• TracyM #6773

    FABULOUS new goodies!

    Spring is here when our daffodils are taking pride of place over the snowdrops in the front garden bed 🙂

  • kathleen dumpert

    Spring is here when I see all the yummy easter candy hitting the shelves, easter egg twix candies yummy!

  • Dana M

    Gorgeous cards! The pretty posies background stamp is so pretty! I know spring has arrived when I see little shoots of green peeking up from my garden.

  • Emma Sleppy

    We live up in the northeast in a small town in Southern New Jersey, Easter always means Butter Krak Eggs, a delicious coconut butter cream dark chocolate egg made in Philadelphia.

  • heidi H

    Crocuses peeking out! Love the pretty posies background!

  • Heather Mills

    I LOVE all the Easter themed products; the fonts on the sentiments are fabulous and it’s awesome that they speak to the real reason for Easter! I think the coming of spring is really just a feeling in the air; it’s finally a little warm, and also when the little crocuses start to poke up out of the ground.

  • Janis in ID

    I know spring is here when I see buds swelling on my shrubs and bulbs sprouting up through the soil. Right now we are under snow and ice. I am READY for spring!! 🙂
    Love the beautiful new products!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  • Georgia Henson

    YES! Love those SweetTart jelly beans (Starburst jelly beans too!) Bright cheerful daffodils make my heart happy.

  • Danny Z

    Spring is seeing the daffodils and crocus starting to pop out of the ground after a long winter.

  • Ethan F

    Spring is the return of the robins and the flowers pushing up out of the cold winter soil.

  • Mutzy Mia

    Definite signs of spring for me is spotting that first Robin, seeing that the Juncos have left and that the goldfinch are turning yellow again. Forsythia are blooming and rhubarb is pushing up out of the ground. I’M READY!!!

  • Gina Stearns

    Spring to me is the flowers in bloom, Easter Flowers of Buttercups, Tulips, the fresh smell of cut grass, the color green of grass. The blooms on the flowers of Red Buds, Dogwoods Trees…..Just the smell of all in bloom….

  • Mary Jensen

    Spring arrives for me when the ground is muddy, the robins are back, and little bits of green start popping through the ground in my flower beds. 🙂

  • Arianna Barbara

    I know spring has arrived because it’s the smell of blooming flowers like freesias and the weather is warm.

  • Lyn

    I love my garden and when I see the fruit trees budding spring is here <3

  • Cathy Lillie

    Thanks for showing the new watercolors in action. Your card is beautiful! I know Spring is here when the robins show up, the squirrels are much more active and the lily of the valley have sprouted. It’s my favorite time of the year!

  • Carla Hundley

    Lovely cards. I
    know it’s Spring
    when I see the
    new growth
    showing through
    the ground and
    hopefully not
    the snow!
    Carla from Utah

  • Larissa Heskett

    SQUEAL!! I LOVE the NEW products and the AMAZING Inspiration!! I can always tell Spring is here because NEW babies start arriving on the Farm and the Crops begin to Grow!! It’s such a BEAUTIFUL Time if Year FULL of NEW Life!! THANKS for sharing and for the chance to WIN!! Have a FABULOUS Release Week!! ❤️

  • Gilda

    Spring is definitely a smell – a good one! Love the fabulous ideas today.

  • Nancy M.

    Allergies! LOL Excited for this spring release.

  • Amy McCue

    The bulbs are blooming! The very first are snowdrops. They are the very first hint of spring!

  • Kelly Sas

    The first full day of spring has been my first born child’s birthday for 38 years. I love ❤️ Spring for this very reason – I was blessed to become a mother.

  • Eileen

    I know when spring is here when the crocus bloom after our lonnnng Maine winters. We all say that the crocus is the first flower of spring.

  • Barbara Happe

    I know that spring has arrived when our Magnolia blooms. It shows the first flowers in the yard and I absolutely love it. I take photos of it every year which amuses my hubby.

  • Beverly Perdue

    Love the Easter greetings and words of faith. The first sign of spring for me is when the trees and plants blossom!

