• Carmela Hubler

    Love the nativity scene dies and the adorable lanterns. Great new products!!

  • Jan Metcalf

    Beautiful nativity scenes, cards are gorgeous! Love the names of the new color papers!

  • Kathy Falk

    This started while I still worked. After work I came home and made soup and scones. We would then drive around our small town and see the Christmas lights. When we got back we read the Christmas story from the scriptures.

  • Kelly Ethridge

    I have a friend that hosts a cookie walk every year. I bake 6 dozen cookies for me and 6 for my mom. Then, we go through the line picking up all the cookies on our platter, go to my mom’s house and package them up in cute gift containers for my mom to give to all her friends! She loves it nd I am sure her friends do also!

  • Anneleise Hampson

    Christmas Eve is our family going to our church service then to the Nursing home where our 3 children listen to their Great Grandmother (104 years young this year) read the Christmas account from the Bible. The next day our family Christmas supper is spent at the Nursing Home with Grandma. Since it is too difficult and cold to bring her out – we go there. The little kids love going to “Grams Home”.

  • Surekha

    Hi friends
    I became a Christian together with my family about three years ago and we always make the tree and put up gifts for my grand daughter and daughter. This year is going to be super special as my daughter who is a single mum studyinga nd working part time as a chef will get her job contract end of this month and have her work visa by December. I just want to Thank Jesus for taking us through this trying period and giving all what we need and keeping us healthy and happy. I am joining tehm in Christchurch New Zealand in December yey yey. I also say tahnk you to each and every crafter for supprting me through this period with beautiful projects love and kindness. It meant tdeh wordld to me and will eb so in teh future,Blessings

  • Linda D

    I attend 6:00 P.M. service and then attend candle light service at 11:00 P.M. Two totally beautiful services that both end by singing Silent Night. This is a tradition I began when we no longer had a family supper on Christmas Eve.

  • Ruth Dupchen

    On Christmas Eve my family would always go to Grandma’s house to eat all of our traditional Polish food. All of our Aunts, Uncles and Cousins would be there and Grandma cooked for us all. It was a lot of fun. We all left grandma’s house after our Mother’s cleaned up after the meal. When we got home we would open up our Christmas gifts.

  • Janet

    Beautiful release!
    In the morning I always plate all the cookies that have been made-usually getting help from at least one of our girls! Before we head to Christmas Eve Service, we enjoy a variety of cheese, meat, and crackers (and cookies:) After church each of the girls opens one present-
    “fighting” over whose present is to be given for opening!

  • Connie M

    The new release is gorgeous and reminds of what’s really important about Christmas. Our Christmas Eve tradition is to go to Mass.

  • Wendy

    When I was younger we would go to my Aunt and Uncles for Christmas. At Christmas Even we would go to midnight mass and then come home and open all of our gifts. In the morning, we would get up and play and then have a huge breakfast. I miss those times. I love the lantern die, I know my best friend would love a card made from this!

  • Cindy Holmes

    Beautiful new release! It is so nice to see religious ones too! Since our boys are both men now! One married and the other home and 22 we actually don’t really do anything anymore except just go out for dinner with my mother-in-law! We just give them money! Sad but true!

  • Carla Hundley

    We like to drive around
    town looking at Christmas
    lights. Love just sitting
    and looking at the lights
    on the Christmas tree also.
    Carla from Utah

  • Heather

    Ohhhhh . . . I LOVE these nativity themed products!!! They are so awesome!!! Our Christmas Eve tradition is to go to my husband’s aunt’s house. Spaghetti, meatballs, sausage, salad, and a special walnut, olive oil, parmesan cheese pasta! YUM!!

  • Laraine R

    Awesomeness! We have a family meal & open presents & spend lots of quality family time!

  • Christine

    We normally read the Christmas story, have eggnog or hot chocolate, play board games, listen to Christmas music, and get to pick one small present to open.

  • Barbara

    I’m started new tradition with my granddaughter last year. We had a Grinch Party. We watched the classic version the movie, had Christmas treats and activities. I’m looking forward to continuing this with my other granddaughters as they get older.

  • KathyJH

    We gather for a family dinner and then have a family talent show – it is lots of fun! We also make a fun craft.
    This is a great release! I love everything – it’s gonna be hard to choose! And – as always – your DT has done a great job. And I have loved your videos!

  • Jana Moulton

    As a child, we would drive around looking at the Christmas lights and read the Christmas story while drinking hot chocolate. When I got married, traditions changed and as we had kids, they have changed more. Now we just spend time together as a family and open one gift (new pjs).

