• Karen Page

    We have our own pool, and I love the first day of the season that we let the dogs and kids in. Living in GA, we have to winterize the pool during the late fall and winter, and then all spring we wait for the temperature to rise enough for safe swimming, which usually isn’t til May. The dogs get to go in a little sooner because of their fur, and I normally do that when the kids are in school to keep them from being disappointed! This season we really kicked off the summer with a graduation party for my son!!! We’ll remember that day forever 🙂

  • Diane Anthony

    I love relaxing in the evening near a backyard bonfire, sipping a glass of wine. I also love digging in my flowers and having all day to craft if I choose after a busy year at school.

  • Kathy J in Ellicott City

    Since my kids are now grown, or almost, my favorite summer activity is any vacation we take were the kids still come along. This year we are going to the lake.

  • Diane B

    Camping – being from Michigan it is a limited season

  • Linda Sodano

    I love our yearly trips for a week to the seashore!
    This year we have a baby granddaughter so it should be even more fun!

  • Carla Hundley

    Love all these 4th of
    July creations. I enjoy
    our family reunion held
    each year in June.
    Carla from Utah

  • Chris L

    My favorite summer activity is making homemade ice cream!

  • Janet Sisk

    This summer is a little different from my “normal” summers. This coming Saturday my youngest daughter is getting married! We traveled 14 hours away from home to be here for her this week. It is so exciting! I can’t wait for the actual wedding on Saturday. 😀

  • Sue D

    I like gardening in the summer.

  • Janet Christensen

    My favorite summer activity is doing the morning crossword on the deck with my husband while we drink coffee.

  • Gilda

    Love, love the release today. Everything is on my wish list. My favorite summer activity is being with kids and grand-kids whenever possible.

  • Lisascreativeniche

    Our large family vacation is always the best! There is nothing better than getting away for a week.

  • Emma H

    My favourite summer activity is staying in doors in the AC ha ha. When I’m somewhere more temperate then an outdoor concert with a picnic is lovely.

  • Dena Cloud

    My favorite summer things are grilling out, going to the movies in the park, planting flowers, and family trips to amusement parks and zoos. 🙂

  • Nancy Dempsey

    My favorite summer activity is spending lots more time with my grandsons. Since school is out and days are longer we find ourselves with more opportunities for having fun!

  • kathleen dumpert

    One of my Favorite activities to do in the summer is going to the beach with family & friends.

  • Stampfoldandrepeat (Jeanie)

    My favorite summer activity is making iced coffee haha. Love that stuff!!

  • Jeannie F

    I love the floral background! My family takes a vacation to the beach every summer. I love watching my grown kids with their kids! So fun!

  • Cindy G

    My favorite summer activity is getting up early in the morning for a walk or gardening. It’s quiet, the temperature is cool & comfortable, and the air has a clean, “new day” kind of smell.

  • Judy Kelly

    My favorite summer activity is hanging out around the fire pit with my family and friends, talking, eating roasted marshmallows, and avoiding the mosquitos.

  • Mary-Anne V

    My favourite thing to do is visit my family and friends in Canada. Great 0striotic cards and beautiful flowers today.

  • Andre M.

    Lovely range of projects shared today, my fave are the wildflowers. My fave summer activity is camping with our Girl Scouts.

  • Jessica Monte

    my favorite part of summer is softball and base ball season. love going to the pool with my baby

  • Teresa Mikalouski

    Going to my sister’s house and swim in her pool. Just love it!

  • Judy Hodgerson

    Just love spending time on the deck enjoying the weather during summer.

  • Sheila A

    My favorite summer activity is spending time with my daughter, picnics, and crafting.

  • Marisela Delgado

    I love being outdoors. I love reading during the summer months and travelling.

  • yvonne m

    I love when we bbq and hang out at the beach.

  • Jennifer Petersen

    More time with my kids is my favorite part of summer, we celebrate with BBQ pizza nights, kayaking and gardening!

  • Donna Kay

    Family Picnics, getting everyone together eating, having water balloon toss, egg toss, three legged race and end the day with a volleyball game. then you are so tired the next day! but what fun it was.

  • Chris DuBois

    Love beach vacations, watching grandson play baseball, and GRANDPARENT CAMP WEEK! This year I will have them making cards for Share the Joy (as well as their dad’s September birthday) and this release is perfect for that, fleece blankets for a church project that gives blankets to children who have little to keep them warm, and we will have to have some fun days for fishing and movies etc.

  • Carol W.

    Well since it’s just about always summer in south Florida it’s hard to say a favorite, but I love taking my 5 year old to the water park!

  • Kim K.

    Summer is the time for gardening & BBQs – every day all through the summer 🙂 But, I must get in some stamping with all these great TE June Release things! Love the new liquid watercolor ink. Can’t get enough of those.

