• Mel H

    Sadly, only three. Mexico, Canada and the Bahamas. I love this release, and very excited about the new Mr and Mrs die.

  • Lori B

    I’ve been to Canada, Mexico & last fall we went to beautiful Ireland.

  • Chris L

    I have only been to one other country–Mexico! I have been to like 10 other states though!

    Just wanted to say I love this release, my list is long for this release!

  • Helen F

    I love this new release. So many great new ‘goodies’ Wonderful to see these sentiment sets to match the main stamp /die sets! I have been extremely lucky to have travelled quite a lot. In my younger days I did a bus tour of Europe and England so that accounted to 10 countries and then I’ve been to another 8 since. The best thing is the amazing people you get to meet!

  • Bindi Rex

    I live in Australia and have only been to Bali in 2007…there’s quite a few I’d like to visit in the future but we’ll see. I just loooove the April releases….I want them all lol

  • Andrea B

    I’ve really been enjoying the sneak peeks! I’ve traveled to two countries: Canada and Aruba. I hope to add more to my list someday!

  • Kari S

    9 and i have a few others on my list!

  • Jean Marmo

    I have been to Canada, Mexico, France, Germany.

  • Carla Hundley

    I’ve been to the
    Bahamas, St. Thomas
    Virgin Islands, and
    Costa Rica.
    Carla from Utah

  • Beverly Perdue

    I’m making a long wishlist. Love the sweet couple sitting on the bench in the Love Story set. I’ve been to Mexico and Barbados.

  • Diane Anthony

    Three–Canada, Germany, Austria. And I was lucky enough to join my sister in a trip to Hawaii, which isn’t “out” of the country, but a bit “outside” it. 🙂

  • Heidi H

    The new release is amazing! Two countries – Canada and Guatemala. Northern MN is not that far from Canada, and Guatemala was a mission trip!

  • Laura P

    Mexico and Canada. I need to get out more!

  • Stefanie White

    Great release day! I’ve been to 2: Canada and Mexico. My dream is to increase that number!!

  • Stacy H.

    I’ve never been out of the country but keep saying that I would love to go to Australia when it’s winter here and summer there since I hate the cold weather with a passion!

  • Dana M

    Fantastic new products and gorgeous projects! I’ve been to 5 countries: Canada, Mexico, England, France and Germany.

  • LC Lamothe

    I’ve been to 8 countries. Wish it were more. I love travelling! Hope you’ll come visit Canada soon.

  • Tamera Gullett

    Just Canada to get on a cruise to Alaska.

  • Emma Sleppy

    Thanks to cruising, we’ve been a few places if only for a day or two. Spain, Italy, France, Mexico, Most of the Caribbean Islands, Vanawatu Islands in the Pacific… Canada (Niagara Falls). Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Maria Calpe

    France, England, Mexico, Canada, Philippines – that makes 5! I love the new release and can’t wait until tomorrow!

  • Denise Bryant

    Wonderful creations to show off the new products!
    My answer is only 1… I’ve been to Mexico! I am not much of a traveler!

  • Kathleen Ann Robinson

    I’ve only traveled to 2 other countries. I’m retired now and hope to do a little more traveling.

  • Marisela Delgado

    My mother is from Mexico so we have traveled extensively there. We have also been to Puerto Rico. Awesome beaches.

  • Christine McCallister

    Besides the US, one… and it barely counts. When I was 10 or 11, maybe, we went from Texas into Mexico for maybe an hour or two. Bought a sombrero and a blanket, went back to Texas. No passport, no security check, no real site seeing… just saw a bunch of Mexicans wanting us to come to their table and buy their goods… and calling after us to come back- I can give you a better deal- as we walked away from their table… Crazy!

    • Marisela Delgado

      That’s how they make their living and survive. They are out to make a sale in order to provide for their family.

  • Mary Jensen

    7-Italy, England, Ireland, France, Mexico, Canada, Turks and Caicos Islands

  • Kay Seuferer

    Only been to one other country but hope to travel more in the future!

