• Susan Weida

    Cut out frosted sugar cookies. Always a fun family time making them. Loving all of the new releases!!

  • Kari VanNoy

    I absolutely adore frosted sugar cookies (also love gingerbread), but if I had to choose between the two I’d choose sugar cookies!! pS…I love that Noel die and I need it!

  • Billie A

    Love the release and the cards showing the awesome dies and stamps. I love Gingerbread cookies. The smell and soft great taste is what winter is all about.. well gingerbread cookies are good anytime – really.

  • LC

    I’d like one of each 🙂 I’m loving all the fabulous new dies! Wow!

  • Denise Bryant

    Such beautiful cards! Love the new stamps, dies and embossing folders!
    Sugar cookies, please!

  • Bev Karolak

    Has to be gingerbread! Can’t get enough of them! Great release! 🙂

  • Mikel Adkins

    Sugar cookies because you can decorate them anyway you want! Have to be soft though. Yum!!

  • Judy Rowland

    Oh, what AWESOME inspiration for this FUN release! I definitely favor sugar cookies!

  • Diane B

    Sugar cookies all the way

  • Lori Manning

    Sugar cookies for sure!! Soft and chewy.

  • Marisa Anderson

    Both! Soft thick sugar cookies flavored with almond extract and soft ginger spice cookies with chunky sugar on top!

  • stampnk

    May I have both cookies?!! I love cookies of every kind and always look forward to cookie baking and exchanges at the holidays

  • lisa808

    Difficult choice – I’ll say sugar.

  • Melissa

    Sugar cookies please! It is a holiday favorite.

  • sarah

    Ginger cookies! Love the warm ans spicy flavor to brighten the cold dreary weather. As for all of the new designs, I can’t pick a favorite. Ornamental, Merry Christmas, O Holy Night, I could go on.

  • Gail Shurbutt

    Definitely Sugar Cookies!! Though, I make both each Christmas season:) Love all the sneak peaks and can’t wait to shop on Thursday!

  • Super Stick Chick

    Love looking at the gingerbread, but give me sugar cookies to eat every time! Love this release and these fabulous cards. Great sentiments.

  • Chris Domino

    I’m a gingerbread cookie and always make our family favorite Norwegian Krumkaker , a recipe from my Grandmother. I am looking forward to getting your Oh Holy Night and also the Noel and Peace dies. Such lovely cards of these and I want to make some for our shut-ins at our church.

  • carol

    Your release and cards today convey the essence of Christmas beautifully and deeply. I’m especially captivated by your Nativity scene card; your deliberate choices with the wood grain background and gold frame add incredible impact. Cookie-wise…bring on the sugar cookies! A plate of those, using my mom’s tried-and-true recipe, is an exercise in NO restraint! Love them! Thank you for sparking my festive spirit this ‘forecast for snow later in the day’ morning…

  • Rannah Romps

    SUGAR!!! Nothing like a good ol sugar cookie! Something so simple yet has lasted for so many many years!

  • Maxine

    Sugar cookies for sure!! I have made them for so many years!! I can’t begin to tell you how much I love your products and also the ideas from your contributors. It’s much better than raiding a candy store!! Thanks for the joy you bring!!

  • Julieann

    For sure sugar. I decorate cookies for Christmas and everyone loves my hand decorated sugar cookies. It takes me days to make them but they are worth it when you see everyone’s faces.

  • Teresa Doyle

    WOW, what an awesome release, great samples too. ♥ them!
    Gingerbread! YUM!

  • Kathy J in Ellicott City

    Definitely sugar! Love sugar cookies!

  • Doris

    Gingerbread cookies say Christmas to me more than any others! Thanks for making meaningful Christmas stamps and dies available.

  • Carolyn Cece

    Love the taste of sugar cookies, but gingerbread smells and looks like Christmas! Great release so far.

  • Christine Kosmak

    Oh dear!! I can’t look at all of these gorgeous new releases anymore as my “never ever gonna end” wish list has now taken on a life of it’s own and things just seem to jump onto it like magic!! As to my choice of cookie do I really have to choose just one!!?? Although I am partial to gingerbread!! But then again I like most cookies! lol!!

  • Shirley L.

    LOVE gingerbread cookies as they taste so good anytime with coffee, tea, milk or just by themselves!!! They are the essence of Christmas, and the scent of them revolves around our home when they are baking. When we were in Germany a couple of years ago visiting Christmas markets, gingerbread cookies were beautifully decorated with frosting making me want to save them or hang them from our tree. They embrace tradition which is a wonderful, beautiful feeling during the holidays. LOVE that new wreath die you invented and all the other wonderful products from your company. Continue to do your creative work for all of us to enjoy!