  • Julie B

    I know spring has arrived when the MLB baseball season starts. We live in Minnesota and might be in a blizzard parka with blankets in tow, but that first game still means spring to me. ⚾️

  • Lori B

    Living on a farm in MN, spring is always mud season to me. When I have to sweep the floor 2-3 times a day, it means the spring (mud) season has arrived lol. Love the new items shared today!

  • Anna M

    My first sign of Spring is the changing of the weather. The first sound of thunder when it rains tells me the warm weather is here! Living in the North East, rain has a beautiful sound to it.

  • Cindy Tendall

    The feeling of spring comes when I see the first robin or cardinal and the trees are just starting to bud. I’m encouraged at this point because the daylight hours are longer. It gives me hope. Even when we have winter weather in March, I know it won’t be around long so it’s not bothersome. Love, love, love when the crocus, jonquils and daffodils pop through the ground. Warms my heart. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Laurie Brown

    I grew up in Northern Iowa and a sure sign of Spring was when the robins arrived!!!


    I love all the new stuff. I know when Spring is here due to the weather and the flowers.

  • Rebecca Ednie

    It’s spring to me when you can buy Cadbury Easter creme eggs! I’d say when my daffodils, tulips and hyacinths come up but it still snows frequently after they show up.

  • Broni

    Everything is so beautiful!!! Wonderful release!

  • Jan Metcalf

    Buds, rainy days, crocus and daffodils, robins! They all remind me of spring! Welcoming signs following WI winters. Pretty Posies caught my eye! First viewed on Pinterest. So many lovely cards by the designers!

  • Patricia R.

    When the little Tete-a-Tete daffodils my daughter planted for me years ago start popping up. So cheery!

  • KathyJH

    Spring is here when I see the crocus and hyacinth blooming! Thanks for the video – I love that technique! Gorgeous release of stamps!

  • Mary Rose Kulczak

    So excited about this release! Here in Michigan, we know that spring is around the corner when the robins come back and the crocuses bloom!

  • Jeanne

    I look forward to Spring when the sun starts shining brightly and the temperature reaches 50-55,

  • Stacy H.

    Here in Central Florida I know that it is Spring when I do not have to wear a sweater in the morning or evening. Bring on the 80 degree days!

  • Linda Sodano

    I know it is Spring when the daffodils begin to pop up in the garden and soon bloom in all their splendor!

  • Jackie Lemon

    When the robins start pecking at the yard looking for bugs, you know the thaw is gone!

  • Sharon D.

    For me the fist signs of spring are the return of the robins. Also, my surprise lilies and bleeding heart start peaking out of the ground. They are eager beavers! The Pretty Posies Background is lovely and those Easter cards are simply gorgeous!

  • Karen W.

    When it quits snowing for GOOD! We get snow as late as April/May here in Denver!

  • Sue Baker

    Spring is almost here when the birds start singing outside my bedroom window early in the morning. And I saw my first robin! We’ve gone from 24 frigid degrees to 70 in just a few days! Such a tease, Mother Nature!

  • Carey Nusbaum

    I know it is spring when I hear the birds chirping in the morning when I wake up. My crocuses bloom early, so that is a sign as well! What a great release! I am loving what I am seeing! Thanks Taylor!

  • Laraine R

    Fabulous! Long days, warm temps & the grass turning green & the trees budding or my flowers coming up!

  • Lynda

    I notice the leaf & flower buds on the trees. Interesting question because I never really consciously thought about it before!

  • Denise S

    Hearing the birds singing

  • Stampfoldandrepeat (Jeanie)

    I feel spring has arrived when I feel the humidity in the air and I see grass being mowed again!

  • Cheri Nugent

    #spring The first truly spring rain that makes the grass turn so green AND the first flowers peeking their little green heads out of the ground! I do love those pretty posies!
    (I couldn’t get that feed blitz to work yesterday! ?)

  • Phyllis A Freese

    I can always tell spring is here when the dandelions start blooming all over the yard. They’re a pretty site at first, but only bring more weeds if left alone. The Pretty Posies background stamp is so pretty.

  • Diane Anthony

    Living in northern MN, I know spring has arrived when we don’t have snow left in April and the birds are singing!

  • Kathy J in Ellicott City

    When my crocus bloom.

