• amina

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  • Amanda Sewell

    So cute! I love it! Sorry I have not checked in for a bit . . . busy packing and such — you know how that goes . . . anyway . . . hope all is well!

  • Barb Mann

    This is so late & I’m sure the other gals have mentioned it to you already but check out The Pottery Barn Bedford Collection:
    It’s beautiful and there are great accessories. My favorite is the project table. It all comes in white! It is a bit pricey but hey Girl you are worth it!! I can hardly wait to see photos when you’re all set up.

  • Ida

    Taylor, This card is just darn adorable! I love those Gnomes!!!

  • tw

    you are so talented young lady!

  • Debbie Y

    I LOVE this card. Those gnomes are adorable — love the beards! IKEA has great desks that are affordable and are a nice combination of functional and pretty. And they have so many options you really can make it as custom as you want. Truth is, I often stamp in my guest bathroom. It has a long counter, great lighting and the sink is right there for cleaning up. And it is located very near all my stamps and supplies.

  • Juanita

    Awesome job, they are soooo cute!!

    Have you checked any consignment shops or resale stores? You MAY find what you’re looking for and would just have to paint it.
    I have two file cabinets and a SOLID wood door on top for the desk. The files are black and my DH painted the desk black. Oriental Trading Company has the “Crop N Store” white cubes and they sell a setup with a nice desk;
    however, I wasn’t able to fit it in the room (it’s tiny). I also have a folding table from Sam’s Club that is six feet. My sister found a large “stamping pad” at JoAnn’s ETC, it is REMARABLE, and works so well on softer surfaces.

    Did you check out Nichole’s blog, she has an awesome room, nice and neat?

    If you want pretty I think a chandelier would pull that off.

    I bought some photo/video storage boxes from Hobby Lobby for $3.99 each. I have six white and four black and white harlequin print. I use them for ribbon, spools and wound, organdy ribbon, and unmounted stamps. Also check out Jeanned Steiringer’s blog “A Passion for Scrapbooking, Decorating and Shopping. She has wonderful things on her blog! HTH.

  • Tara

    Like many other users, I have a ‘custom-ish’ desk. I got the sawhorse type legs from IKEA, who has a whole line of desk legs and tops that you can mix and match. My original plan was to mount a standard piece of countertop to these, but the sawhorses were just a bit deeper than standard counter depth, so DH ended up building me a top that is about 4′ deep by 8′ long. I keep my sewing machine at one end. I didn’t want any drawers because the way my walls are, I can actually walk around 3/4 of the desk. Also, the sawhorses and the trim of my desk top are painted slightly off white – to match my room’s trim and the ‘bazzill parakeet green’ walls.

  • travelingmama

    Taylor, When we moved overseas my one requirement was an “art room.” We “robbed” the other rooms of furniture just to make the art room a special place. I added pics to my blog if you want to check it out:

    It’s fun seeing what everyone else does! Thanks for asking so we can all get good ideas!

  • Latrice

    I don’t reccomend a folding table for stamping. I was trying to stamp on mine on monday and it moves too much.It bounces I guess you can say. My new desk is from IKEA it’s 6′ long and very solid. I only have one desk, but a seperate for the computer and a drawing table since I’m an Architect too!! Hope this helps. Super cute cards. I’m going to steal your idea!!

  • rozie640

    I love those gnomes, I am such a gnome person. Very cute!!!

    I have a stamp living room and it’s never pretty. I live in SoCal where the houses are small so I have to wait for my high school senior to graduate h.s. and then college before turning his bedroom into my stamp room!

    Good luck, I’d pick function over pretty, but that’s me!

  • Anonymous

    I bought a nice corner desk set from Pottery Barn, and I love it, but I use my 4 foot table that is in the middle of the room.(I do not have a very big space, it was a small bedroom) I think mainly because I can turn around and reach most of my stuff without getting up.
    I was like you, I wanted nice, display some of my favorite things, but it just didn’t happen.
    I have tooooo much stamping stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Taylor, I too had a tough decision about pretty or functional. But I went with a desk just for the drawers. My computer sits on it and I have a bit of space to stamp. But I would love another table, but the room isn’t as big as I would of liked. But who am i to complain, I have my own craft room!! My biggest is not enough light. Good luck and have fun putting it together.