  • KathyJH

    In then summer – you can find me in the water or doing some hiking or taking the grandkids to the park! And I love the reappearance of all the green!
    The video was great – love that card! Excited about the sneak peak!

  • storymusicgirl

    We love just relaxing and not having to do official school (homeschoolers). If we can get to the beach or host friends for s’mores nights…even better! 🙂

  • Denise Bryant

    Awesome cards! Love all the fun stamps and dies!
    Looking forward to some time at Lake Tahoe this summer!

  • Anne Sturgeon

    Adore the patriotic theme. Loads of great designs. We do love our summer bbq’s We have acquired two new. Granddaughters so I am adding a kids swimming pool. Can’t wait, come on summer!

  • Tracy

    In the summer I love to garden! Just putter around, deadhead, take photos of the plants, move them around. Anything to get me out and enjoying the flowers.

  • Heather Mills

    God Bless America!!! Love the patriotic theme today!! What I most look forward to in the summer is the warm weather!! I just love having the windows open and a warm breeze blowing in and a break from school as I am a homeschooling mom of three!

  • Jean Marmo

    Favorite summer activity – lounging at the lake with a good book!

  • Mel H

    I love this wildflower stamp. My favorite activity is always our family vacation!

  • Kari S

    My favorite summer activity is going to the park with my kids. We head out pretty early and have fun before it gets too hot.

  • Susan Weida

    My favorite summer activity is spending time at our Scout Reservation. It’s my favorite place on earth! It’s so peaceful there even if there are several hundred Scouts around. I can’t wait to start creating!!! I love all of the new releases!

  • Noreen

    It can get pretty warm here in the summer, so I don’t do a whole lot over the summer. But I’ve always loved to celebrate the 4th of July! Love your new patriotic items.

  • Vicki Dillon

    My favorite thing in the summer is working with my garden and my flowers!

  • Ruth Dupchen

    Since we moved to Delaware my favorite summer event is going to the Delaware State Fair for the 10 days that it is here. Never in my life did I ever want to go to a state fair but when we moved to this state we tried it because it is only about 20 minutes from our home. There is just so many things to do and everyday has some new things to see along with some of my favorites. Best of all I love to watch the pig races. First they race the big fat slow pigs, then the little quick baby pigs. You get to pick a pig to win. It is so much fun to watch and listen to the stories the announcer tells about the pigs. Next I enjoy playing the Family Feud each evening where everyone who plays wins a prize such as a tee shirt, hat, or a whole shopping bag of things if you are the longest lasting person to not be eliminated. Looking forward to the fair!

  • Linda Shirley

    We have a lake home that is in northern MN which is a gathering place for family and friends. In fact, next week we are having a girls getaway for “Stamp Camp”. Friends that play together, stay together!

  • Evelyn

    My two favorites to go to in the summer are Ravinia (a music venue) and the Botanic Garden. Love both of them, and because they are an hour away I don’t get there as often as I like. Of course, spending time with family in the summer is the best part!

  • Deb F

    Being able to spend more time at Longwood Gardens. The nighttime fountain shows are spectacular. I try to get to as many of them as possible.

  • Victoria

    Spending the summer at our cottage in Michigan UP. Beautiful lake, great friends, peaceful Christian conference association.

  • Tamera Gullett

    Watching hot air balloons in the sky.

  • Debra Davis

    We take our 2 boys and the wives and 4 grandkids and go to the air show together in Oshkosh Wisconsin for a week! We love the family time the grandkids have gone every year since they were born!

  • Susan Engblom

    Love to visit my 3 granddaughters for their birthdays. Lots of outdoor activities.

  • Beverly Perdue

    I always look forward to our big family get together on the 4th of July at the lake. We have a cookout and then watch fireworks on the water and eat popcorn. So much fun!! This year my granddaughters will be there. Love the flag and the stencil background!

  • COnnie G

    Without a doubt our backyard pool parties! The night time ones are the best!

  • Judy Tuck

    Power walking in the warm sunshine is my favourite summer activity.

  • Gail Shurbutt

    My favorite summertime activity is working in my flower garden. We have a walled courtyard outside our home with a large pergola, which provides an outside dining area. Working in the garden in the early morning and enjoying a meal outside in the evening with our family sure is satisfying! Love the Wildflower Background stamp – can’t wait to make lots of note cards using this product!


    Summer means stamp convention! It is about an 1 1/2 hours away, but is the only one around. Hope to see you & your booth at the convention again at the end of June in Collinsville.

  • Karen

    Working in my garden is my favorite summer activity.

  • Barbara Tennigkeit

    Corn on the cob with butter and homemade potato salad. Summer foods that are fresh are the best

  • Michelle Nicholas

    My favorite summer activity is our local county fair. My kids are in 4-H, so I enjoy watching them share their projects and having fun at the fair. Both my kids and myself have summer birthdays, so it is also fun celebrating them during the summer!

