Beyond Easy Cleaning & Organizing – Downloads, Charts, and More!

Hey, crafty friends! You know how sometimes shopping for crafty supplies sometimes happens more than the actual crafting does? Is that just me? Have you ever bought something and then realized that… you already had it? Of course, when you buy duplicate craft supplies, you can always share with a crafty friend! Or maybe there are some ideas to keep track of the supplies that you have in your crafty collection so that doesn’t happen in the first place. And not only will some of the things that I have to share with you today help you keep track of your collection, but they can help inspire you to create too!

To encourage all of this cleaning and organization that we have been promoting this week, all of the products in the storage collection at the Taylored Expressions webstore are 19% off through this Sunday, January 20, no coupon code required.

So let’s get started with a bunch of resources that are at your finger tips right now. Most of the downloads that I have to share with today are FREE at the Taylored Expressions webstore and you can start organizing and keeping track of your supplies right now!

First up is the Taylored Expressions Color Chart download. This chart is designed to give you a reference to the Taylored Expressions Matched collection. The chart supplies an area for a stamped image with each ink color, a swatch of its coordinating cardstock, and a Copic marker color match. After you download the chart, print it out onto white (Sugar Cube) cardstock being sure to select “fit to size” or “shrink to fit” in your printing options to ensure the chart prints correctly. This download is FREE!

The TE Embossing Powder Color Chart download includes a spot to stamp and emboss a sample of each of the embossing powder colors from Taylored Expressions. There are actually 2 charts per page and so you can share with a crafty friend! This download is FREE!

Did you know about the Style Sheets that are available in the Taylored Expressions webstore? The style sheets include tips and tricks for using different stamp sets and die collections. You can find style sheets for a majority of the On the Road die collections, a majority of the Simply Stamped stamp series, and a number of other stamp and die collections. Make sure you check out what is available for the stamps and dies that you own. The Style Sheets downloads are FREE!

Do you love color combinations? Then make sure that you check out the different color combination sheets that you can download for a bunch of the new colors that were released last year: April 2018, June 2018, August 2018, October 2019, and December 2018. All of the color combination downloads are FREE!

Don’t forget about the Copic Skin & Hair Color Chart download so you can practice your coloring skills and help you master blending human hair and skin tones. This 5 page download includes a colored sample, a practice set so you can try your hand with the suggested colors, and a blank template so you can create your own color combinations. The Copic Skin & Hair Color Chart is FREE!

The Copic Fur Color Chart is a 3 page download to help you master blending and shading animal fur with Copic markers. It includes a colored chart, a page to practice with suggested color combinations, and a blank chart so you can create your own color combinations. The Copic Fur Color Chart download is FREE!


The Label It – Full Size Ink Pad Label Stickers are not a download, but are a great price to label and organize your ink pads. Taylor also shared in her Facebook Live video on Wednesday how she uses the stickers to label her cardstock files as well! You get 33 label stickers sized to fit the end of your Taylored Expressions full sized stamp pads like you see in the right side of the photo above. The Label It – Full Size Ink Pad Label Stickers retail for $2.00.


And finally, the Liquid Watercolor Chart that comes printed on watercolor cardstock. This isn’t a download, but a definite must have if you love and use the Liquid Watercolors. Make sure to add it to your next order! You will paint in the liquid watercolor samples and different blends that are possible into the squares on the chart to create an invaluable reference tool. The Liquid Watercolor Chart retails for $2.00.


Once you have gone through and printed out the charts, filled in the swatches, colored in the samples, etc. you will want to file everything so that you have easy access to them. Maybe everything can fit into a binder or you could hang them up on a wall in your craft space. Find what works best for you and you will find how much filling out and using the charts can help you keep track of your supplies and inspire you in your crafting.

Don’t forget to take advantage of 19% off products in the storage collection at the Taylored Expressions webstore that runs through this Sunday, January 20. Click the link below to shop!

Thank you for stopping by again today! I hope that you have enjoyed and are inspired by the beyond easy cleaning and organizing tips that have been shared this week to help you combat #craftermath! Stop by again tomorrow for some crafty inspiration!

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