  • Anonymous

    My advice would be to go for functionality. You will be much happier in a functional space. Besides, if it’s functional, then that will lend to your creating pretty samples for us to look at!! HA GL with whatever you decide.

    My stamping room has one desk and one 8 foot table. Def. not pretty, but I have everything right in front of me and I have the space. I’m one of those stampers/scrapbookers who has to take EVERYTHING out and I’m not happy until all available space is taken!

  • Clearly Inspired

    This is sooooo cute! I love their beards.

  • sentimentsbydenise

    Taylor –
    I have a countertop mounted on one wall in my studio the width of the room. On one end I create and on the other end is my computer and sewing machine – always at the ready. I have most of my stuff sitting out on my desk in little buckets or decorative boxes (for pretty sake)so it’s all at my fingertips. In the middle of the counter is my Sizzix machine with a little cupboard for all my dies and Cuttlebug embossing folders. I have track shelving on both walls (at the end of the counter) where I keep lots of other stuff (mostly hidden away in plain white photo boxes to keep the look uncluttered).
    Under the counter, I keep my paper -cardstock sorted by color and 12×12 sorted by mfgr(in a hanging file). There is also a file cabinet in the middle, and at the end where my computer is there are small drawer units with seasonal stamp sets/embellishments inside.
    Wow! I should probably posts some photos soon on my blog – that’s a lot to image without a visual reference.
    Let us know what you come up with!

  • Pegi Taylor

    Oh yeh . . . plus with the money you save on the furniture, you can that many more stamp sets.

  • Pegi Taylor

    Hi Taylor! I love those cute little gnomes! You are putting me in the Christmas spirit and I haven’t even posted my Halloween cards yet. Big stamping weekend with the Kristina, Kathleen, and Michelle. So hopefully I will get some Halloween and Christmas done.

    Now about that table vs. desk . . . functional vs cute problem you are having. I had the exact same problem back in January. I had hunted and hunted for furniture because I knew I wanted a cute desk. Well cute desks are very expensive, there is not as much room to spread out on them, you don’t get the leg room or storage space underneath, and who wants to wreck up a beautiful wooden desk with ink, glitter, glue . . . you get the idea.

    I finally decided on a table from Home Depot.com. I looked and they don’t have them anymore, but Office Max does. I think my table is 6 feet long and I love it. I bought an inexpensive armoire from Ashley Furniture and the dining room chair that matches to sit on and hung some cute things on the wall and got some cute lamps and I absolutely love my craft room. The walls are Certainly Celery. I also went to Target and bought a pretty rug to add some cuteness to the room. Last week I added a 4 foot table to the other side of the room so I can have a stamping friend over. So my suggestion is to go with the inexpensive practical tables and add cuteness all around.

  • Beth

    Awesome card Taylor

    I have the project desk from Pier One – black – but when I was checking out after getting it – there was an AWESOME counter height white dining table with some chairs – it would make a perfect stamping table!

    My friend Sharon said she found a large white table on clearance at Kmart for $40. It was a large kitchen table – Martha Stewart brand! That might be the perfect fit!

  • Debby Winters

    I love your card. It’s just too cute!
    I have a stamping desk and a computer desk but I find I stamp on both!

  • Beth

    By the way we have the same desk that Daniela Dobson linked to her comment in my DD room and it is AWESOME! We, also, have 2 sets of very cute shelves to post over the desk as shown on this link. Would love to have on in my craft room but nearest IKEA is 4 hours away so that may have to wait a bit.


  • Beth

    This card is so… cute! I love the way you positioned all the little gnomes and their beards are wonderful. As far a stamp surface, mine is the ugliest thing in my new space BUT it is a perfect height and very sturdy and was FREE! It is nice and roomy (or will be once DH finishes hanging the shelves.) Here is a link to my space. By no means a interior design dream but functional for my craft room and homeschooling my DD.

  • Heather Grow

    Funny card, Taylor. Love their beards. Great colors too.

  • Caren

    Hi Taylor! I have a couple units that my dh bought for me at home depot and put together. It is counter height so I can either stand or sit on a bar stool. It goes the length of one wall and it is a combo of drawers and cabinets then we just put shelves above that. My other wall is a mess but at least my workspace is pretty! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Daniela

    I have several desk/shelving systems from the Container store, but I got this desk at Ikea and it’s my main work station. I love it.