  • storymusicgirl

    Love all of the Easter stamps, dies, and sentiments today!
    I know it’s spring when the daffodils first come up. They’re my favorites!

  • Diane B

    When the fresh air and greening grass turns to talks about uncovering the camper and hit the road again

  • Dee earnshaw

    awesome samples – really looking forward to Spring and the explosion of my daffodils, snowdrops and tulips in the yard!!!

  • Sue D

    Love the new Easter products. I can tell it is Spring when I find spring bulbs coming up in the yard.

  • Kylie R Z

    Spring is here when we can put away the big winter coats.

  • Evan F

    When the birds start chirping in the early morning hours, spring is here.

  • Maria C F

    Spring is here when the green shoots start poking out of the earth.

  • Daria Zender

    First I have to say…what fabulous inspiration today!! Beautiful cards, every one of them. As far as Spring is concerned I would have to say it’s when I no longer have to chip ice off of our driveway. We get the thaw with water running across it and then at night it freezes. So, when I don’t have to chop and chip away the ice, Spring has sprung!!

  • Leanne S

    Spring is here when the birds go tweet tweet & the flowers bloom. Love the background stamp.

  • Carol Scheevel

    It sure was much easier to see the first signs of spring when I lived in Atlanta…. the true first sign were the crocuses and the yellow bud bushes…. soon followed by the daffodil greenery! Now here in Southern California, it’s not so easy. For me, it’s that in between needing a jacket, needing just a sweater, and a few minutes later, nothing at all – back and forth throughout the day! What I’m trying to say is that our weather is schizophrenic! You are killing me with this release Taylor! I don’t know how I’m possibly going to stay within my budget with all these beautiful items being released!!!

  • Jennifer Petersen

    I had to chuckle at the worm smell for spring so true!! The first thing I thought of was that my tulips start poking up from the ground. Beautiful new products and samples shown!

  • Ruth Dupchen

    Spring is such a wonderful time of the year because all my senses are awakened. I can hear all the birds returning. I can feel the warmth of the sun. I can see all the plants start to grow. I can smell the fresh air and I can sense the taste of the delicious foods being barbecued in the neighborhood. It is the season when my energy returns.

  • Lisa Petrella

    Beautiful new products and gorgeous sample projects!!! I live at 9000 feet and so Spring usually means LOTS of BIG snowfalls. I absolutely LOVE it!!!!

  • Pamela R Levingston

    Tulips and Daffodils coming up in the yard make me think of spring!

  • Amy Cooley

    When the grass starts to turn green, I know spring is on the way!

  • Kris Palakiko

    unfortunatey living in Hawaii we don’t get to experience the change in seasons as obvious as others do… but we definitey know spring is coming along when flowers start to bloom… especially tulips since they hibernate during winter… one thing i get excited about knowing spring will be here soon is seeing all the flowering on the mango trees…. mmmmmm!!!! nothing like fresh mango right off your tree!

  • Kelsey Thomas

    I know spring is here when I start to see robins. 🙂

  • Dawn S

    I know spring is getting close when I see the green tips of the daffodils and tulips peeking through and the marshmallow peeps hit the grocery store shelves.

  • Anne Sturgeon

    I am pretty stoked about Spring when I spy a hardy crocus. Many times they peak through the remnants of snow. Michigan is having one weird winter so I am going to keep a sharp eye peeled for those beauties… Taylor this release is wonderful and your ladies are showcasing these new products brilliantly!!!!

  • Janet

    We get a lot of Robins in the neighborhood come spring, so that’s a sure sign. Another indication is when our kids come home from school and the first thing they want to do is open the windows (a real treat as my husband has terrible allergies). I always love sentiment stamps-great reveal!!

  • Rita M

    Spring is when I put my winter coat away for the last time!

  • Gloria Coltrane

    I know it’s spring when all the dark-eyed juncos (100 or more) hit our backyard looking for the bird seed. They are so fun to watch, they are like little dark eyed bandits!

  • Marla Harris

    This release day made my heart go pitter patter. As for your question, spring has sprung when I smell skunks. It’s not a smell you usually welcome, but my hubby and I get a little giddy when Pepe has returned.

  • Chris L

    To me, Spring is coming when it’s time to watch my son play baseball!

