft shows. Click here [Read More]

Craft Fair Q&A

Thanks for being patient with me as I finally get to answering some of your questions about craft shows. I’ll try to answer as many as possible over the next [Read More]

Basic Grey Christmas

Thank you all for your get well wishes! They are much appreciated and I am feeling a bit better today as time goes by. If I could only get this [Read More]

It’s time again…

Yesterday I had one of those days when I didn’t feel like saying much, so I didn’t blog. But… my chatterbox is back today! *grin* Can you believe it’s August [Read More]

Whew….. It’s DONE!!

*insert sleepy face…rubs eyes* I am sooooooo tired! After the craft show yesterday I came home and my wonderful hubby graciously unloaded the car, listened to me yap about the [Read More]

Countdown: 2 days!! WHAT TO BRING…

If you’re looking for cupcake day, check back to my post on Tuesday for some real cupcakes. My hubby and I delivered cupcakes to friends and family on Halloween. We [Read More]