• Jen Petersen

    I’m with you Australia to the Great Barrier Reef! I remember hearing about it as a kid when my parents visited family over in Australia! It has been on my bucket list ever since!

  • Erika

    Fun new dies! I’d sail to Hawaii.

  • Lynn

    I’d love to sail around the Hawaiian Islands or Mediterranean. In love with all the new nautical theme products!

  • Stephanie W

    I would love to sail around the Mediterranean. How fun would that be!

  • Judy Rowland

    OMG!! First, I must say (and I know I say this every month), but your new release is AWESOME!! I am constantly AMAZED with your new dies and stamps. My wish list is HUGE now!!

    If I could sail to anywhere in the world, I think it would be Italy, where my grandfather was born and raised. I have always wanted to see the place where he lived as a boy.

  • justMarie

    Hmmm. Your idea of seeing the Great Barrier Reef is very tempting. Or going to Alaska. Or maybe just around Morro Bay, CA

  • Shelley Scarbro

    I would like to sail around Alaska. Love all the new items. Awesome inspiration cards!

  • Chris L

    If I could sail anywhere, I think I would try one of those Hawaiian Island cruises that goes to all the islands!

    Love the striped background!

  • Janet Sisk

    I have always wanted to go to Norway. I would definitely go on a cruise around the fjords. It’s my main bucket list item right now. Thanks for a chance to win! 😀

  • Juanita McStraw

    I love all the nautical dies and stamps, anything to do with sunshine, beaches, palm trees and a tall cool drink. I have been looking at pictures of Alaska for years and that would be a dream come true for me.

  • Ruth Dupchen

    I would love to sail to France.

  • Kay N.

    I love these nautical dies! I’d sail to Alaska, it looks so beautiful.

  • Michele K. Henderson

    I would sail away to Tahiti! That’s where we spent our honeymoon and we’re celebrating ten years next month! But there are SO many great places to sail too–the Greek Islands, Capri, and the California coast all sound good to me too!
    Take care!

  • Rebecca Fowler

    Seychelle Islands! Yes, it is half-way around the world in the Southern Hemisphere, but I have a girlfriend that sold everything a year ago and moved there. Would love to visit but could never part from my stamping addiction to move half way around the world. I’m stockpiling for retirement! LOL!

  • Angela W

    I honestly don’t know a lot about sailing, so I’d be happy to go just about anywhere!

  • Doris

    There’s no place like home!

  • Emily Henry

    I’m happy to say that FL is not landlocked and I have grown to love all things nautical, ocean related, and tropical. The colors especially make me happy!

  • Liz

    People tell me one of the best places to sail is right in my back yard in The Apostle Islands on Lake Superior in Bayfield, Wisconsin. We don’t sail, but it is fun to watch all the sailboats go by my back yard. A piece of heaven on earth!

  • Kathy J in Ellicott City

    I would sail to the Bahamas.

  • Lindsey

    definitely Tahiti I love the amazing blue waters, so beautiful!

  • karenladd

    I’m afraid I’m not a sailor in any way, as I get terribly sea-sick, so I would probably “sail-away” to a nice scented bubble bath and dream of crafting with these fun stamps and dies!!

  • Sharon D.

    So many fun, new products! And fabulous samples! I would love to sail around Australia, New Zealand or the Caribbean. Although Prince Edward Island would be right up there, too. (And all the previously mentioned destinations.)

  • Monica K

    What a fun release! Ready and perfect for summer! I live in Hawaii so sailing off Lanikai is simply breathtaking! But the Great Barrier Reef sounds awesome too!

  • Janet Ingraham

    I’ve always wanted to go to Australia so I think sailing there is a an adventurous option.

  • Diane

    I would love to sail around and see Alaska and also the Caribbean

  • Linda Lander

    I would sail to New Zealand via Australia….
    Love the seas theme…

  • Eva Wierzbinski

    I was born in Norway and we moved to the U.S.A when I was only 10 months old. We came over on a ship so I would love to “sail away” to my birthplace, Norway.

