• hthole

    Thanks to all that serve our country.

  • Sabrina

    I salute my father and father in law who both have now retired from the military. Thank you both so much for your service. I love you both very much!!

  • Denise Bryant

    Fabulous card! Love the coloring and layers!
    I'd salute my step father, who was a WWII veteran.

  • Jean Bullock

    I salute my eldest son for his 5 years in the Marine Corps and his 3 years in the Marine Corps reserves. I am proud of him.

  • Sherry Butcher

    I have 3 grandkids serving, my son-in-law retired from the Marines, my husband is a vet. I salute all our vets & all who are serving, THANK YOU!

  • cghundley

    My husband, Phil, is my
    Veteran. He served in
    Vietnam. He has been a
    police officer and now
    works for the United
    States Postal Service.
    Quite the guy!
    Carla from Utah

  • Elizabeth Garcia

    I'd like to salute my cousin and my nephew who both serve in the army. So proud of both of them.

  • Sharleen Osborn

    Love the card and colors you used.

  • Larissa Heskett

    Such an AMAZING Card!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the Scene you created!! I'd LOVE to say THANKS to ALL who are Serving, have Served and especially those who have GIVEN their LIVES in order to keep us and our Families and way of Life SAFE!! You'll NEVER BE FORGOTTEN for ALL that you have Sacrificed and Given!! Have a FABULOUS Veteran's Day/Week!!

  • Vivian C.

    My gratitude goes out to all the veterans for their dedication to protecting us and our freedom. I honor my dad for his service.

    Great card. I really like the glow of the sky achieved with ink blending. The Eventful- Night Before Christmas die is on my wish list.

  • Colleen

    I honor two people…my brother, still living served in the Vietnam war and My FIL who served in WWII as a marine…he died two years ago.

  • Julie Ann

    I love this card and the die is so cute. Can't wait to get it.

  • Mary Marsh

    I am sending a salute to my nephew Joe. He had 4 tours of duty in Iraq-our family hero. And Lisa's card is beautiful. I just love her sponged background

  • Kathy D

    Shout out to my son's friend, Eric, who is currently in the Army and planning for an upcoming deployment. So proud of him.

  • ScrapaDiddle

    I salute my brother who served in Viet Nam and my father who served in WWII and give thanks to those that have served or are serving! We have freedom because of them.

  • Michelle Laulu

    I am very grateful to all those who are serving and have served to help protect our country. These card examples are just beautiful!

  • Dorina D

    Beautiful card with an exquisite coloring job. Nicely done. So grateful, thankful and proud of all those in my family who have served. Very happy to honor my great grandfather (Civil War), my father & his 2 younger brothers (WWII and Korea) and my five cousins (Vietnam & Gulf War) who also served in the military as well as family friends who have served and are currently serving. Keeping all service members and families in my prayers and thoughts all year long.

  • Rae Ann

    Such a gorgeous sky! I love the effect of the embossing after sponging the paper.

    I am thankful for my husband. He has served in the Army for nearly 30 years and we plan to retire next year. He has missed birthdays, graduations, anniversaries and holidays, but we have weathered it all! I am grateful to all who have served or are serving. I also thank all of their families for supporting them.

  • Marsha J Reed

    I want to honor my oldest brother, Lance Corporal Larry D Borschel, was killed in Vietnam.
    I also want to honor my oldest son, Wayne, for his 12-1/2 years of service in the Army and who continues to keep those Apache helicopters safe for those who fly.
    And, all the other members of my family who continue to serve.
    May God bless and keep all of our service men and women.

  • Sharon D.

    I am grateful to all who have given & sacrificed for the sake of others. I especially want to remember my uncle who served in WWII & his son, my cousin, who served during Vietnam. In my genealogy searches I found a 2X great grandfather who served in the Civil war as well as a 3X great grandfather who died at Cold Harbor during the Civil War. Most recently I want to remember by friend's daughter who just deployed last month to Afghanistan. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Love the card! What a beautiful sky!

  • TracyM #6773

    DELIGHTFUL card Lisa!!!
    THANK YOU for sharing your FABULOUS tutorial and techniques:)
    We have had many in our family serve in the military, from my Father's nine older brothers to my Father-In-Law, my nephew is currently serving. I am always grateful for the service of everyone in the military and their efforts to keep our people and countries safe. I am saddened by their sacrifices too.
    Lest We Forget

  • Robin B.