  • Teresa Mikalouski

    I have been to Canada and the Caribbean! I would love to travel more!

  • Michelle Argumedo

    Good evening,

    I enjoyed shopping today at your release party.

    I really don’t have much traveling to brag about. I’ve only been to three other countries in my long life. Maybe after retiring I can go to a few others.

    Thank you,

  • Amanda rutter

    I have never traveled outside the United States! I love your products they are amazing creativity is endless with your designs ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • stampfoldandrepeat (Jeanie)

    I’ve been to 6 countries in Asia and the Caribbeans 🙂

    Love all the elegant cards today, especially Noriko’s wedding card!

  • Pamela Henkel

    I’ve been to 13 other countries (Canada, Great Britain, Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Egypt). My travel bucket list, in and out of the U.S., is long!

  • Brit Conkey

    We love to travel though mostly stick closer to home! Mexico, Canada and Costa Rica – then all but 3 of the Caribian islands because we love the people and the water!!

  • Larissa Heskett

    SQUEAL!! I LOVE the AMAZING Products and Inspiration shared for today!! I’ve NEVER been outside the USA!! I’d LOVE to travel to Ireland, Iceland and Europe!! ‘D also LOVE to visit Crafty Friends in Canada and Jamaica!! Maybe some day!!?? THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS Release Week!! ❤️

  • Jennifer Petersen

    Loved seeing these new products! I have been blessed to do a little traveling I have been to 14 countries!

  • Pam S

    I’ve only been to Jamaica! Loving this entire release so far. Going to have to cut my list down somehow!

  • Rachel Russell

    I am so excited about this release. I have been to Mexico, Bahamas, & Jamaica. My Mom is retired and has traveled all over the world. I would love to get that opportunity when my kids are older.

  • Janet Ingraham

    I’ve been very blessed. SEVEN!!

  • Georgia Henson

    I visited Canada and Mexico with my family as a child. I’m so thankful that I joined a trip to Europe with my roommates right after college, because we covered a lot of territory: England, Ireland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Greece.

  • Mary-Anne V.

    What a wonderful day of amazing products. I love the Colour MY world stamp set. I have been to 4 countries but hope to go to more!

  • Noreen

    Canada and Mexico. I love the egg background on Gayatri’s stork card!

  • Jackie Lemon

    I am loving the stork and bubbles – baby. Wish I had more babies arriving in the family. As for travel, I’ve crossed over into Canada just because I was there on the border. I’ve cross over to Mexico for a little 1 day shopping. I don’t think those count, but I did go to the Bahamas. I’m not very adventurous.

  • Shartl

    Wow that floral
    Card is beautiful and I love the baby designs. I’ve been to a lot of states but only one other country.

  • Amy Cooley

    I’ve never traveled to another country.

  • Laura Casselman

    Congratulations on this great release! I have been to Canada, Mexico, Italy, England and Scotland. I want to go back and also to other places. Thanks!

  • Ruth Dupchen

    I have only been to Canada but I have visited many different parts of the country often.

  • Bernadette

    Taylor, I love this release, your Question of the Day, and everyone’s travel stories! I read each one! I’m from Guam. Had high school trip to Taiwan, moved to and lived in US (CA, TX, VA), took church trip to Mexico, married in Bolivia, honeymooned in Brazil and US, back full circle to Guam living with husband, sons, and foster children, 30th wedding anniversary in Saipan. Thank you for the opportunity to win the Flip the Floral Stamp and coordinating Die!

  • karenladd

    Love this new stamps and dies and I’ve been to Mexico and Canada

  • Janet

    I’ve been to Canada and Japan. The world stamps are great and the inside scoop-baby sentiments are sweet.

  • Denise Spruill

    2, Canada and Mexico

  • Karen Baldwin

    I have been to two other countries – Canada and Mexico. Both many years ago. I have not been on an airplane since prior to 9/11. Not real sure what destination would inspire me to fly again. But, maybe someplace someday.
    Great release, Taylor!