  • Amanda Rutter

    Love being with my husband on vacations love going to canaberry downs for stamping convention spending weekend with my mom! Along with county fairs!

  • Carol Bates

    Summer favorite is enjoying fresh vegetables from the garden.

  • Debra Bridgewater

    my favorite summer pasttime is getting the floaty out and drifting around the pool!

  • Cheri

    For many years our very good friends had a small lake home and we always joined them for the 4th of July! My job was to bring my homemade potato salad, with grilled meat and a picnic meal on their screened porch. Watching the decorated boats parade prior to fireworks from the beach. But, they have now sold this property so we’ll have to find another way to celebrate the red, white, and blue!
    That new wildflower background is a must have! And I simply live all the red, white and blue new release items! List is long! Wants are there! Shopping time.

  • Larissa Heskett

    My favorite summer activity is going to the Lake with my Family!! I also enjoy BBQ’s and attending the local County Fairs!! LOVE the NEW Products!! Thanks for sharing and have a FABULOUS Release Weekend!!

  • Becky Jones

    Sitting on my deck enjoying adults beverages.

  • Brian Poteraj

    My favorite summer time activity is going camping, when we can. I love to get out in nature.

  • Stacy H.

    As a school teacher, my favorite summer activity is just that: summer! The possibilities for each day are endless.

  • Melanie ott

    Planting flowers and working in my garden

  • Chanda Mullen

    Participating in activities outside and spending time with family and friends!

  • Colleen Dixon

    I like to walk to the ice cream shop in the summer.

  • Becca Yahrling

    We will celebrate the 4th of July with a backyard BBQ at our house this year.
    My family lives within 7 miles of us so we all get together every month taking
    turns at each house. I totally love the wildflower BG stamp!!

  • Karen W.

    Family bike rides, camping, the pool! Love that banner set!!

  • Sharon Gullikson

    Independence Day is my favorite part of summer. I love the flags flying freely, and just about everyone is celebrating our country.
    I LOVE your patriotic stamps, dies, stencils and everything else!!!!!!!!! I bought your fireworks products last you year, and need to make some cards with them!!!!

  • Linda Miller

    Spending a week in Ely, Minnesota in the Boundary Waters. It is pristine, quiet and lovely.

  • Amy J

    Sitting at the edge of the lake during our summer vacation. So beautiful and peaceful!

  • Julia D.

    Love this release! Can’t wait to get my hands on the new products. I’ll be honest, I’m not much for being outside in the summer so I really like staying in the air conditioning and making cards! Thank you for the chance to win!

  • Cyndi Morris

    I love the patriotic themed set and the Wildflower background stamp is gorgeous. I love summer and the longer days! While there’s not one particularly activity we enjoy, I do love spending time with my grandchildren — taking them to the pool and crafting with my 8 year old granddaughter.

  • LeaAnn Carlson

    Summer is grandkids ballgames, farmers markets, hanging at parks/beaches with family, and the Iowa State Fair! The wild flower stamp is calling my name! That will be my first purchase! I cant wait to get my hands on that one! 🙂

  • Isabel Z

    We have a neighborhood block party and it’s a blast!

  • Kimberly Cook

    My favorite summer activity is gardening in our flower ? garden. It is our family activity that we do together.

    I am in love with this whole release so far!!! So excited ? for release day!!!

  • Terri Sandoval

    Anything outdoors when the sun is shining. (and love the longer days)

  • Mary

    Our annual “3rd of July” party!

  • Amanda Bodine

    I go home to visit my parents every July, it’s also my son’s birthday. So we always have a party/picnic and the whole family gets together. That wildflower background takes my breath away and I love the patriotic part stamps/dies and stencils!

  • Terrie D.

    These cards are wonderful! I love how you created your card with the light up the night stencil. 🙂 My favorite summer activity is spending time outside! We have a lot of family gatherings and we always end up sitting outside on someone’s porch enjoying everyone’s company. 🙂

  • Allison

    My favorite summer activity is taking my nephew to a theme park, Santa’s village. I love spending the day with him and seeing the excitement on his face!

  • stampinggrandma

    Spending time with family & friends up north! Fabulous release!

  • karenladd

    Every summer we take our children and grandkids to the lake and mountains for a family vacation. It’s the highlight of the season!

  • Juleen H

    My favorite summer activities include being outdoors enjoying the sunshine at our lake house, reading, crafting, and getting together with friends.

  • Beth Smith

    I look forward to all the fresh fruits and veggies grown here in the San Joaquin Valley of California.

  • karenajo

    Love all the wonderful cards and inspiration on today’s sneak peek! My favorite summertime activity is spending time outdoors gardening and enjoying the warm sunshine!