    Beautiful card! I am thankful for every man and woman that has served and is currently serving in the military for protecting and fighting for our freedoms!!

  • Gloria

    A big Hank you to my Pastors father, Tom, who valiantly served in the army. We have many vets in our church and we honor them all.

  • Margery C

    Such a beautiful card and very fitting honoring the soldiers and veterans who serve our country. Land of the Free because of the brave soldiers/veterans!

  • Deana S.

    Lots of men in my life have served, thank you Dad and Grandpa.

  • cincyem

    I would like to salute my son, Ronald. After 17 years of service, he has now taken as a personal project, a cemetery which has been neglected for years. He places flags on veterans graves with the help of family and scouts. There are graves from the civil war and even a medal of honor recipient. The service continues!

  • SHartl

    I want to say thank you to both of my grandfathers who served in the Army and are now gone. I appreciate all they did to serve our country and help keep us safe.

  • deborah j.t.m.

    Love the card, giving me some ideas for my own Xmas cards… one of which will go to my step-nephew, Brandon, who's been serving in the Army for over 4 years… he's headed back to Afghanistan…3rd tour. Please pray for his safe return to us.
    Happy Veteran's Day to all those who serve and have served our country.

  • Paulette S

    Beautiful card, Lisa! I think this die is on my wish list. 😉 I have a shout out to my favorite Uncle Bill, he's a Vietnam vet. Thanks TE!
    Paulette S.
    craftqueen417 at yahoo
    https://paulettesprettypapercrafts dot wordpress dot com
    since Google can't get it together enough to remove my Blogger profile for a blog that no longer exists and has closed email. It makes no sense to keep it attached to me or my Google account. so frustrating.

  • Marlyn Rojas

    God bless all those who serve and protect their country!

  • Sue G.

    Lisa, that is a beautiful card!!!

    I would like to thank all veterans today and always, particularly, my dad, who served in WWII and my brother, who was career Navy! They are both gone now, and miss them terribly!!

  • Deborah Vasel

    I would like to thank and honor my brother David who served in the Gulf War and my grandfather who served during World War 2. Also much appreciation to the troops currently serving and protecting our country.

  • Laraine R

    I salute all our vets & all who are serving! Thank you

  • Helen Gullett

    We are thankful for my husband's grandfathers both passed away but they served at army. Also his uncles, aunts and cousins they served at Air Force & Army. Thank You for what you all have done to serve the country.

  • Parker

    Vetrans…. I give a hearty and most heart-felt hug to you for everything and all you've done in the armed forces. Thank you.

  • Purrfect Paper Creations

    Thanks to all our veterans and to those who serve in the Armed Forces today! My Dad was in the Army as well.

    Chris L.

  • Mel

    I have many vets in my family but I salute my husband who is US Army.

  • Janet Doll

    Thank you for giving a gift of a gift card. I salute all our vets and also all who serve. Thank you 🙂

  • Nancy

    I would like to honor my late father and late father-in-law who both served during WWII, and my brother who served during the Vietnam War. And I am so thankful to all who have served and our presently active military!

  • Angela

    I have the ultimate love and respect for our veterans, including my grandpa who passed away 9 years ago. Their selfless choices to protect our country at the risk of their own lives is amazing to me and should always be honored and treated with the utmost respect!!

  • Lisa's Creative Niche

    I am so thankful for all who serve or who have served for all the sacrifices they make. Can not say it enough.

  • Rebecca Yahrling

    I salute my husband and my father, who both served in the Army. God bless every soldier today & always.
    Beautiful card today!

  • Noreen

    I'd like to thank all the brave men and women who put their lives on the line to protect our country and preserve our freedom.

  • Mrs. GraceWorks

    My Dad served in Korea, my brother just retired after 20+ years as an officer in the Air Force and my nephew currently serves! Thank you service men and women!!

  • sansuey

    Well I do "salute"–if allowed as a civilian–all who served and are serving! I am partial to my son who is a United States Marine!

  • Phyllis

    While I wish to thank every veteran, a special thanks goes out to my son-in-law (former Air Force) and nephews who are currently serving in the army and Coast Guard.