  • Laura Holt

    I love the “true meaning of Christmas” items in this release.
    Ginger cookies are Christmas to me – you don’t see them much at other times of the year.

  • Janet Sisk

    Are you kidding me? How do I chose between my two favorite Christmas cookies? Both my grandmas were fabulous bakers and the holidays were especially wonderful. My dad’s mom was known for her most delicious Molasses cookies which are a close cousin to Gingerbread cookies. While my mom’s mom was known for all her Norwegian cookies, she also made some killer sugar cookies. I adored both my grandmas so now you see my dilemna. I will just have call it a truce. 😀 Thanks for a chance to win. 😀

  • Marsha S.

    Sugar cookies with frosting and sprinkles! Wonderful cards today! Love the new products!

  • Tracy

    Great new release, I have to go with Gingerbread for the holidays because this is the only time you have it!

  • Laraine R

    Fabulous new stamps & dies! It is a toss up I like both but sugar cookies with frosting & sprinkles!

  • Sharon D.

    This release is just fabulous! I love everything! I think you should leave your ornament card with the blue & white. Just gorgeous! Sugar or gingerbread, I honestly can’t decide. They are both sooo good & I used to make both with my grandma & cousins when I was growing up, so it’s a tie for me.

  • Karen

    Wow! I’m speechless at all the great products offered just today. I LOVE everything!!

    I’m 100%, a sugar cookie gal

  • Cynthia Johnson

    Sugar cookies, of course! With icing and sprinkles!

  • Angela Walters

    Such hard questions!! 60% sugar cookies and 40% gingerbread if the gingerbread cookies are soft. I don’t like hard, crunchy cookies.

  • Teresa Mikalouski

    Sugar all the way!!! This release is adorable. I had already decided on my Christmas card this year…I guess I have to re think with these cuties!

  • JodyM

    Sugar cookies, we have made them every year since my son was two and he is 25 now.
    I love your Christmas release! So many fun items to choose from.

  • Jean Bullock

    Love the cards. I pinned of course. Cookies? Sugar.

  • Colleen

    Ooooooooh definitely Sugar cookies!

  • Mary

    I love the all of the dies this release. I will be making my third Days of December book and will be using all of of your Christmas word dies and Christmas little bits dies in my book. As for my answer, Sugar cookies right out of the oven. YUMO!

    Smile BIG! 🙂

    Mary from NH

  • Julie L

    Beautiful creations! I love them!!!

    Gingerbread cookies! I have them all year round! 🙂

  • Annette

    Sugar cookies, although I usually make them for Halloween and sometimes Christmas.

  • Kathy

    Both are so yummy! I’d say sugar, my husband would say gingerbread!

  • Natalie Godfrey

    I love sugar cookies more than gingerbread.

  • Jill Norwood

    Oh my goodness I am loving, loving, loving all of the Christmas inspiration! Wow! I cannot wait!

    As for Sugar VS Gingerbread: I have to say that both cookies are soooo yummy how does one pick? But we do have a tradition of baking shaped sugar cookies with almond buttercream icing each year so “SUGAR” would have to be number one in my book with Gingerbread a very, very close second! Just thinking about the cookies has made me smile! 🙂

    I also have a “WISHLIST” request: I would adore it if you could design and make a candy cane embossing folder with small candy canes all over to use as a background. I would also love an additional embossing folder with a large candy cane with a bow so that I could ink it up with red ink and then emboss the ink onto white cardstock to end up with an embossed candy cane to use for cards. I hope that makes sense Taylor? I love your embossing folders and own many of them and I have really been getting into inking the folders for quick and beautiful dimensional cards and tags. Candy canes are very special to me and I cannot find what I am looking for. Anything you could do to assist would be awesome! Thanks in advance! I know that if you like the idea it will be next year before you would be able to make it happen with lead times on product design and manufacturing (unless by some chance you have one coming out in the next month or so).

    Wishing you and your entire staff a Happy Holiday Season! I so appreciate all you do to make this hobby so much fun!
    Crafty Hugs
    🙂 Jill Norwood

  • Kim Kaz

    It is a tough choice, but I have to go with Gingerbread. And TE October releases – love the choices this month 🙂

  • karenladd

    Yum, cookies!!! I like both, but my favorites are sugar cookies. I like them with a just plain sugar, or maybe a little cinnamon on top. I can eat a whole plate!

  • Linda F.