  • Denise Ward

    First of all, the sneak peeks and card inspirations for today are AMAZING!!! It was fun “touring the studio” and see these items in your FB Live post earlier today. 🙂
    Second, I have been to two other countries: Canada and the Bahamas.
    Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway!

  • Diane Morris

    I have been to Canada–to see Niagara Falls, of course. And, I was blessed to travel with a friend to Peru–a life-changing experience. As always, the new stuff is beautiful and fun!

  • Chris

    Been to Mexico and Canada,
    Love the stork with an attitude

  • Karen Harris

    I really like the “Flip the Floral” stamp and die set, the grid background, the Baby bubble greetings, and that stork cracks me up.

    I’ve been to 5 countries (Bahamas, Canada, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands)

  • Cyndi Morris

    I think I’ve visited about 15 countries other than the USA. I saved up and after I retired we took some cruises — one TransAtlantic through the Mediteranean (sp?) countries and one touring western Europe. Both were unforgettable and I highly recomment those cruises — a wonderful way to travel and see the world! Your Flip the Floral set is gorgeous, and I love those background stamps. Amazing release!

  • Carrie W

    ? none… but, I just applied for a passport- so look out world- here I come!! I love the new products!!

  • Faina

    Love to travel and as a European it is generally easier to visit many countries even for a lovely weekend away. I have also managed a few trips to North America and Asia but sooooo many more places I would love to see 🙂

  • Linda Shirley

    Thanks for the ideas for the Buffalo plaid background (i have it but it’s still a virgin stamp?).
    I’ve been to Mexico, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Czech Republic and heading to Canada in a few days.

  • storymusicgirl

    Love all the sets and the DT inspiration today! I’ve only ever been to Canada, but hoping to change that someday. 🙂

  • Gail Shurbutt

    Have been to Israel, Greece, France, Great Britain, Wales, Ireland, Switzerland, Japan. I’m truly excited about these amazing offerings you have. . .ready to shop!!!

  • Claudiag

    Love these new stamps and dies!

  • Monica Talbott

    Love everything in the new release……have traveled to Mexico and Canada

  • karenajo

    Fantastic new products. Love the floral flip roses and the possibilities! Outside of the United Sates, I have only been to Canada but would like to go other places – passport is ready whenever I can go!

  • Daria Zender

    This has been my fave day of the release – so many things for my wish list!! Absolutely love the Flip the Floral stamp set – thanks for a chance to win. I have only traveled to Canada and Mexico so far.

  • Anne Sturgeon

    Been to Canada and did an Eastern Caribbean cruise. Never left the ship at any of the stops! Love our USA and plan to spend my hard earned money in this country. I am loving today’s peeks. Especially the anniversary one.

  • Connie G

    Only 2 for me. Canada, Mexico. Love Heather’s card with the Mr.& Mrs and the framed roses die. Also all the baby sets are perfect. Becoming a first time grandma in May!

  • Jennifer Lauria

    I’ve been to 3…Mexico, Honduras and Belize. It was on my honeymoon cruise. ❤ Hope to see Italy someday!

  • KathyJH

    I have been to 12 – Canada, Ireland, Scotland, England, Mexico, Bonaire, Honduras, Belize, St Thomas, St Maarten, Bahamas, Caymans. (Lots of dive trips!)
    Great release! I love those map stamps! Your design team has done a fantastic job – as always!

  • Mary Anderson

    The only country I’ve ever visited is Canada. A beautiful place to visit. I *love* the die Love Story and the Inside Scoop -Anniversary stamp set! Beautiful! Smile BIG! 🙂

    Mary from NH

  • Lynne Ward Wallace

    I have been to Korea, Japan, China, Mexico, Canada, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, France, and all over the Carribean. I have been lucky enough to travel for business and pleasure. I really love this release, I will need several of the beautiful stamps and dies.

  • Kathy J in Ellicott City

    I have been to England, Scotland, France, Germany, Spain, Gibraltar, Austria & Mexico. That makes 8! Love the new release.