  • Shirley

    We all get together at my sisters home for family time on Christmas eve. Then celebrate the day with church and family again! It is always a day with good food, fellowship and movies.

  • Stacy H.

    A newer Christmas Eve tradition for me is to prepare the Feast of the Seven Fishes for my sweetheart and myself. It’s always a fun challenge to find seven different fish dishes that we will enjoy.

  • Michele

    We watch Mickeys Christmas Carol and eat snacks before bed.

  • LizD

    The kids and grandkids come early and we open gifts on Christmas eve and then the rest of the family joins in for food and fun until Santa aka grandpa makes his appearance. Then we attend Christmas eve services at the church. Been doing it 40 years this year when first born had her first Christmas. Wow. Can’t wait to order this great Christmas release.

  • Diane Anthony

    I love these sets! We go to Christmas Eve service and then come home for soup. We have grown daughters and their families and try to keep Christmas Eve low key. We work around their in-laws traditions.

  • Emily

    Our traditional Christmas Eve, when the children were living at home, consisted of dinner, exchanging gifts, then Midnight Mass. I sang in the choir and always loved the Midnight celebration. Now that we are alone, we attend a vigil candlelight service at our church which is at 6 PM. A much better time for our age! I do still sing in the choir, so that part has not changed.

  • Blue Kube

    On Christmas Eve we go to church then come back for a nice dinner and read The Night Before Christmas.

  • Carrie W

    I love everything in today’s peek!!! Your question really made me smile as I remembered today… Christmas isn’t Christmas until the 11pm church service on Christmas Eve. But another tradition was at my grandparent’s home, their street re-named themselves “Candle Light Lane”. Everyone on the whole street had a wooden lit star with their family name on it and those big plastic light up candles as a part of their outdoor display. We would walk the street at night and enjoy everyone’s decorations. It was always so beautiful! Thanks for bringing out the Christmas spirit!

  • Joni Stoneking

    We didn’t have a Christmas Eve tradition growing up, but my children did. It included church with the children telling the Nativity story with the pastor – always a fun and joyous service with a lot of hymn singing, and home to open at least one present that included new jammies made by mom – a flannel nightgown for my daughter every year, and new jams for my son and hubs as well. Real!!! hot chocolate and then to bed, leaving cookies and notes for Santa finished the night before bed…while Dad and I put together anything that needed doing and wrapped last minute gifts.

    Everyone is older now – and I miss those days. Still go to church, but usually the 10:00 service…candlelight, quieter meditation, still lots of hymns, same pastor, same story, same Christmas eve.

  • Monika

    Oh, calm my heart! These are so precious! I love the nativity dies and the background stamp! The sentiments are awesome! My favorite release ever!!!! We usually go to the evening candle light service and have a simple dinner either before or after the service… we also do our Jesse Tree, but that’s throughout the whole month… in Hungary, we’d decorate the tree on Christmas Eve.

  • teresa mikalouski

    My best tradition to date is Christmas Eve we would go to my Grandparents and while we were in the car my Mom and older sister would move all the presents under the tree to Santa was here when we were gone. I was so excited to do the same thing for my younger sister. My most treasured tradition!

  • Debbie Bragg

    We don’t have any Christmas Eve traditions. All of our celebrations are Christmas Day. However I do leave the lights on my outdoor Nativity on all night in celebrating Jesus birth. We also watch Christmas movies.

  • Mary Ann

    Christmas Eve was always special. We have a big family and as it grew more and more it made it even more festive and fun. Our immediate family and girl/boy friends would come to my parents home have a big dinner, open gifts and then go to midnight mass (at midnight, not 10pm like they do now) and then come back home. Christmas day was spent visiting relatives and friends.
    It’s hard now with everyone living all over the country. But, when we do have the majority home we all meet at my sisters and try to continue that tradition.
    I so miss the old days.

  • Heidi H

    Love the new nativity stamp and layered dies. We always go to a Christmas Eve service with my parents and then spend the night at their house. We usually have a pretty simple supper of soup and bread. The kids firmly believe that “Santa” only comes to Grandma and Grandpa’s house, which is actually kind of funny. Especially when someone asks them if Santa is coming to our house, and they say, “NO.” Lol. 🙂

  • Connie Thingstad

    Kind of sad but have never had a Christmas Eve tradition growing up or with my kids. Kids are all adults now and no grandchildren yet. Might have to change that with the next generation.