  • Trish

    I have a great desk from Ikea. It has a huge work surface and is solid. I don’t enjoy the costco tables because they are squishy in the middle so you can’t get a good image from a larger stamp unless you stamp right on the edge. You know what makes a great table on a budget? Doors. Very often you can go to a salvage place and get a solid door for about $40 and Ikea even sells legs to screw in to make it in to a table. Just make sure you don’t get a metal door – tough to screw in the legs! No drawers but that’s what rolly carts are for!

  • stampin_melissa

    After trying to stamp and scrap on a card table I finally bought an unfinished door from Home Depot (no door knob was cut and it isn’t painted.) I lay this “door” across two 2-drawer filing cabinets and call it my desk. I paid about $15 for the door about 4-5 years ago. I keep my c/s and business forms in the filing cabinets. Works out great for me. Besides, we are military and are moving every few years so this “desk” is easy to put up and take down! ๐Ÿ˜‰ If I get some ink on it I don’t care since it is unfinished. (Okay, honestly it is usually so covered with everything that you’d never be able to see if I got ink on it!) LOL!

  • Alisa

    Get outta town these are so cute. I don’t even like gnomes and I think I am in love with these guys. You do such good work. Where would we be without you? Rock star!

  • Niki

    That card is so cute! I love their little beards. Good luck with your craft room. No suggestions here, just envy of a room that is just for crafting! lol

  • Candi Dierenfield

    HI Taylor! I was reading these comments and saw Ikea… I miss Ikea! Is there still an Ikea in Burbank? I lived there when it opened. My entire apartment was “Ikead-out!”
    Anyway, wanted to share an idea that has worked for me. My DH got a solid door and two filing cabinets. We attached the door to the filing cabinets – functionality and sorta pretty ~ with the added bonus of storage. LOL And the hole in the door for the door knob is perfect to clamp a light too. Then I use those large white storage cabinets from like Home Depot to store my paper, supplies, etc. in so that I don’t have to look at the clutter. You will have to post picts when you are done. I am sure it will be fabulous ~ especially since it will be all yours. ๐Ÿ™‚
    ~ Candi ~

  • Colleen

    Good luck with the new stamp room. I have rearranged my room several different ways and having a counter height counter and cabinet configuration works best for me. I like having all my tools within reach. I bought cabinets (upper and lower) and counter top (already cut) at Home Depot or Lowes and dh installed them. It really wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought. I’ll post pictures on my blog if you are interested.


    I’ve missed your postings, but am happy for you with your new home. Your blog is awesome. Thank you for sharing your incredible talent with us.


  • Denise Bryant

    Hi Taylor….I have pretty and functionality with two white desk top tables in the shape of an L and my desk stuff in the corner. Here is a link to my old blog with pics and description of my space….which I love and it works out great for me. Good Luck.


  • Flossie's Follies

    This card is fantastic, love those gnomes. I have a folding table that I use in my crafting “space”, and looking at it now it is not a very pretty site.

  • Patti

    Such a cute card Taylor! The little Gnomes are adorable with their white beards. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have a very limited amount of space for my stamping area. It’s basically a corner in the bedroom. I have a closet with shelves and a four drawer file cabinet for storage. I stamp at a four foot table/desk (from Ikea) next to a multi-drawer rolling cart. It’s mostly functional (I love having everything within reach) but I’ve added a bulletin board and a shelf on the walls above my desk to display stamps and cards. So, it’s cozy too.

    My two cents…no matter what size table/desk you end up with, you will inevitably stamp yourself into a space of about 8 1/2 x 11. lol So, if you already have something that will work in your space, I say use it and save your money for stamps. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Can’t wait to see your room when you’re done!

  • Jenn in GA

    Taylor, I can totally relate to your table issue. I have a white table that’s a drawing table with a tiltable surface. I also have a large wooden table that has a lot of supplies stored on it. NOT ideal, but it’s sort of working. I’m not a put holes in the wall kind of gal, but I may need to become one. I’m surprised you haven’t looked at IKEA for a table. It doesn’t seem to matter what size table it is, though, because I end up having a tiny area to work in. Why, I do not know, but it happens consistently. Happy organizing!

