• Marjorie DUMONTIER

    This is the perfect design for the cause !

  • Kari VanNoy

    This is just too sweet and perfect for the cause! Love it!

  • Ericka Strange

    Love this card and the colors are so pretty. Beautiful job.

  • Janis in ID

    Fabulous products and wonderful card! Thank you so much for sponsoring this important event!
    ❤ J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  • Heather DePasquale

    Perfect stamp and die sets for Autism awareness. Love your card! Thanks for supporting Autism!!

  • Evelyn Larson

    wow, I need this stamp and dies. I can use it at work for the kids and for them to make their own cards. So cool to create kits for them to do. Thank you for the inspiration.

  • Kim A Klinkovsky

    A Great card and stamp set to spread a wonderful message of Autism Awareness. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Kelsey Thomas

    Awesome cards! 🙂 Those puzzle piece dies are so neat!

  • Annette Reed

    I just love this sentiment set and puzzle piece. I have seen some beautiful cards along the hop using them. Thanks for sponsoring.

  • Kenisha

    Thank you for sponsoring such lovely cause.

  • Amante del Papel

    Oh my God, this card is so beautiful, I love the sentiment is so pretty!!

  • Cathy Lillie

    I love the card you made! I think it’s wonderful that you’ve created this special stamp set for Autism. The sentiments are absolutely beautiful and this means a lot to so many people. Thank you for your generosity and your support!

  • Gab

    You guys are amazingly generous!!

  • La’Nay Johnson

    These stamp/dies are on my wishlist. As the mother of a 15 yr old on the autism spectrum, these resonate with me. Thank you all for supporting such a wonderful cause. Your card is beautiful!

  • Anna Tracy

    Wow… it is so generous of you to give to a worthy organization! Thank you and great card!

  • Cynthia Cole

    Love the cards and your new stamp set for Autism!

  • Arianna Barbara

    Wow! Love so much these stamp and die sets!!! They’re so cute!
    Beautiful hop for a great cause!!!
    Both these cards are adorable!!!

  • Teresa Doyle

    What an incredible stamp set and fabulous dies. Taylor your card is truly awesome and your thoughtfulness about producing and donating for this cause is wonderful and appreciated, I am sure!

  • Jean Marmo

    Such a wonderful card and an amazing hop!

  • Amy Tsuruta

    Super release and love your card!

  • Donna Phelan

    Love the Puzzle cards and die! Fantastic and perfect! Great HOP!!!

  • Donna Phelan

    That Puzzle card is amazingly perfect! The theme for the day, perfect in every way! Great HOP!!!

  • Deepti Aggarwal

    Beautiful card and awesome stamp designed by you guys …Big hugs..

  • Iris Soscia

    Great card – love the puzzle die. Thank you for supporting autism awareness.

  • Angie B

    Oh! I love the puzzle pieces and the sentiments!! I have been hopping along today for the ASD awareness Hop and I have seen quite a few cards made with these. I have loved all the cards I have seen. Your card is so cute! So sweet of you to donate a portion of the proceeds! There were many lonely days as we tried to fit all the pieces of our son’s puzzle together. We are fortunate that he has learned to cope so well!!!

  • Victoria Banaszak

    What an awesome card and cause!

  • Jennifer Petersen

    Love love love the sentiments on this new stamp set! Your card is terrific and perfect for this wonderful cause!

  • Arnisha C

    Hi Taylor I am new to finding out about your company. I love the stamp and diecut sets. They are perfect. I love the card made for the cause. Thank you for participating in the autism awareness blog hop. My 8 year old nephew is autistic. He’s non-verbal but he loves music and likes getting his hands messy with ink after I stamp various images. This means so much to me.

  • Kathy Burgess

    This stamp set is so awesome! Your card is fabulous as well. Thanks for participating in such a great cause!

  • Terri Burson

    Wow, youpoured your heart into designing this set and it shows. Thank you so much for participating in this worthy cause!

  • Sharon Gullikson

    Thank you for donating such a huge amount of money to this wonderful cause. My son is on the spectrum, and it can be difficult….

  • Dee Earnshaw

    such a lovey card – these stamps / dies rock:)

  • julie m

    bless you for designing this stamp set.

  • Brandi R

    Love these cards! Your Autism themed products are amazing!!! Thank you for supporting such a wonderful cause ♥

  • Mary-Anne V.

    wonderful cards and love that puzzle piece die.

  • Eva N

    Thank you for the huge commitment you made for this cause; your Autism set is absolutely wonderful. The sentiments are so touching and have so many uses. May you be blessed many times over for your efforts.