  • Noreen

    Christmas Eve was always celebrated at my Grandmother’s house, with all the aunts, uncles, and cousins. We had a big dinner and afterwards opened gifts after Santa came. My parents continued the tradition, and Christmas Eve has always been special to me. Christmas morning is stockings and family gift opening. The Nativity sets are beautiful.

  • Lin

    As a child, my parents did it all on Christmas Eve after we kids were in bed – put up the tree, which my Dad usually had cut in the woods adjoining our property, put out the gifts, including one of Daddy’s old hunting socks stuffed with an orange, an apple, and some candy for each of us. We woke up (usually about the time they were headed to bed) with that fresh pine smell, and it’s a memory I’ll always treasure!

  • Aileen F.

    Growing up, we would have dinner, drive around to see the Christmas lights, then we got to open one gift before going to bed. It was always pajamas! In the morning we’d open our gifts then go to church. Now we have dinner, go to church, and then open one gift, which is always pajamas! Some traditions are hard to give up!

  • Denise Bryant

    Gorgeous manger set and an awesome lantern! Fabulous samples!
    Christmas Eve for my family when I was a kid was going to Midnight Mass, coming home to go to sleep and being excited for Christmas morning! Now I spend Christmas Eve decorating the tree and taking some homemade baked goodies over to a few of my neighbors. I love to bake some special holiday cookies to give.

  • Anne Sturgeon

    Our family has changed ways of gathering. We have inter mingling groups so we celebrate different each year. When our daughter’s were small we would go to my husband’s parents house. Everyone sat in their cars and in a while his parents would drive in and go inside to see if Santa had been there…. we all rushed in together and presents would fly all over the place. Then we shared a wonderful meal… it still warms my heart to think of all those years together!

  • Katie

    Our Christmas Eve tradition is to eat a delicious dinner prepared by my dad and then we go to Midnight Mass. My dad doesn’t attend church with us, so he stays home watching Going My Way, an old Bing Crosby movie. We come home just in time to see the end.

  • Nancy Campbell

    We would go to grandma carters house. Where all the family would come and bring food and exchange gifts.

  • JIm Petersen

    This release is fantastic! I love the layers in the nativities. I also love the focus on the reason we celebrate!

    My holiday tradition/memory is going to Grandma & Grandpa’s house on Christmas Eve. We did it when I was a kid, and my wife and I do it still today.

  • Candy Clay

    We have onion soup and then go to church. When we get home we have a buffet of snacks and open presents and enjoy this wonderful holiday.

  • Avra

    When our kids were little we watched Polar Express (still do if my daughter is home and insists on it), I made the dough for the cinnamon rolls, they opened new pajamas, and we read The Night Before Christmas before bedtime for then. Then we “played Santa”. No church because I am Jewish. And no family dinner because we don’t have any family who live nearby.

  • Phyllis

    What a great release! Our Christmas Eve is known as “Mom’s Christmas” because that is when we exchanged gifts with her. We would go to church and then come back to her house & eat a buffet style meal followed by the present exchange. We lost her this year after she achieved the age of 97, so not sure what the new tradition will begin.

  • Gloria

    Absolutely love the shadowy effect on the first card! Once again, great product and ideas!

    • Gloria

      I forgot to comment on the question. We would always open gifts on Christmas Eve, because of milking cows, so when they were all done, my Dad took his sweet time in cleaning up, he always thought that was so funny. After gifts always had to play Monopoly and Caroms. Fun and special times!!

  • Karen W.

    We go to church, make yummy appetizers, and go look at lights!

  • Sharon D.

    Oh how I love all the products & inspiration today!!! One of my fondest memories as a child was when shortly before Christmas my cousins & I would spend an evening making Christmas cookies with my grandmother. We celebrated Christmas Eve at my grandparents’ house. All the relatives were there, we had dinner, my cousins & I would put on a little program before we opened gifts. Christmas morning was with our immediate family & Christmas evening we celebrated my cousin’s birthday.

  • Allison Nesbitt

    Ahhh Christmas Eve. I always make our traditional Christmas Morning Coffee cake on that day. We also go to mass and then to my in-laws for festivities. When all the kids and cousins were young, Santa paid a visit. As they are all adults now it is still fun in an adult way. When we return home from Christmas Eve we wait for all to go to bed and then put the gifts under the tree. When the kids were little, I made HUGE footprints with baking soda so it looked like Santa landed on the fireplace hearth and “walked” over to the tray of cookies and milk. SO MAGICAL. They still talk of wonderful memories of Christmas Eve and Day. I wouldn’t change a thing. ????