    I love the Pretty Posies background and the cards shown today, they are stunning!

  • Kathy G

    I love the warm breezes that start to arrive in Spring, as well as the daffodils popping up in our garden!

  • Deanna Morgan

    When I left work at 5:30pm and it was light outside, I knew spring was coming; or, now that I’m retired, it’s when it’s bright through my shades in the morning when I wake up at 6:00am. Also, I know it’s time for spring when the garden stores start to advertise selling and planting flowers. Plus, isn’t it “April showers bring May flowers”? I always hope to be able to plant my flowers in mid May (but this is Wisconsin, so maybe not!) What a fun way to celebrate spring with the wonderful Beautiful Posies Background. I love all the variety for its use the team has shown in their samples.

  • Nicole Ligaard Jensen

    I am Bipolar and hence suffering from severe manic and depressive alternating phases. Before I was diagnosed and got on meds, I could tell it was going to be spring because my depression would begin to subside…

  • Michelle Woodrum

    For me is the ever so slight warm wind from the south and longer days. Yay

  • Noreen

    Spring is when the trees are budding and you start seeing marshmallow Peeps!

  • Shari M

    Signs of spring to me.. sun setting later in the day, starting to see flowers/trees bud, robins, everything starting to come back to life after winter.

  • LC Lamothe

    Such gorgeous new products and DT projects!!! When I was young, a sure sign of spring was always coming home from school and changing out of my winter coat into a sweater before going to play outside. I still think of that every year as the temperature rises and the days get milder.

  • Carol B

    The saying here is that it always snows twice once the forsythia blooms. So spring starts the 2nd snow after the Forsythia blooms for me.

  • LizD

    Usually it’s a Robin in our backyard. What a gorgeous card with the Posey background by Angelica. Such beautiful spring colors. Now that’s a sign of spring.

  • Carrie W

    Seeing my tulips trying to peek through is when I really start believing Spring is on the way… ❤️❤️ This release!

  • Cheryl Murphy

    The first sign of spring for me is my daffodils starting to poke their little heads up through the soil (and being in Minnesota, sometimes the snow). I know the snow won’t last and we are on to bigger and better weather.

  • Barbara Tennigkeit

    Sweet Tart jelly beans sounds delicious. I will have to look for them. For me it is when you see trees in bloom.

  • Paula Hymel

    For me, knowing it’s spring comes in two ways . .. usually at the same time. The clovers that take over the yard and the white cluster flowers they make, the honeybees buzzing all around AND the smell of my Sweet Olive in full bloom! Geezh, I can sit out and inhale all day long!

  • Avra N Williams

    I love when daffodils and tulips start to pop up from the ground. Unfortunately that doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re done with winter weather for good!


    HELLO TE –
    Spring is right around the corner when I see the tiny crocus start sprouting up in the garden, followed by tulips and the hostas. Seeing the bunny and chick PEEPS in the stores. When the rains come and wash away all the dirt and sand off the the streets and the grassy areas near the curbs.
    I can’t wait to see, hear and taste all of these things.

  • Gail Shurbutt

    So many beautiful releases – can hardly wait to start my Easter cards!!

    Even though I live in the South (Georgia), I never trust any signs of spring until after April 15th. Often, it’s so difficult to make myself wait to plant my summer flowers, but April 15 seems to be a turning point from winter to spring! I

  • Elise Smith

    Wow! The pretty posies background stamp is beautiful and I love all the wonderful Easter greetings. My husband and I bought our house a few years ago and every spring a group of swallows builds a nest on our back porch. It’s fun to listen to the baby birds’ excitement when their mama comes back with food.

  • janet sisk

    I know that Spring has finally sprung when the Forsythia and Crocus start blooming. I love seeing colorful flowers after the cold and bleak winter. Thanks for a chance to win! 😀

  • cyndi morris

    Wonderful release and beautiful projects by your talented team. I know Spring has arrived when the gorgeous fruit trees start blooming. There’s also something about the air — I really can’t describe it, but it seems…fresh(?).