  • NormaJ

    Hi Taylor:
    My dh built me a long 8’table with
    shelves over the top to hold my
    various baskets. But since I have
    now gone into scrapbooking, there is a little alcove that he is going to put in another counter top for me. Hopefully then I can do my “dirty” work at it and try to keep the glitter in one spot. It will also leave my longer table
    clean and clear for layouts and a
    drying area, etc. I want to organize it with ink pad space and holders, so everything is contained in one area. I hope you can figure it all out for your space.

  • Bevie Pearl

    Love the card you posted. I like the saying when there is a play on words.
    I have a desk in my stamp room..it is full of stuff..so I dont’ stamp there.
    I am having my DH build me a countertop on one wall to use as a stamp space. (At least I think that is what I want.) Right now I pull everything out of the room to stamp in the living room in front of the tv. And then I have stamp crap all over the kitchen too..cuz I start stamping at the kitchen table and move to the living room.
    NOTE TO SELF: Get focused…lol

  • leenda

    This card is a hoot! I love it! I only wish I had your problem of a table…. I have to stand up in my laundry to stamp! I know you’ll make the best decision for your space.

  • Scrappychick

    Taylor, I convinced my DH to let me do my stamp room with built ins in our new house. I ended up with an island in the middle. LOVE it! I can walk around it, shove things around, have a friend stamp with me, etc. Its perfect. The top is about 4’x5′. Check out the organization link on my blog for pics. Good luck!

  • Elizebeth

    I have 2 tables in my craft room. One is a large office desk that was from my husbands work, it holds a small filing cabinet underneath it on one side.

    My other desk is a smaller work desk that was from Ikea and it’s where I make all of my jewelery. It’s nice to have a desk for each style of projects so I can leave the appropriate tools nearby.

    My workspace is definately functional, and not pretty. I would also love a pretty space, but since it never started out that way then it would mean a major overhaul to do it.

    I would have to reccomend Ikea right now. They have a fabulous glass desk that has etched flowers on the bottom of it and I believe it comes in either black, red or white. It’s very affordable and so pretty! They also have some bookshelves right now that are $60 and they have a fabulous shabby-chic feel to them, white with pretty scroll design.

    Good luck with your new room!

  • Lori M

    Hi Taylor!
    I only have a desk that my grandmother gave me. It doesn’t have much room and gets messy VERY fast. But I do feel fortunate to have an area that is all mine! If I am missing time with my hubby, I will wheel out one of my plastic 3 drawer storage units I purchased from Linens N Things. They have a nice flat surface to stamp on and I have drawers to put my goodies in and I can be with my hubby!
    My UL uses a couple of 6′ tables she purchased from Costco. They are white, the legs fold under the table and she stores them behind her couch in her living room when she isn’t having any stamping or scrapping activities at her home. From what I hear they are really reasonably priced also!
    Good luck in your search and decision! I cannot wait to hear if pretty or functional prevails!
    Lori M

  • Godchick

    Hi Taylor! Super cute card! I am loving all of your Stampendous creations!

    In my craft room I have 3 stamping tables. Two are folding tables from Costco. One is 4′ and the other 6′, I don’t have room for larger ones. I also have a really great work table that is counter height. It is actually a cutting table from Joann’s. I LOVE it! I now spend the majority of my stamping and crafting time at that table. I love the height of it and being able to either stand or sit (using a counter height stool, of course). This table also folds down…so it is space efficient as well. Hope you can find a system that works well for you!

  • Bevie Pearl

    Thanks for sharing such great pictures of CHA

  • Nancy

    I forgot to thank you for the links to these the other wonderful blogs that have some really great photos too!! Check them out everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nancy

    I love that lace cardstock!! I want some!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I went to the Basic Grey web page & the Mellow is fabulous…my favorite too!! Thanks for sharing all your great photos.

  • Well Said Cards

    I’m so jealous! Looke like you had so much fun checking out all the new products.

  • TheDvineMissM

    Looks like there was so much fun, new stuff at CHA. I am in for another year of trouble ;O)Glad you had such a great time! Yeah…I wanna know if you found out who put the bookmarks in your bag too! Thanks for sharing

  • Pegi Taylor

    Oooooooh . . . that Basic Grey paper looks very drool worthy. I can’t wait to get my hands on some of that. I am loving Infuse right now but will be ready for anything else Basic Grey has to offer us. I am so glad that you had fun at CHA Taylor. Can’t wait to hear more and see more pictures. Looks like a lot of fun. Did you ever find out who put those bookmarks in your suitcase?

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