Good morning! Just wanted to let you all know that I’ve updated my Fine Stationery post with answers to your questions.

My inlaws caught a flight back to Iowa early this morning. It was so nice having them here over the weekend! We enjoyed the aquarium, finished some household projects, and had a wonderful Easter celebration yesterday. There wasn’t much time for stamping, but it was nice to focus on some other projects for a change. Today, my wonderful husband turns 30! Happy Birthday, Jon!

I’ve been joking with him that it’s all downhill from here! LOL! But we’ve heard from our older friends and family that there’s nothing downhill about your thirties. That makes me curious to know… What has been your favorite age so far? I think the best year of my life so far was age 21. I got married, graduated from college, and started a new job in a new city… everything was new and exciting! I feel like I have a ton more living to do though so the best is yet to come! Thanks for stopping by today! Hope you all have a wonderful day!