  • Isabel Z

    Let’s see…Spain, Scotland, and Venezuela. So that makes three.

  • Marilyn M

    Canada, Mexico, The Bahamas, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • LizD

    I’ve been to Canada for a few hours and that’s about all. Pretty much a homebody sad to say. Been to a few other states and Hawaii.

  • Leanne S

    Three. Canada is next.

  • Karen W.

    Sadly, zero even though I was born outside the US!

  • Deb Schuster

    I have visited England and France, but would love to visit some of the tropical, beach places! Love all the new releases!

  • Carol B

    Have only visited my neighbors to the north and south. Top of my wish list is to visit Seaham, England. Lovely release, looking forward to tomorrow!

  • Michelle Hruska

    I love this release!!! Of course, I love all Taylored Expressions so why would this time be any different?

    I’ve only been to two: Canada and Mexico

  • Dina C

    I’ve been to Mexico, Jamaica, Aruba, and many other Caribbean islands. I still haven’t been to Europe or Canada though. Perhaps soon. I may go to Germany with my hubby on a business trip.

  • janet sisk

    Gee. I have to really think about this one. My answer is 7: Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Germany, France, and Bermuda.

  • Allison Gipes

    I’ve been lucky to have been to Mexico, Jamaica, and the Bahamas.

  • Beth Smith

    I’ve never been out of the country – there is still so much here in the United States to see.

  • Beth Kochheiser

    I am very fortunate to have had parents who loved to travel and now a husband who loves it as well. I’ve been to 25 countries outside the US as well as many Caribbean Islands but never Mexico…how strange is that?? Must put it on my list. As everyone else is saying I love this release and am worrying about just how much I will purchase!! Every sneak peek is more exciting than the last. Thanks Taylor.

  • Carolyn Bounds

    I was born in Okinawa, and I have been to the United States, Japan (mainland), and throughout Europe.

  • Kim Fasan

    I have been to Mexico, Canada, St. Thomas and Saint Martin, and can’t wait to travel to other places. What a beautiful world we live in!

  • Martha Acord

    I have never traveled outside of the US!

  • Maggie Ludwig

    I have been to Bermuda, Jamaica, Mexico, Italy, France, Switzerland and many places is our good old USA. Right now my husband and I are researching Australia and New Zealand for a 30th wedding anniversary trip.
    There are so many new awesome releases!!!!!! Happy Hump Day!!!

  • Heather S

    Taylor, as a Canadian I must say this – you really do need to visit this amazing country! Besides numerous trips across my homeland, I have visited 10 other countries that I can think of. We have enjoyed numerous trips that have taken us from east to west across the USA – plus, we are snowbirds so spend our winters in Arizona; we honeymooned in Australia and revisited this awesome country a couple of years ago; spent 6 weeks in New Zealand (an absolute gem of a country, in spite of the rather major earthquake we experienced); and, while enjoying a few different cruises, we have spent time in Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Columbia, Panama and Turks & Caicos. We are blessed indeed.
    Love so many things in this new release! It will be tough to limit my choices!!!

  • Gizelle M. Jacobs

    2-Mexico and Canada

  • Gramma Dee

    How many countries have I visited? Home country is Canada. Taylor, you should really come up and give us a visit! If we are counting just a day trip (on a cruise), then I have been to quite a few countries. I counted up to 20, but could have missed some. As for actually VISITING countries ( a stay of a week or more), the list is shorter: USA, Australia, New Zealand, China, and Denmark.

    My favorite parts of this peek are the world map pieces, the grid stamp, and the Anniversary stamps and dies. Love the diecut of the couple on the bench and the sentiment about sharing more sunsets. My fingers are itching to ink the background and create that card!

  • Linda Sodano

    I’ve been to at least 8 countries. England, France, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas. I’ve seen alot of the U.S. too. I love to travel!

  • Michelle Woodrum

    I’ve stayed here in the states.
    I’m loving the releases. My daughter is a geography major, so the world stamp is in the future. Plus the wedding stamps will come in handy since I help coordinate a lot of weddings.