  • Andrea Hastilow

    With this amazing stamp and die sets you’ve raised so much very needed awareness for a condition that is so misunderstood. As this effects me personally I can’t thank you enough for all the amazing work you’ve put into this, heartfelt love to you all, you’ve brought me to tears x

  • Pauline Abeysekera

    I think the stamps and dies are wonderful and your card is beautiful. Thank you so much for your generous support of this cause.

  • Kirsty Vittetoe

    Beautiful work, thanks for sharing it with us.

  • Adrienne Craig

    This is wonderful. I live in Australia, but my eldest grand-daughter who lives in the States is Autistic. She is a loving and caring person and very smart, and we will be visiting next year when she graduates from college. The wonderful thing about children and adults who are diagnosed with Autism, is they see things differently than the rest of us, but somehow seem to appreciate it more. They can be a little frustrating at times as they take everything literally, but that certainly doesn’t make them a lesser person. Also this kid has the most phenomenal memory, able to quote every episode of “The Simpsons”. Wish I had that ability

  • Kimberly Ostgard

    I love your stamp set for autism and the puzzle die I want them badly because there are not many things out there for autism awareness so it will take me time as I a, on very strict budget as single mother with two kids disabled and just my ssi. Thanks for sponsoring this wonderful blog spreading awareness of autism.
    Have a blessed day

  • Cary Ann Lombardo

    Thanks for participating for this great cause. I love your special stamp set and can’t wait to get it for my best friend who is the mom to my 11 year old autistic godson. She is an amazing champion for him and my favorite crafty partner. She’ll love the stamp set to make cards for his school friends and teachers.

  • Sunitha Fernandez-Dhanraj

    Great initiative. Love the cards. Love the stamp sets and dies. Thanks for being a part of this noble cause and bringing awareness. Thanks for the donation. Thanks to Veronica for organizing this awareness/initiative and Thanks to all the sponsors for being a part of the awareness and a noble cause! AMAZING!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Liz mca

    Your autism stamps are fantastic!

  • Charlotte Deerborn

    This set is so perfect. Thank you for supporting such a great cause.

  • Cindy

    I love this. I love that it’s for a good cause. I love the sentiments. Love the dies. Love it. This is awesome.

  • Amy Corr

    Adding my thanks for your sponsorship of the hop, and for donating 25% of proceeds for this very useful set of goods for crafters. My son with autism die cuts, stamps, and kits cards with me as pre-vocational practice. These items are now on our wish list!

  • Patt H.

    Love those awesome sentiments! And you are awesome for showing autism this wonderful support!

  • Jen Forster

    This is a really great design! Love the colors and the message!

  • Kristie Maynard

    I love your cards. Love the puzzle pieces. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Karen S.

    Your card is wonderful. Thank you for being a sponsor & participant in this amazing blog hop. I especially like the Autism sentiments stamp set and the background cover die (puzzle pieces).

  • Doreen Schostek

    Oops, just realized I posted twice ????

  • Doreen Schostek

    Thank you, thank you, and thank you!! As a mom of a 30yo son with Autism and a 28yo daughter that teaches Special Ed with a passion, I SO appreciate your efforts to share the Autism Awareness message! I’m sporting my blue today and my house is aglow with blue porch lights. Love the new stamps and dies….. can’t wait to get them! ????

  • Patricia Ladd

    Your sentiment stamp set for this event is truly wonderful!!! Thank you so much for helping to sponsor this very worthwhile blog hop.

  • Becky Green

    I think the new sets for Autism are AMAZING, AND the card shown too!!!! THANK YOU for using your talents & your company to support those with Autism! 😉

  • AutismMommy

    Wow, I just looked at your site to see the cards created with these and wow!! I want them so bad!! Like I said before, I have two boys both with autism. My oldest is 5, he is non verbal and my youngest is 3 and he is verbal???? We have therapy almost everyday and it’s SO expensive!!! It doesn’t leave me with much of a crafty budget at all. My goal is to save so I can get these awesome awareness products. It may take awhile but I will get them!! Thank you so much Taylor for doing this!!! I appreciate it more then words can describe! When I opened your email and saw this I got goosebumps and tears ????

  • Donna Rinckel

    Your sentiment stamp set is amazing and I am so thankful that you designed the set. I love the puzzle pieces too. Autism is so like piecing a puzzle together. I have a 35 year old daughter who is autistic and is now the mother of twins. Every one has their own story. Thanks for being part of the hop and helping raise awareness of the autism spectrum! Thanks for sponsoring.

