• Mel H

    We were the tigers and red and black. I love this release!

  • Heidi H

    Hilltoppers! Yellow and gold.

  • Dana M

    Beautiful, sweet, fun and fabulous new products! My High School was the Kaposia Indians (a nod to the people who lived in the area as it was settled) but our mascot was a cow (it was a meat packing community with a stockyards, Swifts and Armor packing plants). Our colors were maroon and white.

  • Marisela Delgado

    I went to Highlands High School and we were the Owls. Our school colors were maroon and white.

  • Emma Sleppy

    That was many MOONS ago.. The Mustangs and I think? the colors were green and white. I’m lucky if I can remember the color shirt I was wearing yesterday, LOL! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  • stampfoldandrepeat (Jeanie)

    My highschool colours were green and orange. We didn’t have a mascot… 🙁

  • Pamela Henkel

    Minooka Indians – orange and black

  • Jennifer Petersen

    We were the Capital Eagles and our colors were black, gold & Silver.

  • Rachel Russell

    My mascot in high school was the bulldogs and our colors were red and white. The town next to us was also the Bulldogs and their colors were purple and white. We were the Red Dogs and they were the Purple Dogs. There was absolutely a rivalry and several “naughty” things were done. Our town is know for being the headquarters of Tyson chicken so they dyed chickens purple and let them loose in our school and our school I’m sure did something equally as horrible. No chickens were actually harmed other than a feather makeover.

  • Janet Ingraham

    Easy!! Tigers! Gold and purple!!

  • Shartl

    Red and gold for me, and we were the Dons.

  • karenladd

    Blue and gold and we were the Ashekanis. That was a long long time ago!

  • Denise Ward

    Yes, you are definitely going back a few decades for my answer! 😉
    We were the Indians and our colors were red and navy blue.
    I wouldn’t want to go back to being a teen again, but I do have good memories from those years.

  • Monica Talbott

    It was along time ago for me but still remember being a Ram and wearing green!

  • Lynne Ward Wallace

    We were the Knights – green and white. Thank you for the grad inspiration, I have a niece graduating from high school this year.

  • Marilyn M

    My school team was the Comets and colors were gray and green.

  • karenjao

    Loving this new release – so many fabulous products and ideas! My high school mascot was the buffalo and the colors were gold and black.

  • Jennifer Lauria

    Irvin Rockets, red, white and blue! Class of 1995!

  • janet sisk

    I graduated from Hendersonville High School in Hendersonville, TN. Our mascot was the Commandoes and our colors were black and gold. We were a take off the Vanderbilt Commodores. 😀

  • Sue Symens

    Columbia blue aka baby blue and white. Broncos.

  • Kelly Kuharik

    Wow! So much great stuff coming out it’s going to be hard to choose!! Mine was the Ponies and colors are black and red. Now my two youngest are Ponies! 🙂

  • Susan Engblom

    I went to a Catholic girls high school over 50 years ago. The school was established in 1840. Our mascot, the Angels. Our colors are green and white. Taylor, your new products never disappoint!

  • Lynda White

    It was so long ago for me that I had to Google it! I could remember the colors but not the mascot. We were the Panthers & our colors were black & gold.

  • Debbie Rumpza

    Our school colors were Green and Gold and we were the Trojans! Boy that was a trip down memory lane for me! Graduated in 1982!

  • Leslie

    We’re the Falcons with colors red and royal blue. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Lisa Ricchini

    My school colors were Blue & White. We were the Bluejays & YES I can still remember the school fight song!

  • Deb Fischer

    Toms River High School SOUTH – We were the Indians! Maroon and White. My creativity then was playing in all the bands.

  • Kathy J in Ellicott City

    We were the Hastings Bears! Love the new release.

  • Larissa Heskett

    SQUEAL!! LOVING ALL of the NEW Products and the AMAZING Inspiration shared by the DT!! My High School Mascot was the Mustangs and our Colors were Purple and Gold!! Thanks for sharing and have a FABULOUS Release Week!!