  • karenajo

    Great nautical items in this release – so versatile. I would love to sail to Hawaii and see more of the beautiful islands !

  • Annie Frazer

    Love the new releases especially the sun cutting plate. So versatile. If I could sail anywhere, it would always be home. Home is the best place on earth to be.

  • Christi C

    I would sail to Belize!
    Adorable release!

  • Shari

    I would love to sail to Hawaii, my favorite place in the whole world.

  • Taunya Butler

    Great cards using fantastic new products!! If I could sail anywhere in the world it would be to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and see the arch there. What a fun question!! Thank you!

  • LizD

    Alaska has been on my sister’s and I wish for quite a while. As long as it was warmer. The cards are great. I long the way they have a calming effect.

  • D.Ann C

    What a cool fishing boat and I love the helm wheel! I’d love to sail through those cool mountain islands of China!

  • ava gavloski

    Thailand and Malaysia area. DT did a great presentation showcasing the stamps…. BTW great question.

  • Rebecca Ednie

    Love the dies this release! It would be a massive trip but I’d love to go to Australia!

  • Natalie Godfrey

    The 2 places I would sail to are Alaska and to Malta.

  • JuLie L

    I love the nautical theme!!! If I can sail, I would go to a little island in the Philippines with blue waters… I miss that place.

  • Tracy

    Looks like a great new release! I would go to Greece, it is on my bucket list!

  • Gilda McCain (McStamper)

    Love the boats and great sentiments. Alaska has been on my bucket list for a while.

  • Karen Weingartner

    I’d probably choose to sail to Hawaii! Love all these projects!

  • Marlyn Rojas

    I would sail to Indonesia!

  • Theresa S

    I love the Little Bits Helm dies and In The Word stamp set. I can’t wait for them to be released!!

  • April Garza

    I’d sail anywhere in the Florida Keys. Heaven on earth. ???? Love the sailing themed dies and stamps!! I want it all.

  • Mary-Anne V.

    What fun sailing themed products. I would sail to somewhere warm like the Caribbean.

  • Jan B

    Love the cute new stamps! Went to Hawaii a couple of years ago. Loved it and would love to sail back there!

  • Ty's Mom

    BOSTON! If I could sail anywhere I would sail back home, I miss it there so much!

  • Carla Stephens

    I will get a lot of use out of these new stamp and die sets. I love them! I would love to go to Hawaii. I have always wanted to visit there since I was a kid.

  • Penny

    I would sail around the Greek islands in the Mediterranean. Bright blue waters and white stone buildings. Gorgeous!

  • Gina

    Love this new set!
    I would love to sail to some island in the Caribbean. Love all that crystal blue water and white sand. 🙂

  • Kellee Kennett

    Wonderful collection! I would return to Tortola to celebrate my 20th anniversary and sail around the BVI’s. Island hopping and diving the fabulous reefs!

  • Lynn Gauthier

    Oh goodness…I LOVE nautical stamps, dies, stencils; etc. Animals and nautical are my FAVE’s.
    I would love to sail off to Alaska. My Hubby wants to go there so bad!!!

  • Debra Frosos

    I would sail to Greece with my family. My husband was born in Crete and I would love for my family and I to see where he spent his early years!

  • Deb Wagner

    I would sail to the Greek Islands, such beauty! I love the new nautical themes! They are vibrant and lively.

  • Sharon Gullikson

    I would sail to Greece. It is beautiful, and has many ruins that are very interesting!

  • Janet

    I’m not much of a water person even though I grew up in White Bear Lake, MN! I think I’d love to go back and sail on the lake. Doesn’t seem to matter what the theme is- your creative team always comes up with great cards!

  • Teresa Mikalouski

    I would sail to Australia! Wow that would be awesome!!

  • Tammy Arndt

    Fantastic new release, I love the nautical theme! I would sail to Greece and Italy.

  • Phyllis Freese

    Love the nautical theme of this new release. If I was going to sail somewhere, it would probably be to Hawaii.