  • AutismMommy

    OMG I love that you have added Autism Awareness products to your amazing store!! I can not thank you enough for helping raise awareness!! I have 2 young boys both with autism. I got into card making (I’m new) because I was in need of autism cards and no one had anything available! I wanted to be able to make my own. I still struggle because I haven’t been able to find stuff to make autism awareness!! I love what you have created and I hope there is more to come!! Again, thank you SO much for this!! You are amazing

  • Doreen Schostek

    Thank you, thank you, …..SO very much. As a mom of a 30 yo son with Autism and a 28 yo daughter that teaches Special Ed with a passion, I appreciate what you are doing so much!! I’m wearing my blue and our house is sporting it’s blue lights with love and pride! ????

  • Sue D

    Great card with the puzzle pieces and I like the sentiment set.

  • Amanda Bodine

    Taylor, your cards are so lovely! You’ve designed the perfect products to celebrate this day! It was a true please getting to work with them, I love all the sentiments in this set! Thank you for sponsoring and your generous donations from sales of Look With Your Heart!

  • Rebecca L. Romines

    I love these items for autism, I’ve seen so many different uses along the blog hop and I’m thinking I need the puzzle dies for sure! The sentiments are so good though I may need to grab them too! lol Thanks so much for being part of this wonderful hop! we appreciate your support!

  • Cheri Nugent

    Excited about this set as I have a grandson on the spectrum! Thanks so much.

  • D.Ann C

    What great sentiments you put into that set! I have friends with autistic children – they’re real sweethearts! – and I know they and many others appreciate your/our support! Thanks for sponsoring this important event!

  • Stephanie Savidge

    Very sweet cards and love that this company came out with a stamp set for autism. I do not personally know anyone that has autism, but love that so many people and companies are coming together for a great cause.

  • Mary E Murdock

    Thank you so much for supporting this cause. Your two sets are just amazing. My grandson has Autism, ADHD and other health issues. He is the love of our life. I sure would not have it any other way. This was meant to be.

  • Karthikha Uday

    Wonderful creations for a noble cause! Thanks for bringing up these new products!
    Thanks to everyone who are part of the awesome blog hop, and to all the sponsors!

  • Lisa

    You’re kind hearted and generous. Unfortunately, I cannot use those stamps … as I live in the french speaking part of Switzerland … but … hey 😉 I can use (and buy) the dies :D. Good job !

  • Sandy M

    What a wonderful cause to celebrate. I love the puzzle piece. So many ideas for this set come to mind. Can’t wait to see what all the contributors have shared.

  • Janet Sisk

    Love this card! I also love this TE stamp set plus the puzzle dies. Thanks for supporting such a good cause. 😀

  • Miriam

    Thank you so much for your wonderful support for this cause. not many places are willing or able to take on causes. I have loved your products since I found them and happy you guys are pioneers with this support!! Thank you for also being a sponsor in a wonderful blog hop for such a worthy cause!!

  • susie sonnier

    WOW! Here is why I am awestruck..and have a big smile on my face—What a wonderful crafting community we have and the impact that we can make together. I am so proud! Veronica and all the sponsors- THANK YOU!

  • Denise Bryant

    Love the puzzle piece die!

  • Susie Hardin

    Thanks so much for these wonderful sets. Our 29 year old son has classic autism and brings us such joy:) His tutor, who has been with him 18 years, five days a week, is with him now. This set is perfect:)

  • Dina

    Great set and die. Thanks for creating and Inst!!

  • Ruth Dupchen

    I think that it is wonderful that you created this new Autism stamp set.

  • Lagene

    What a worthy cause for this blog hop! Your cards are AWESOME! I especially love the fact that you are giving 25% to Autism Society!

  • Christa

    This is wonderful. You and your husband are very blessed with your son. Love the card and stamps.

  • Mary

    When I saw a sneak peak of a card using this stamp set last week, I knew I HAD to have it!! Already ordered!! Can’t wait for it to arrive—and with your great customer service, I know I will have it soon! (Thanks for not making me wait until your new release day later this week!) Thanks TE for donating to such a great cause!

  • ionabunny

    This is a very important issue affecting many people. I love the puzzle plate and those sentiments and your card rocks. Off to go blue and create. Hugz

  • Julie J

    Thank you for supporting this cause. Both of my girls are special ed teachers.

  • Karen K

    I love this card! Support from my fellow cardmakers is extra special, just like my son! Thanks for supporting Autism Awareness.

  • Tilda

    Thank you from this Mamas heart. I was blessed with two beautiful daughters, both Special Needs, both on the spectrum. I used to ask God why, but then one day I realized how He chose me, He trusted me to take care of His precious girls. I AM BLESSED.

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