  • Cindy Tendall

    My school colors were black and red. We were the mighty Creston Panthers. I love so many of the new stamps and dies! It will be an expensive shopping trip, I’m afraid. The most exciting and unexpected item is definitely the Simple Strips Background and coordinating die. So cool!

  • Carla Hundley

    My home town is
    Clovis, NM and we
    are the Wildcats!
    Colors are Royal
    Purple and White.
    Carla from Utah

  • Diane B

    My school colors where – white, light blue & dark blue
    The mascot was a tuna – Charlie the Tuna because the school was Star of the Sea

  • Laurie Brown

    We were the Panthers. Our colors were black and white!

  • Sara Braga

    I graduated as a tiger with red and black as our colors. Sarcastichick makes me smile! My son is in his late 30s and will still say “mom, mom, mom, mom…” insert eye roll ?!

  • Gina Taylor

    We were the Spartans and our colors were gold and brown- nothing pretty about that combo. ?

  • Rebecca Ednie

    Our colours were burgundy and gold but I’ve no idea if we even had a mascot! We were the intellectual school so very few sports. Love the grad products!

  • Jessica Bavier

    Totally love everything! Soooo many fabulous goodies! My high school mascot was the Dragon, Kelly green and black.

  • Tamera Gullett

    Ottumwa Bulldogs, red and white!

  • Beth Kochheiser

    My high school mascot was the Cardinal and of course our colors were red and white. Not exactly exciting or different but “ ours”, nonetheless. Colerain High School in Cincinnati, Ohio.

  • Lori B

    Oh goodness–it’s awhile but we were the Polar Bears and our colors were purple & gold.

  • Linda Sodano

    Our mascot was Snoopy. Our colors blue and gold! Seems like yesterday!

  • Dawn Y.

    We were the Bulldogs ~ gold & white! I love all the teacher and graduation stamps and dies.?

  • Beverly Perdue

    So many fun new products — love the brimming with love and the tassels and stars! My high school team was the hornets and the colors were purple and white.

  • Amy McCue

    We were the Ted Devils. Scarlet and grey

  • Michelle Argumedo

    Interesting enough, mine too was orange and black. I attended Valley high school in West Des Moines Iowa. And our mascot was a tiger.
    I attended Valley high school in West Des Moines Iowa. And our mascot was a tiger.
    Hope you’re having a good week I certainly am enjoying the sneak peeks you have had.


  • Chris L

    What fun products today–my list is getting long! My high school mascot was a matador, and our colors were red, white, and blue!

  • Vicki Dillon

    Mustangs, orange and black.

  • Laura P

    We were the Monmouth Zippers and our mascot was Zippy the Bear. Never fully understood how those were connected? Our colors were maroon and gold.

  • LC Lamothe

    This release is chock full of awesome sets!!! Our colors were blue and orange and we were the thunder. Our theme song became Thunderstruck by AC/DC. It sure got the crowd going at events.

  • Ruth Dupchen

    Courgars! Maroon and gold were the school colors. Those were the days my friend, I thought they would never end.

  • Teresa Mikalouski

    We were the BEARS-purple and gold!

  • Stacy H.

    We were the panthers, and I just realized I can’t remember if we were black and gold or blue and yellow–jeesh! I think it was blue and yellow. We won a state football championship my senior year and had a real black panther at the championship games. That part I definitely remember!

  • Sue D

    We were the Pioneers and our colors were red and white.

  • Claudia Piegdon

    We were the Cosmos, and our colors were maroon and white. It was 50 years ago for me too.

  • Noreen

    We were Gators – orange and black. Love the Sarcasti-Chicks!

  • Carrie W.

    We were the Rams – red white and Columbia blue! Love the release!

  • Christine McCallister

    Urbandale Jayhawks… Go, fight, WIN!!
    Navy blue and white- red accents! Almost patriotic! ??

  • Loretta Davidson

    Bulldogs- Purple and White. A long time ago

  • Maggie Ludwig

    All Girls Catholic High School in East St. Louis, IL — St. Teresa Academy — colors were red and white, no mascot, and our Fight Song was “We’re Loyal to you STA”, and we had the most unique class ring — it was a gold oval in the shape of an artist’s palette with STA on it and 19 on one side and 69 on the other, and I still wear it proudly — Aug 24 will be my 50 year class reunion!!! We are having a joint reunion with Assumption Catholic High School, which was the BOYS’ school — can’t wait!!!! STA Girls were always looking for those AHS Boys!!