  • Trina

    My favorite summer activity is the annual family BBQ. Last year we were able to do it twice!
    Cool celebratory and patriotic products today. x

  • Lynda White

    I have worked on a school schedule for years. My greatest summer joys are not having to get up early for work, getting caught up on house tasks, & spending more time in my scrap room.

  • Carrie W

    Gotta say – hanging with my peeps! As a teacher, those peeps keep me grounded and rejuvenate me over the summer! Love the release – did I see one of the armed forces sayings you and I talked about??

  • Angie VC

    My husband and I love to golf in the summer! It has brought us something in common and we both enjoy the outdoors!

  • Pam S

    My favorite thing to do in the summer is get together weekly with my teacher friends who are off for the summer at our favorite store, Busy Scrappin! We’ve even filled out calendars for the summer so we know who’s coming! LOVE the Wildflowers stamp! It’s on my list!

  • Carri daugherty

    I love summer! We live in the pool all summer long. My husband and I take a week long vacation just the 2 of us!

  • Beth KS

    My favorite thing about summer is that both my kids are home from college. We have a lot of family game nights and I just enjoy spending time with them.

  • Ronda

    Summer means lots of sunshine, fresh air, wildlife, family and friends.

  • Amanda W

    My favorite summer activity is spending time outside with my family around the grill ?

  • Sue Baker

    The Stamp & Scrapbook Expo always comes to town at the end of June so that is a highlight of my summer. I hope to enjoy some cookouts and time with friends and family, too!

  • Tracy

    Summer fun for me is watching my granddaughter and gardening, I love playing in the dirt.

  • Amy Cooley

    My favorite summer activity is hanging out with my two boys and enjoying the relaxed schedule.

  • LizD

    My favorite summertime activity is watching my grandkids at all their activities, ballgames, the Warren County fair, swimming lesson. They’re the light of my life. Love the fireworks stencil. It reminds me of the fireworks at our hometown.

  • Meghan Kennihan

    I am a runner and triathlete so I look forward to running and biking outside (I live in Chicago)…. speaking of which… today is GLOBAL RUNNING DAY :)… I’m headed out right now! Then going to come back and relax while I look at all the DTs BEAUTIFUL WORK and decide what I want to buy!

  • annheidel

    I look forward to a relaxed schedule. No school or homework stress. 🙂

  • Sherry

    I like to do anything that’s outside during the summer. We love to go up North but hanging out at home is great too. We go fishing, have bbqs, swimming – they are all my favorites. If its outside in the sun, I’m all for it.

  • Cathy Y

    My favorite thing is watching the beautiful flowers explode into hundreds of colors!

  • Martha Acord

    I love family picnics! My yard and flowers are also a big part of my summer. I enjoy seeing the rewards of working outdoors.

  • Arianna Barbara

    My favorite summer activity is traveling! Can’t wait to spend three weeks in Sardinia on August!


    I love the 4th of July and all the activities that go with it. Street dance, the parades (and candy), mostly the picnics when you can visit with old and new friends.

  • Lynn T

    Definitely gardening – tending to our beautiful rose bushes and growing tomatoes (for BLTs and Taco Salads). Love you the new wildflowers background stamp!!

  • Avra N Williams

    I just love spending time outdoors, as long as it’s not too hot! Bonus if we go on a vacation to Northern Michigan!

  • Daisy

    Love going to the beach with family, fishing at the lake, bbq -ing & relaxing in the AC with a fresh squeezed lemonade when it gets too hot! Love your new release!

  • Laurie Brown

    Wow what gorgeous products!!! Love the fireworks stencil!!! With four boys baseball games are a favorite pastime. Also love grilling and eating fresh fruits and veggies!

  • Carolyn C.

    I love laying in the sun reading a book anywhere.

  • Cynthia Cole

    I look forward to multiple trips to the local Mr. Freeze for some delicious ice cream! That’s my favorite summer activity.

  • Dana M

    Oh what fabulous patriotic products, I don’t typically gravitate to that but love these designs! Oh, those wildflowers are so lovely. I love spending time at the cabin.

  • Julie B.

    We have a very social neighborhood. In the summer I enjoy the evenings sitting on the patio of our house or a neighbor’s enjoying each other’s company, some food and drinks.

  • Jennifer R

    That wild flower background is STUNNING!!! My favourite summer activity is camping at our trailer. Campfires, s’mores and lots of family bonding time away from electronics!

  • Denise Cooley

    I love the Fourth of July. And GOLF any day

  • Anna Swanson

    Going “up north” to spend time around Lake Superior is my favorite summer activity!

  • Gramma Dee

    My favourite summer activity is having the kids and grandkids out here at the farm: watching the little ones playing in the yard, bbq suppers on the covered deck, maybe a drive out to a local lake for swimming. Another highlight is attending the local fairs/exhibitions: the parades, the trade shows, the midway.

  • Brenda B

    My favorite summer activity is watching my grandson’s little league baseball games

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