    Like both but favorite is Gingerbread! Great cards & loving the new products. Especially like the Little Bits Nativity!!!

  • Christy Q

    Stunning projects!!! Love this Christmas release and the beautiful products that will be released very soon!! If I had to pick between gingerbread or sugar cookies, I would go for sugar cookies.

  • Kirsty Vittetoe

    Sugar cookies for sure, love the decorating part as much as the yummy part!
    Lovely release, lots of fun and pretty stuff!

  • ErikaS

    Sugar cookies used to win my heart but now that I’m getting older and watching my sugar intake I’d reach for gingerbread.

  • KT Fit Kitty

    I’ve already started my holiday cards so I am enjoying the inspiration! Beautiful new stamps and dies! Definitely gingerbread!

  • Janet Ingraham

    Gingerbread cookies hands down. have to have gingerbread men and o so good and Christmas festive.

  • Karine Tatard Murray

    Gingerbread cookies !!! Oh ya !!!

  • Andrea1702

    Most definitely sugar cookies, although I loathe cleaning up after decorating them! This is another awesome release! Thank you for the gorgeous inspiration!

  • Chris L

    Sugar cookies of course! It is a Christmas tradition in our house to make sugar cookies, cut them out with all the different cookie cutters, and decorate! Great sneak peek day–I am really loving the Holiday Florals!

  • Rebecca Ednie

    Chocolate chip are my faves but out of the two you listed, definitely gingerbread.

  • Barbara T

    Sugar cookies. I only bake once a year and I always make snicker doodles which are cinnamon and sugar bliss

  • Linda L

    Melt in your mouth sugar cookies! There are so many fun ways to use them – which makes eating them even more fun!

  • shartl

    I just love your beautiful card, combing the sentiment and different dies and stamps for a heartfelt Christmas design. As for cookies, I love sugar cookies because my two little girls can decorate them to their hearts content!

  • Mary Holshouser

    I like sugar cookies. I also like gingersnaps. Don’t know if
    you consider them gingerbread cookies (now that I think about
    it you probably wouldn’t). I love gingerbread – in a loaf or
    muffins. I’m making myself hunger – may need to go back
    I love the stained glass windows and the nativity – more pieces
    for my bible journaling.

  • storymusicgirl

    Molasses. 🙂 Or sugar. A gingerbread gorging incident in my childhood kinda ruined them for me. 🙂

  • Lynn T

    Tough question…gingerbread. I really enjoy the spiciness of the Christmas season, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, ginger, etc., usually a special treat during the Christmas season. Lots of wonderful new products again today. Thanks for sharing.

  • Juliana

    I’m loving the new release and projects! For me it’s sugar cookies – they always remind me of my Grandma Toots!

  • Terri Scott - terriavidreader

    Oh Sugar cookies of course. Lovely new items, great samples!!

  • LIZ D

    Sugar cookies. Decorating is so much fun with the grandkids. Their imaginations go wild!! But my great grandmother’s ginger snaps run a close 2nd.

  • Jean Marmo

    Sugar cookies! We make them from scrath including the frosting. Often have contests for the best frosted one. Such lovely inspiration!

  • Phyllis Freese

    Definitely sugar cookies are a favorite. Great new release items today. Too many decisions on which set is “the one” for Christmas cards.

  • Sue D

    Fabulous creations! I like gingerbread.

  • NC_Donna

    I’d have to say Gingerbread. Being raised in the tropics, we needed anything we could do to make it feel more Christmas-y, especially before we got a/c! So the smells were pretty important, and the cinnamon smell was around pretty much only once a year.

  • Diane Archer

    Definitely gingerbread. Yum.

  • Helen Gullett

    Sugar cookies for sure! 😀
    Love the inspirations today.
    Thank you!

  • Sue McRae

    Such a happy and festive release! Definitely sugar cookies.

  • annheidel

    I have great memories of making sugar cookies when I was a kid, but I will pick gingerbread every time!

  • Debby T

    Most definitely Sugar! With a lot of childhood memories attached.

  • Donna Kay

    Homemade sugar cookies, the ones I made growing up with grandma’s recipe, oh! they are so good, I have to make a batch just for me!

  • Kathy D

    Oh, these cards today are FABULOUS! Absolutely gorgeous.

    Cookies – between Sugar and Gingerbread, I would say Sugar.

    As a child, the Christmas cookie choices at our house were Tollhouse, Peanut Blossom or Russian Tea Cake.

  • Maria F.

    Definitely sugar cookies! Although I won’t turn down a gingerbread cookie …

  • Lisa Michael

    Gingerbread – reminds me of my childhood. Great with tea and coffee.

