I don’t have any stamping to share with you today (I think if I shared a picture of my stamp space I might scare you all away forever!), but I do have something else that was pretty exciting! Jon surprised me with tickets to the Carrie Underwood concert on Saturday night! He had asked me “What do we have going on this weekend?” an unusual number of times during the week and finally surprised me with the tickets on Friday night. He’s not a big Carrie fan, so he arranged for my mom to go with me! How sweet, huh?

Have you been to a Carrie Underwood concert? If not, you are in for some serious entertainment! I couldn’t believe my eyes with the extravagant props and her amazing costumes, not to mention her beautiful voice and fun songs! As you all know by now, I’m the dork who forgets her camera everywhere she goes so I took these photos with my cell phone. The quality isn’t the best, but hopefully you can still appreciate the amazing-ness of it all!

Yes…she really did ride in a flying truck over the top of screaming fans, swing from a giant tree limb, and rise over ten feet in the air on a platform! Crazy amazing!

*still smiling about my early Christmas present*