  • Connie G

    Love the beautiful products today! For me, it is the melting of the snow, the longer days and the stronger sunshine that gives me hope that spring is near

  • Denise Bryant

    Love the Pretty Posies Background Stamp!
    The first sign of spring for me is seeing all the daffodils in my yard coming up and starting to bloom!

  • Maggie Ludwig

    Springtime for me is seeing my first tulips pop up out of the ground — the vibrant colors we have planted are a definite sign that springtime is near.

  • Becca Yahrling

    That’s a hard question for South Florida … our seasons are totally different from everywhere else! lol I guess when the weather stays in the 80’s every day is our indicator of Spring. It’s been in the 60’s and 70’s the last couple weeks so we’re still in winter (sorry, Northerners!!). The Pretty Posies BG stamp is my favorite so I’m crossing my fingers today!! 🙂

  • Julie S

    Oh, spring to me is definitely those first peeks of crocus, daffodils and tulips as well as the little buds on trees starting to make their appearance.

  • Debbie Br

    Once the days start getting longer, I know that spring is just around the corner!

  • Bunny Dobbie

    Spring arrives with the first robin sighting and the crocus poking through the ground!

  • Susan Weida

    For me I know spring has arrived when I see new life. Green grass, leaves on the trees, flowers blooming, and baby animals (especially baby cows). Also Cadbury and Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs.

  • Iggy

    Spring is coming when the days start getting longer!

  • Jane R.

    I know spring is on the way when the daffodils pop up out of the ground and the trees start to bud.

  • Isabel Z

    The daffodils shoots starting to peak out signal that spring is around the corner!

  • Jean Marmo

    It is when that little clump of daffodils start peaking their heads up! It means it will warm up and the snow will leave!

  • Terrie D.

    These cards are so lovely! The pretty posies background stamp is just beautiful. I know that spring has arrived when I see the first robin, start to see buds on the trees and little green shoots sprouting from the ground. 🙂

  • chris dubois

    It’s spring when the trees begin to bud.

  • Jean Marmo

    Spring is here when that small clump of daffodils start poking their heads up! That means it will finally warm up and the snow will go away!

  • Karen Murray

    Springtime for me is the brighter mornings and the longer evenings and the sound of singing birds. I LOVE spring! ?

  • Martha Acord

    Spring for me is the smell after the rain, the crocus poking their green sprouts out of the dirt and Peeps in the store!

  • Sherry

    Springtime for me is when I see daffodils working their way up. They usually end up covered after a late season snow, but I know it will melt quickly. I also know its Spring when I don’t have layers of clothes on and feel like I can go outside without gloves or leave my coat unzipped.

  • Karthikha Uday

    I just love that floral frame a lot!! It is so versatile 🙂
    For me, the feel of spring is when the first flowers blossom and the leaves are a lush green 🙂

  • Daisy

    For me, spring arrives with the blooming of our beautiful Texas bluebonnets as well as the rest of the gorgeous wildflowers! Can’t wait!

  • Meghan Kennihan

    For me it’s the smell and seeing all the runners that don’t workout in the winter come out of the woods :)…. I love these sentiments!!!

  • Sandie Obrin

    For me, when I see my tulips just beginning to come up out of the ground! Happy Spring!!

  • christi in ma

    for me it’s (finally) spring when we walk out of the gym at 7:00 PM and it is still light out
    I love that feeling
    I also love not having to be bundled up in 42 layers of fleece!

  • Mel H

    For it is when the pop-up garden centers open and the HS FFA opens their greenhouse. That means spring to me. I can’t ever wait to get my fresh herbs and flowers.

  • Angie VC

    I know it is coming when my hostas start to pop out of the dirt! It means the long winter has broken!

  • Enid

    Springtime is official with the flowers start popping up in my landscaping and also the scent of the earth and worms after a rain. Cool crisp mornings leading to warm afternoons. I used to think Robins were a sign of spring but they are nuts and show up tooo early now.

  • Cindi F

    Since I’ve moved to AZ I don’t experience the seasons like I used to. It used to be a Robin was the sign I knew it was spring. Here in AZ I guess the temps start to get a little warmer. Rain showers make me think of spring too but we don’t get a lot of them. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Evelyn

    For me, it is the sun setting later and later and seeing little green plants popping out of the ground!

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