  • Diane Anthony

    We were the Armstrong Falcons. Colors were red, white and blue.

  • Pam S

    Mine was the Bears and we were green and yellow!

  • Jean marmo

    Tigers -orange and black

  • Stefanie White

    Great release day! We were the Sabres and our colors were green and white.

  • Linda Decker

    This year I will be celebrating my 50th class reunion. We were the tigers. Our colors were orange and black. Didn’t really like the Halloween color scheme in high school but it makes decorating for reunions easy. All kinds of orange and black paper products on sale after Halloween.

  • Meghan Kennihan

    Another great release day! LOVE THOSE CHICKS! My mascot was a LION and we were BLUE AND YELLOW

  • LizD

    Warhawk thru and thru. Green and white were our colors. That’s our business colors even today so my husband wears them everyday, me I change it up.

  • KathyJH

    The screaming eagles and our colors were green and gold!
    Great release today – love those chicks and inky finger sets ❤️

  • Anne Sturgeon

    I graduated a Mona Shores, sailor, blue & white. Being there only a year and a half. My junior high and two years of Senior high, I was a Heights Tiger, orange & black. Loving this new release. It is hard to pick a favorite.

  • Cynthia Evanoff

    “ohhh, we’re the KNIGHTS of Oak Creek High School,we will always do our best…” Blue and White fierce Knight. I was in pep band and could probably still clarinet the tune. Graduated in ’70.

  • Luann

    We were the Broncos and the colors were Royal Blue and White

  • Teresa Godines #6857

    High School was so long ago… We are the Hill men and a the colors are Green and Gold

  • Carri L Daugherty

    I was a Yellow Jacket! Our colors were also orange and black!

  • Gramma Dee

    I don’t remember a mascot from when I was in high school, but the school colours (grey, maroon & gold) were the same (same school) for my kids in high school, and at that time all the teams were called Crusaders. They didn’t have a dress up mascot, but the image on the gym walls and on their crests was of a knight.

    Love all the school and grad themed items, but I think my favorite from today’s sneak was Sarcasti-chicks stamps and dies.

  • Amy Cooley

    Gosh, you’re really making me think on this one! I went to a small Baptist school and we were the Crusaders. Our colors were blue and yellow. I had 13 people in my graduating class.

  • Dee Earnshaw

    fun new products – we didn’t have mascots / colors in England when I was growing up !!

  • Gayle Bartholomew

    This really is a blast from the past, graduated in 1968! We were the Tigers and orange and black were our colors.

  • Amy McClintock

    Go Tigers! Our colors were black and gold, but it’s been a while!

  • Victoria J Lundstrom

    High school was bluejays and blue and white the color

  • Kelsey Thomas

    We were the Chiefs and our colors were yellow and blue.

  • Karen Baldwin

    We were the Southwest Indians! They were one of the first in the country to change their name – by vote of the student body. They are now the Southwest Lakers. Our colors were then and remain purple and white.
    Great release, Taylor!

  • Evelyn

    The Warriors – purple and gold.

  • Leanne S

    Beautiful cards! Love the framed die sentiment.

  • Gail Shurbutt

    We were the Yellow Jackets and our colors were Purple and Gold. . .I grew up in SC, moved to ATL and married a Yellow Jacket from GA Tech! Gooooo Jackets!

  • Kate Haynie

    The cardinals – red & white.

  • Denise Spruill

    Panther and red & black. Geneva High School, Geneva N.Y

  • Janet Cobb

    We were the Sissonville Indians and our colors were red and black.

  • storymusicgirl

    PIO-NEE-RS! in red, white, and blue (Yup. I can’t remember my kids’ names half the time, but I still remember high school cheers. *facepalm*)

  • Mutzy Mia

    My colors were navy blue and orange and we were the panthers.