  • Marlene McLane

    Gingerbread all the way!

  • Denise Ward

    I have never been a big fan of gingerbread cookies, so I will definitely pick the Sugar Ccokies. Not only do I like their taste better but they are more fun too make since I can enjoy them throughout the year.

  • Heather I

    Sugar cookies. Really like the new Christmas dies.

  • Karen Wooster

    Gingerbread because I remember my grandmother’s cookies. Love the new dies and stamps! So much easier to make meaningful Christmas cards.

  • Anne Sturgeon

    My favorite is gingerbread. However my family loves the sugar cookies. Decorated or not, they love them either way. I am going to keep my fingers crossed as your drawing will be on my birthday (Oct. 6th) Maybe it will bring me luck. Either way thank you for the sneak peaks and for the chance to win!!

  • Julie Learned

    If I have to pick, I would go with sugar cookies, however, I’ve never met a gingerbread man I didn’t like!!! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Linsey

    Sugar cookies, all the way!!!!
    Look at all this festive holiday inspiration!!!! Ooooo, I can’t wait!!!!

  • Audrey

    Gingerbread cookies are my choice!

  • Gina Florencia

    Sugar for my kids and gingerbread for me!…cheers Gina F

  • Isabel Z

    Definitely sugar! My kids still love making them for Santa.

  • Elise Smith

    Wow, lots of pretty Christmas cards! The wreath die is really cool too. For the holidays, I prefer gingerbread cookies. My sister-in-law and I make probably 20 different kinds of cookies for Christmas each year.

  • Cathy H

    Definitely sugar cookies! This release is fantastic! I’m having hard time deciding!!

  • Crafty Math Chick

    That Holiday Florals set is so pretty! Love the little pine cones, and that pretty woodgrain background paper too! Thanks for the chance to win, and although I love both gingerbread AND sugar cookies, probably prefer sugar cookies a teenie bit better.

  • Diane

    I think it has to be sugar, because I have the best recipe ever for a cut-out sugar cookie, then love to spend hours decorating them! A labor of love!

  • Judy W

    Has to be gingerbread cookies for me, -just look at my email address! Ginger-bee was my nickname as a child. Sisters can be such meanies when you are the only red-head in the family!!

  • Eva Wierzbinski

    Love the cards, especially the ” Noel” one. Ginger cookies all the way!!!!

  • KathyJH

    Sugar cookies – love decorating them! Great release today – like be that wood grain background and O Holy Night is fabulous!

  • Iris Esther López

    What a beautiful collection of cards. The products are outstanding. Can’t wait to have them.

    I prefer sugar cookies.

  • Therese Broussard

    Mmmm cookies. I’m picking Sugar cookies.

  • Lynne in NI

    Oooh love this new release, especially those pretty baubles. Sugar cookies for me please, and a cup of tea if its on the go too 😉

  • Gilda McCain

    Love today’s releases. The cards are beautiful and I love the Noel die. Sugar cookies for me.

  • Carrie W

    Gingerbread, with a cup of coffee! Love the new!!

  • Louise Wagner

    Definitely sugar cookies! Especially with the sugar crystals on top. Yum!!!!

  • Jo-Ann Stoneham

    What a beautiful collection for the holiday season.

    The best cookies for the holidays are SUGAR cookies. They are so delicious.

  • Becca Yahrling

    Well, I’ve never met a cookie I didn’t like, but I’ll choose sugar over gingerbread. Besides, who wants to eat the gingerbread man – he’s too cute! lol Your cards are gorgeous. I am in love with the whole design of the “Joy” card. Beautiful!

  • Phyllis Wendel

    I think Sugar Cookies. I would spend hours with my siblings decorating frosted sugar cookies with sprinkles and decorations. We’d sit at grandmas table for hours decorating and watching the bubble lights on the window will. Fun

  • Susan Lang

    Easy question. Sugar cookies. My dad would make each of us kids a house made out of sugar cookies. Love that wreath die.

  • Tona

    So much to love in this release!
    Sugar cookies for me 🙂

  • Chris DuBois

    Gingerbread. They were my late son-in-laws favorite cookie, so these cookies make him apart of our Christmas. You have outdone yourselves with this release.

  • Debra

    Definitely sugar cookies! I have and still use my grandma’s recipe – and it’s what she made when my mom was little, plus she made them when I was little which is a long time ago! She made a special decorated cookie for each grandchild every Christmas, and they were always beautiful!

  • Stephanie

    I love to decorate sugar cookies !