  • Deana P

    I cant just thank one, I want to thank all veterans!! I know many, and I appreciate everything they have gone through, to support and defend our great country!! Thank you for your service.

  • CraftyPaws

    Beuatiful sky and card. I want to sincerely thank all those in the military who are serving away from their families and to the families who also sacrifice so much so that our country and our allies may be protected. I especially want to thank my two cousins who are serving their second and third tours. Hugs and blessings everyone, Kristina

  • Mary-Anne V

    I thank all veterans and those in the military for their sacrifice and courage to protect us! Love the inking on this gorgeous card.

  • Liz Davis

    A salute to all soldiers and veterans but especially my nephew who is serving in South Korea this holiday season. So proud of him.

  • ionabunny

    Love the silhouette against the lovely background. To my grandad, sadly no longer with us, and my dad. Both served. Blessings on them and all who serve today. Hugz

  • Gramma Dee

    Our son in law has served in the Canadian Armed Forces for 17 years. He has served in Bosnia and in Kabul, and is currently training young servicemen in Canada.

    I want to thank him not only for protecting our country and helping train and serve people in the places he has been posted, but also for being such a supportive husband to my daughter and great dad to their little guy.

  • OhYouMadeMeInk

    I'd like to salute my Army husband who got injured during a helicopter rappel and had to medically retire. He had planned on a military career so he had to change his life goals and find something else to do. Thankfully he has found fulfilling work and he is quite happy!

  • Brandi R

    Beautiful card, Lisa! Such a peaceful scene ♥

    I Salute and send out big Thanks to all of our past and present service men and women. Special hugs go to my Father, Husband, and Step-son whom all served….and extra special thoughts to both of my Grandfathers who served and fought for all of us. God Bless you all ♥♥♥

  • Sue D

    Beautiful winter scene.
    I so appreciate all the sacrifices made my our military and their families to provide our safety.

  • Susan

    A heartfelt thank you to all Veterans- past and present – and to their families who also serve. Freedom isn't free. Your sacrifices should always be noted and appreciated. My husband served 30 years. My father and father-in-law also served.

  • Tona

    Wonderful card!
    I have many family members who have served or still are serving our country. I would like to thank them as well as every past or present service member.

  • KT Fit Kitty

    Such a beautiful inky sky – gorgeus card! I would like to salute my husband's father (now deceased) who served in WW2. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Unknown

    "Thank you" seems so inadequate to express my feelings toward those currently serving and all veterans. This country owes you more than can ever be repaid. God bless you all.

  • Jean

    My dad was in the navy during the Korean war. He died when I was young so I never got to talk to him about it. We do have a few cherished photos of him in uniform.

  • Amy C.

    I thank my grandfather and uncle for their sacrifices for our country.

  • LindaLeaPeteren

    A heartfelt "thanks" to all the have served in the military, with a special thanks to my cousin Mike who is in the air force and my husband who is retired air force.

  • Jo-Anne

    My uncle was a rear gunner in WWII. He never wanted to speak about it. One night at supper, he talked to my girls about the war. That is a precious memory. I honour his memory today on Veteran's Day and all the brave men and women who have and are serving for our freedom. God bless you all.

  • Melissa Friedrich

    Beautiful die cut on your beautiful card, thanks for ink blending tips! I salute my daughter's wonderful friend, Ben, who begins his second tour of duty early next year.

  • Evelyn

    thanks to several family members who have served in the military! They have risked their lives to protect our freedom, we should always remember that!

  • Angie McKenzie, OH, USA

    What a wonderful way to honor all the veterans who will be coming home for the holidays!!

  • Liz Gessner McAllister

    I would love to give thanks to my Sister iN Laws father. Lifetime military man. Dedicated and brave!

  • sansuey

    Beautiful card! I would cherish this if I received it and it inspires me to create with leaves and Fall colors!

  • Christine Kiehl

    Beautiful way to welcome fall to the calendar! I love the paint splatter and the stick pin, nice touches!

  • Jennifer Cormack

    Love this card! The colors are perfect Fall colors and the enjoyment of the leaves changing colors.

  • Dolly LaBelle

    This is lovely, fresh looking. I love Autumn colors"

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