  • Karen Harris

    Orange, Black, and White….Go, Tigers!
    Love the “Brimming with Love” collection.

  • Becky Jones

    My mascot was the Little Cyclones (Ames) and my colors were orange and black!

  • Lori V

    The Braves-Blue and White!

  • Paula L Williams

    The Ankeny Hawks – Maroon & Gold we love our colors keep them ever high – Once a Hawk always a Hawk!! 🙂

  • Kat Bognich

    Mascot was Westside Warriors (Indian warrior) and colors were red, white, black

  • Allison Gipes

    Our mascot was a Redskin and our colors were maroon and gold. Oh! And I Love the inky fingers and bubble greeting!

  • Mary Jensen

    Our mascot was a Kilowatt and our colors were maroon and gold. Oh my I am going to have a hard time choosing what to order! I love it all!!

  • Pat C.

    Our mascot was the Tomcat, colors were red and black.

  • Ashley M

    We were the Midgets and our colors were royal blue and white!

  • Connie G

    We were the Bulldogs with green and white. Love the products today again! The funny parenthood sentiments made me chuckle.

  • Julia D.

    More wonderful projects and new products! My school mascot at Washington HS was a Warrior and the colors were red, white, and blue. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  • Deb B

    my high school mascot was a mustang and my school colors were royal blue and silver with kelly green and white accents

  • Tricia Ehart

    We are the Patriots- of course the colors havee to be red, white & blue!!
    P what? P South!!!!!

  • Faina

    Can I be equally excited about day 2 if there are no mascots or school colours here?? Greetings from Berlin 😉

  • Linda Shirley

    Our school mascot were the Eagles and our colors were Blue and Gold

  • Surekha Galagoda

    The famous Mascot during our school days was Ma on teh Indian Airlines logo. My school color was green while the house color was yellow. love it as the products cater to all ages. tc

  • Sandie Obrin

    My high school mascot is the Colts and our colors are black and white. 45th class reunion this year! Woo Hoo!

  • Diane Walls

    We were the Mauldin Mavericks, and our colors were similar to yours…Orange and Brown. Woo Hoo!! Good Times and Good Memories!! “Let’s Go Mavericks!!” Followed With a High Kick and a Split…Lol!!

  • Carol B

    We were the Bobcats and colors were blue & white.

  • Georgia Henson

    My high school is the Oilers and our colors are maroon and gold. I still like that combo – memories of those fall colored chrysanthemums at a homecoming game. 🙂

  • Julie

    We were the Rams and our colors were royal blue and white.
    The Sarcastic-chicklets are great!

  • Beth KS

    My high school mascot was the Thunderbirds and our colors were black, white, and yellow. We looked like bumblebees! Worse yet, the female athletes were called “Thunderettes!”

    College was definitely better. Our mascot was Freddy Falcon and the colors were red and white.

  • Mary-Anne V

    Wow I am being blown away with this release. My high school mascot was the Eagle and our colours were green and gold.


    We were the Cougars and our school colors were garnet and gold.
    Awesome release and great inspirational projects.

  • Deb W.

    Even though my alma mater has been gone for many years, I can still here the fight song in my head, “V-I-K-I-N-G-S – Go Vikings Go!” The purple and gold colors will always bring back wonderful memories of friends and all the times we spent hanging out together.

  • Meg

    I started college at 15 instead of high school, but we were The Hornets, blue and gold. Our mascot was Buzzy (the Hornet). Hehehe.

    Really loving everything in this new release- so excited for Thursday!

  • Cyndi Morris

    This is definitely a blast from MY past, but I remember it well! My high school mascot was the Knights and our colors were scarlet and blue (would you like to hear the fight song?). I’m loving this release — something for everyone.

  • Cheri

    Washington Demons – black and orange – Graduated in 63 and lived across from the FB field, that still has a huge “Home of the Demons” sign!

  • chris dubois

    Why did I not see the chicklets coming – so cute!D

    We were the Indians – colors – black and gold

  • Niki L

    So many fun products!! We were the Panthers and our colors were Red and Black!

  • Kari S

    We were the Panthers! Black and red.