  • Jen K

    I think I’d love to go with no real destination. Just go….anywhere. I can’t even remember the last time I’ve gone on trips that are unplanned….it would be FABULOUS.

  • Mary Holshouser

    Love this release. Several of the DT made
    wall scenes with the items and that was a
    great use of the smaller pieces.
    I would love to go to Australia – don’t think
    I could sail though. I’d probably be green
    not long after we left port.
    thanks for having the hop.

  • Stampdoldandrepeat

    These new products are super cute!! If I could sail anywhere, I would island-hop in the Mediterranean!!

  • Pami Ballington

    I want to sail to the Greek Isles and do river boat cruises all around Europe.

  • Noreen

    Fun summery cards! I’d love to visit Australia.

  • Anne Sturgeon

    I think Australia would be pretty amazing. But, I would really like to cruise the fjords in Alaska. The glacier water look so lovely on the nature programs. With climate change I would definitely say Alaska is on my bucket list!

  • Carolee McCaslin

    Wonderful inspiration!!! I would love to sail to Hawaii:)

  • Beverly Perdue

    Love, love, love everything nautical! The sailboat and fishing boat dies are awesome. I love all the accessories and the striped background is perfect. If I could sail anywhere, I would go to Caribbean islands. I love the beach and the beautiful blue water.

  • betty lou

    My dream is to cruise to Alaska, and that may happen in 2018!!!

  • Dee Earnshaw

    Awesome cards and lovely new release. I would sail w=away to the Caribbean:)

  • Chris D.

    I’m not much of a water person, but love the beach. I would probably sail along the Gulf Coast and visit all the beaches I haven’t been to there. Love Sanibal Island. Cute theme.

  • Julia D.

    Oh my goodness – that fishing boat is amazing! All the products are, but that one really tickles me. The inspiration from the DT is amazing, as always! I would either like to sail around Europe or Alaska. Thank you for the chance to win!

  • Vivian C.

    I would sail the Caribbean. Loving all the new nautical themed items.

  • Carrie W

    Love the new line!! I would go on an Alaskan cruise. If time and money weren’t an issue, I’d love to go for about a month! Pictures show it as a beautiful area!!

  • Susan Weida

    In would like to sail to Alaska or someplace with beautiful scenery. I am so in love with the scripture set!!! Such wonderful and encouraging words!!

  • Mutzy Mia

    I would like to do river sailing, either down the Mississippi on some sort of a cruise or one of the European river cruises. Darling new release items!

  • Louise

    A cruise to Alaska, which I happen to be going on with my sister in 2 weeks! It’s not sailing, but close enough for me! One more bucket list item to cross off – Yay! Love this release! I’m going to make her a “sailing” card to give her when we meet in Seattle. She’ll love it!

  • Kristina "CraftyPaws"

    I think I would love to sail around in the mediterranean. Oh I’d love that striped background stamp! It’s so versatile!

  • Angie Hall

    I have never been sailing so I wouldn’t want to go far. Maybe a trip to a Caribbean island. Love the striped background stamp.

  • Deb Bridgewater

    I would sail away to Australia or Aruba! That is so enticing right now! Love the new nautical themed dies and stamps…lots of ideas floating around in my head right now!

  • Becca Yahrling

    Great sneak peeks! I love the sailboat. And a lovely scripture, too.
    If I could sail anywhere, I’d love to sail Alaska. I just imagine the
    wildlife there being so awesome!

  • Iris Esther López

    Fabulous cards from the designers. If I could I would sail to Europe.

  • Peggy Lee

    Australia has been on my list of places to go for years. Although I’m not a big fan of boats (can’t swim) Australia is top on my list.
    Great release!

  • Carol

    I would like to sail again at Puerto Vallarta when the whales are there. Awesome releases!

  • Melanie ott

    So in love with the nautical theme products!! I would sail to Australia!!☀️

  • Mary Nielson

    Love the ocean connecting images! I’ve always wanted to take a cruise to Alaska. I’ve heard that it is a wonderful trip…..