  • Cynthia Evanoff

    I have taken two cruises around the Caribbean ,France, Germany and Switzerland. I can not wait until Thursday A.M.

  • Arianna Barbara

    I’ve been to England, France, Spain, Czech Republic and Germany (I’m Italian).

  • Sue Symens

    Beautiful projects and stamps! I have been to 3, Canada, Mexico and the Dominican republic.

  • Cindi Flass

    I’m a homebody so just Mexico when I was in college 🙂

  • Nicole Ligaard Jensen

    Europe: Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Sweden, Ireland
    Asia: Bangladesh
    USA: East and Westcoast

  • Sue Baker

    In 2016, I was blessed to take a Baltic cruise with some family members. So that trip added about six countries to my previous list of one which is Canada. I so want to travel to all the places in the world!

  • Jessica Bavier

    Another awesome day of peeks! Loving the wedding, anniversary and baby stuff!! I’ve only been to Canada when I was a baby. No other countries for me.

  • Debbie Rumpza

    Loving this release! My fave so far is the sentiment set. I’ve been to only two countries besides my birth country: Japan and Canada!

  • Angie Van Corler

    I have been to Jamaica, Canada, Mexico and US! This new release is going to cost me– too many that I love!!!

  • Mary Faith

    I’ve only been to one country; Canada.

  • Julia D.

    Ack! I love this release! And all the samples from the designers are wonderful. I’ve been to four countries – England, France, Luxembourg, and Germany. Thank you for the chance to win!

  • Vicki Woebbecke

    I have been to 15 countries between choir tours, vacations, and 3 cruises. I do love to buy stamps and travel and it’s a battle which one I spend more $$$ on. ?

  • Cheri

    This whole April release is AMAZING (as always)! #wantitall #havetochoose
    I’ve been to Canada, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Switzerland. So many more I’d like to go to someday!

  • Terrie D.

    This is such a wonderful release! These cards are beautiful and I just love the flip the floral stamp set and die. 🙂 I have been to 13 countries. Wow! That sounds like a lot when I add them all up! My family took a lot of vacations as I was growing up and besides camping all over the US, we went to Mexico, Canada, Guatemala and Venezuela. I was also lucky enough to attend a semester of college in Spain and I visited a lot of countries nearby as well. My husband and I got married in 2017 but never took a honeymoon. We are dreaming of going to Ireland someday as a late honeymoon/anniversary trip. 🙂

  • Carri L Daugherty

    none! I have never been out of the country. I hope to someday though!

  • Kelsey Thomas

    I’ve never been out of the country.

  • Becca Yahrling

    I have been to Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Canada as well as the Eastern Caribbean.
    And for next year’s vacation, we are hoping to go to Italy; we’ve never been anywhere in
    Europe. I love the grid with the plaid … perfect together. Great release!

  • Niki L

    Oh! I love the buffalo plaid background!! I have been all over Europe (France, England, Italy, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland), to Australia and New Zealand! I would love to go to Hawaii, Ireland and Egypt- definitely going there someday!

  • Deb W.

    I am not a world traveler…yet. We hope to see the world after retirement next year. I have been to Mexico, just across the border by bus to shop on a day trip. Italy and Greece are first on my bucket list!! Love the new stamps!!!

  • Diane B

    I think about 10 countries and a lot of Caribbean Islands

  • Kelly Kuharik

    These are all so beautiful!! I’ve been to two other countries besides the US, Canada and Mexico!

  • Sharon Brand

    Only two countries for me (so far) England and Canada.
    Italy is on my bucket list!

  • Susan Engblom

    I have been to 2 countries, but dream of going to Ireland and England. Taylor, thank you so much for the anniversary stamp set. So hard to find text for this special day.

  • Lynn T.

    I’ve been to 2 countries, Mexico and Scotland. Lovely release. Thanks!

  • Susan Weida

    Believe it or not I have never been outside of the United States! So much to love with all of the new releases!!!

  • Luann

    I have been to Mexico and to Haiti and Canada (part of Alaskan cruise). Great products in your new release!