    We were the Fliers & our colors were green & gold.

  • Janet

    We were the Crusaders and our colors were red and white. Can’t wait to see the stamp set that Gayatri early sneak peeked today on her card!

  • Arianna Barbara

    I’m Italian and here schools don’t have a mascot and colours school.

  • Kelly

    Go EAGLES!!! We were green and white. Gosh, it’s been almost 38 years, I still live in the same town and we attend the art and music events and sometimes the games.

  • Denise Cooley

    We were also orange and black, Taylor! I still love those colors. We weee the Mighty Fighting Orioles from Hartford, Wisconsin

  • Terrie D.

    These cards are wonderful! I love the star fall background stamp. 🙂 My high school mascot was the Crimson Tide (I have no idea why it was a tidal wave or where that came from!) and our colors were red and white.

  • Deb Schuster

    Mascot was the Bobcats and colors were red and black.?

  • Mary Faith

    I was a Pirate! Aarrrr?. And our school colors were bue and white.

    On another note. I am loving the mason jar flower vase. Plus the sentiments are wonderful!

  • Claudia G

    I loved HS! We were the hurricanes and purple and white were our colors! Love your new releases!

  • Lynn C.

    Our colors were maroon and gray, and we were the Indians.

  • Michele K. Henderson

    My high school mascot is a Cardinal, and its colors were red and white!

  • Susan Weida

    We were the MHS Bobcats.. Blue and Red… Nearly 31 years ago.

  • Isabel Z

    Our school colors were blue and gold but we didn’t have a mascot but we didn’t have a mascot. Now I wonder why?

  • Denise Bryant

    So much to see this morning! Love the new stamps and dies!
    At my high school, we were the Warriors. Purple and gold were the school colors.

  • Sherry

    We were the Wildcats, colors were green and white. Definitely a blast from the past – hard to believe I graduated 38 years ago!

  • Sobia S

    The Eagles – blue and gold

  • SueinMtVernon

    We were the Fort Hunt Federals and our “mascot” was a cannon! We proudly wore the colors of green and white.
    (Trivia – Hoda Kotb attended to my high school!)

  • Karen W.

    Spartans and we were purple and gold!


    We were the broncs and our colors were blue and gold. 1968. I did not remember and had to ask my husband!

  • Kimberly Cook

    Well since my 25 year reunion is coming up I believe next year or the following…my school colors were red and white and the Chiefs was our mascot. And I have come back full circle because I live near my old high school, again.

  • Cindi Flass

    Mine were the Saints (Catholic school) and the colors were purple and gold.

  • Lynn T

    High School mascot was Tigers and colors were Orange & Black.

  • Lori Kobular

    I am loving all the new stamp sets! My high school mascot was the green dragon and our colors were green and white. I went to the Brick Township High School in NJ and were the Dragons!!

  • Heather S

    Blast from the past indeed! I went to a small town school in rural Alberta, Canada and our High School teams were the Titans – green and white. I graduated 44 years ago – never played any sports in school. Even then I much preferred more creative things than chasing after a ball of some shape or color. LOL I love what I’m seeing in this new release Taylor!

  • KimKas

    I love the Brimming with Love collection. The more whimsical flowers will be fun to use – coloring in the leaves & blooms with a variety of techniques. So very lovely.

    • KimKas

      My school: Edsel Ford High School right in the heart of Fordland. The Thunderbird was our mascot with school colors of Black & White. I have worked across the street from my old stomping grounds for 31 years … it truly is a small world.

  • Angie Van Corler

    I graduated from Urbana high school in Urbana, Ohio and we were the Hillclimbers! We were Maroon and gold!

  • Martha Acord

    We were the Bulldogs. Our colors were red and white. Go Ottumwa High Class of 68!!

  • Nicole Ligaard Jensen

    I attended the Abraham Lincoln HS in San Francisco CA and we were known as the Mighty Mustangs. Our colors were Red and Yellow (or Gold) 🙂
    Wow, that’s a blast from the far past.. hehehe

  • Avra N Williams

    “The Technicians” – green and white…40 years this June!

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