  • Teresa Godines

    These are such fun summer sets. Your question is very hard. So many good place to sail. How about Australia, That would be awesome.

  • Elise Smith

    Cute cards, as always! If I could sail anywhere, I think I would go on a Hawaiian or Mediterranean cruise. Either one would be beautiful!

  • Susan Lang

    You have the best dies in the world! I would sail to Aruba. From Nevada, it might take me awhile!

  • Denise Bryant

    Awesome cards! I love the Sunshine Cutting Plate and the Striped Background! Life Preserver and Helm are awesome accompaniment dies! Great theme for summer!
    I would sail to Hawaii. I have never been there and always wanted to. Close to home, beautiful Lake Tahoe is always gorgeous, so just sailing around the lake is a wonderful day!

  • Marsha Reed

    My first sailing experience was on Lake Rathbun in Iowa and I loved it! To be honest I can’t pinpoint a specific place to sail. I think I’d like to take time to visit as many areas as I could that would make for some good sailing both in the US and elsewhere.

  • Beth Holt

    Such fantastic cards! My favorite is the last card with the bible verse. Absolutely in love with that card! If I could sail anywhere in the world, I would choose the Mediterranean sea.

  • Arianna Barbara

    Wow!!! Great sneak peek!!! I would love to sail around the world! I’m Italian and the Mediterranean Sea is, definitely, one of the most beautiful places in the world where sailing!

  • Paula Hymel

    If I could sail anywhere, I think I’d love to sail the Mediterranean! I’ve heard so much from some friends and would love to experience it for myself!

  • Sue LD

    Love the sailing theme. I would sail at Lakeside, Ohio on Lake Erie–a favorite vacation spot for us.

  • Tamara

    I would sail all around Italy and Greece! Wine, cheese, olives, and cured meat! What’s not to love ????

  • Sandie Obrin

    Loving the nautical theme! I would sail to Hawaii, I think that would be a wonderful place to visit and would be a great cruise!

  • Flo

    I don’t think I would sail anywhere, I get seasick.

  • Amy Cooley

    I would love to sail to Hawaii…and never come home!

  • Julie B

    I love the nautical theme items and will have to add some to my collection. I would sail in the Mediterranean Sea visiting places like Italy and Croatia.

  • Mary

    I would choose Lake Winnipesaukee . It covers an incredible 44,586 New Hampshire acres. Wayne and I go to Moultonboro,NH in the summer to sit on the docks and watch the boats come and go. It’s so peaceful and very calming. Smile BIG! 🙂

    Mary from NH

  • BunnyD

    If I had a big enough boat and a crew, I’d love to sail around the world! How exciting to travel the globe and meet so many different people, taste so many foods and see all the animals in their own habitats! Love these nautical themes!

  • Sally K

    Such fun, cute new designs! I would sail to Australia and New Zealand.

  • Debbie B

    I love sailing! One of my favorite locations to sail is around the British Virgin Islands! We rented a bareboat and sailed for two glorious weeks. We went again a few years later and had a blast! I have been to Australia, we were there for six weeks with our then 9 and 11 yr old daughters. We did some diving on the barrier reef as well. I would love to sail around Australia though!

  • Isabel Z

    I’d sail away to New Zealand to visit my friend and to see her spectacular country.

  • Sherry

    Not much of a sailor but if you put me on a yacht or cruise ship, any place warm sounds fabulous to me!

  • Laraine Randall

    Fabulous stamps & die & cards! I would basically go everywhere the boat takes me!!

  • Martha

    I would love to go to Australia. It was our dream to go for our 50th anniversary, but that won’t happen now. It has always seemed like a magical place to me.

  • Evelyn

    I would sail to Australia!

  • Sabrina Radican

    I would love to go to the Caribbean or even maybe to Greece.

  • Sue G.

    I basically want it all!! I am a nautical fanatic, these have my name written on all of them.

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