  • LeaAnn

    I love the this release! Especially the Holiday Florals! I love sugar cookies, I think it is because of all of the memories attached to them. Making them and decorating them with my Mom, making them with my kids, now I’m making them with my grandkids!

  • Laura K

    Hm… this is very difficult. I think sugar cookies.

  • Denise Parco

    Wonderful variety in the styles of cards with the new dies, from simple and fun to dressed up and elegant, all with the same die depending on what you do with it. Gives great flexibility with so many ways to use them!
    Gingerbread, not that I don’t like sugar cookies, but gingerbread, with a glass of milk, has many fond childhood memories!

  • Carey Nusbaum

    So excited for this release! I want it all! Thanks for the inspiration and for the opportunity to win! Sugar cookies! Yum!

  • Sabrina Radican

    Gorgeous cards!!
    I actually only like sugar cookies because I think the gingerbread cookies are too strong tasting for me.

  • Brenda Tarnowetzki

    Sugar cookies, definitely. My children love to slather on the icing and sprinkles still – and they are in their 20’s and 30’s!

  • Arianna Barbara

    Another great day and another great sneak peek!!! <3
    I love sugar cookies!!!

  • Melissa H.

    Gingerbread! 🙂 As always…awesome holiday items to make FABULOUS cards! Love Taylor Expressions!

  • Beverly Perdue

    That’s a tough question. I love cookies and I love both gingerbread and sugar cookies, but if I had to pick a favorite, I would choose the sugar cookies with icing! Yum! My wish list is getting longer and longer! There are so many great products to choose from. I love the Holiday Florals, and the Nativity, and the scripty words — Noel, Joy, etc.

  • Jackie Adair

    Sugar! Have always decorated sugar cookies and have rarely done gingerbread! Great products here today!

  • Diane

    For sure Sugar cookies and all the great times I have had decorating them with our children and grandchildren! Some were loaded with frosting and sprinkles others were rather plain but oh the memories!

  • Jennifer

    Sugar…w LOTS of frosting!!!!!!!

  • Chris Baker Cox

    100% Sugar Cookies! One of my favorite things about Christmas!! Buttery, sugary, lightly frosted sugar cookies! YUM!

  • Christine Dring

    Such gorgeous cards!
    I prefer the sugar cookies to gingerbread, mostly because I use my Grandmother’s recipe each December to make them, and they taste fabulous! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Claudia B

    Gingerbread cookies. I love that Poinsettia embossing folder.

  • Noreen

    Gingerbread cookies – and of course, it’s gingerbread men. My great Grandmother’s recipe is well over 100 years old. I particularly like the Ornamental and the Nativity die.

  • Vivian C.

    I’ll pick sugar cookies. Now if you had said gingersnaps, I would have picked those. I have fond memories of making gingersnaps with my mom. Your Noel card is stunning. I like the Little Bits Nativity die would be perfect on the inside of the card too.

  • Amy Cooley

    I’m all about the sugar cookies…and if they are iced, even better!

  • Evelyn

    I would say sugar because it’s closest to the butter cookies my grandmother made, along with my mom and aunt. They are simply delicious, have a hint of lemon flavor, and far less sugar than traditional sugar cookies. I finally got the actual recipe so I make them every year!

  • Lisa Reber

    Sugar although I love soft gingerbread too! Love all the new releases, especially the Noel die!

  • Julie L.

    Sugar cookies are such a tradition in my family. We usually set aside a weekend in December to have a decorating party. I do like the gingerbread, but I have to say the sugar cookie is still my favorite.

  • Michele K. Henderson

    Last year, someone brought gingerbread cookies to a party and they were FANTASTIC! Soft and chewy and delicious!

  • Sandie Obrin

    Sugar cookies using my Mom’s recipe and her famous buttercream frosting!

  • CAROLYN Clabaugh

    Sugar cookies – with frosting! I won’t make them because I eat too many, but I still manage to have some during the holidays.

  • Jen W.

    Loving the gorgeous ornate stamp and the pretty florals.

    I’m more into a warm loaf of gingerbread than gingerbread cookies. If it’s cookie form I’d take the sugar.


    By all means, Gingerbread cookies! I love the ginger snaps cookies year round from the box. Love this release!

  • Jennifer Langton

    Gingerbread, but only my Grandma Rogers’ recipe. They have the perfect amount of soft and crunch. (I’m willing to share the recipe!) I brew a small pot of Earl Grey Tea and sit with a plate of Grandma’s cookies. The big question is: To Dunk or Not to Dunk!

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