  • Linda Decker

    I have been to 2 countries Canada ?? and Mexico ?? day trips only.

  • Sue D

    My answer is a big fat Zero.

  • Tammy Federspiel

    I have been to 3 other countries: Canada, Mexico and Turks and Caicos which is a British Territory

  • Ashley M

    I have been to 2 other countries….Jamaica and Mexico. I hope to add to that list!


    I have been to Canada (many places in Canada), Mexico, Panama, Fiji, Cook Islands, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Belize, and Anguilla. I would love to go to Italy.

  • Denise Cooley

    Seven countries soon to be eight! I love Ireland, have been there twice. I was lucky enough to be able to take my son with once and had the pleasure of taking my daughter to Rome, Italy. Those two trips were very special!

  • Meghan Kennihan

    Good Question… 4…. Mexico, Italy, Ireland, Vienna… I haven’t been to Canada either!!! I love the baby stamps in this release!

  • Victoria J Lundstrom

    Most travel has been in US but have gone to Canada few times

  • Michelle Uhlenhake

    This one made me think….. I think 4…Mexico, Canada, Australia, Singapore. I got to go to the Australian Open while in Australia…that was sooooo cool!

  • Sherry

    I’ve been to Canada – just a quick drive from Michigan. I’ve also been to the Dominican and Mexico. I have a few other places that are on my bucket list. Hopefully I’ll be able to check them off once I retire, if not sooner.

  • Evelyn

    I have been to Mexico and Canada.

  • deb b

    I have been across the border to mexico!

  • Kimberly Cook

    Before I answered this, I had to google a few of the places I have been ? lol. I have been to Canada ?? (a many of times, living in Michigan gives you the ability to go often) and the Bahamas ??. I’m getting more and more excited for this release!

  • Beth KS

    I went to Canada when I was a kid and to the Bahamas for a friend’s wedding many years ago. Apparently I need to get out more! LOL

  • Sandie Obrin

    None! Never had the time or money! Love traveling within these wonderful United States!

  • SherryG

    I have had the pleasure of visiting six other countries. My favorite was England, and I hope to return someday. The new release is wonderful, and I’m looking forward to using some of the sets.

  • Ginny Larsen

    The new flower cut out looks like a great addition to a stamp collection. I have been to 15 countries.

  • Daisy

    Traveled to Mexico & Canada but would love to visit more countries – maybe Germany & Italy.
    Thanks for another great release!

  • Leslie

    I’ve been to Canada and 7 Caribbean islands (they count, right?)
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Julie B.

    I have been to 12 other countries. My husband’s men’s league hockey team traveled to Europe to play for fun several times. Those trips took us to Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Liechtenstein. It was a great way to experience other cultures. We even rode the bobsled on the Olympic track in Austria! Hopefully more world travel is on the horizon as we are now empty nesters.

  • Deepa Earnshaw

    Been to most of the Western European countries, Tunisia, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean Islands – love traveling:)

  • Susan Lang

    Aruba, St Martins, Bahamas, Nassau, Mexico, Canada, Ireland. The majority have beautiful beaches! What a great release so far. So many products have caught my eye. My wish list is getting long. Great job!


    I’ve only been to two other countries: Mexico & Canada. Love this new release. So many great stamps for various occasions.

  • Avra N Williams

    I’ve been to Canada many times. Also Mexico, Jamaica, Honduras, any other islands that have been on our cruise itineraries. My kids have both been to Europe (and my daughter to Israel)…Mom and Dad need to do more traveling!

  • Laurie Brown

    Love the new grid background-background stamps are my weakness. Have been to Mexico and Canada. Would love to go to France or Ireland someday!!!!

    • Gail Shurbutt

      Laurie – you would love both countries. Let me encourage you to visit Ireland in early summer. The people are very friendly and the countryside is breathtaking. Driving is an adventure, but worth the effort! France is beautiful seen by a river cruise. . .you stop in Fairytale-like towns and get to see them up close and personal.

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