  • Georgia Henson

    When I was a child, my parents would take me and my sister and brother to a 5 and dime store to buy little Christmas presents for each other. We would get to open these gifts to each other on Christmas Eve. Now I take my boys to buy little gifts for each other to open on Christmas Eve.

  • Kathy J in Ellicott City

    Our Christmas Eve tradition is then entire family goes to my in-laws for dinner with the rest of the family.

  • karenladd

    When my kids were small, we always let them open one gift on Christmas Eve while we had hot cocoa and sat by the tree. I read them a Christmas themed book and we just relaxed before the big day. Since we hosted family every year, it was nice to take a few hours of downtime before the chaos of Christmas morning!

  • Sharon Schutjer

    Sometimes open gifts and nice supper!

  • Jen Petersen

    I LOVE today’s featured items. They are beautiful! Christmas Eve traditions for us include eating fondue, reading the Christmas story and opening a present before leaving cookies out for Santa and heading to bed.

  • Jane T

    On Christmas Eve I get together at my cousins house to celebrate Christmas. We will have a buffet and go to church together.

  • Toni

    If I have the night off, I’m a nurse, we always watch “It’s A Wonderful Life”.

  • Cyndi Morris

    I’ve loved this wonderful release, and the faith-based products in this Day 3 are especially wonderful. I’m a senior citizen and remember Christmas Eve as some of the happiest times of my life. That’s when my immediate and extended family gathered at my parent’s house. My mother would cook for days. After we ate we would open presents. Santa even came that during the celebration, but unfortunately I was always out of the room when he came (I can still hear my father say “you just missed him”). I thought it was so everyone could see my excitement, but now I’m pretty sure it was so they could sleep in Christmas morning.

  • Lyn

    We all open a present on Christmas Eve, this was a tradition started by my daughter 🙂

  • shartl

    One of my family’s favorite Christmas traditions is to go through the neighborhood, admiring all the lights and decorations and leaving a little packet of homemade cookies for our neighbors. Then we pile in the car and go over to the neighborhood near us who REALLY do it up big for Christmas! Light shows with coordinated music on the radio, animated displays…you name it. My kids get such a kick out of it all.

  • Beverly Perdue

    The stamp sets and dies in this post are amazing! I love all of them! For our Christmas Eve tradition we usually have homemade vegetable soup and open 1 present. Very similar to your Christmas Eve.

  • Sue D

    Love everything shown today. We have a birthday party for Jesus before going to church. As the kids got older we started opening up presents when we got home from church. At church we have a candlelight service.

  • Deb Bridgewater

    We always made lasagna for dinner and got to open our pajamas! Nothing like new jammies on Xmas eve!

  • Julie B.

    Christmas has evolved as the families ages have changed. We now have dinner, open gifts and go to candlelight services at church.

    I love the lantern and the flexibility it has!

  • Jean Denney

    We usually go to my parents on Christmas Eve. We have dinner and then open presents. Have done that for years do the kids can be home on Christmas and my parents would then go to see the kids on Christmas Day.

  • Chris DuBois

    The nativity set is so perfect. Many years ago my mother-in- law made all her children (7 of them) a nativity set and hand painted each set- had the lamb, donkey, sheep, camels and of course Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. Such memories when we put them out each Christmas.

    Our holiday tradition for the past several years has changed a bit. We go out to dinner now, go to church, then gifts and dessert.


    When we were little kids we used to always out up and decorate the tree on Christmas Eve. Now we usually go somewhere for a Christmas Eve party!

  • Linda Kennedy

    Love everything! What an awesome release! We usually go to Church and then we have a family meal and now that my children are grown, and we have two granddaughters now, we usually open gifts after our meal. We mainly just enjoy being all together and are so excited because for our trip back home to where all our family is.

  • Dana M

    Oh what wonderfully classic Christmas products and gorgeous projects. Christmas Eve is always at Grandma’s house (my great grandmother, my grandmother and now my Mom & Dad’s). It is an afternoon/evening full of love, laughter, celebration and fabulous food. Then candlelight service at midnight.

  • Evelyn

    Love all of these new products, I am definitely in trouble. On Christmas Eve, we go to church as a family and then we take turns every year going to one of my husband’s siblings. We then make homemade enchiladas, which is time consuming but such a wonderful time together. We open gifts from each other, but wait until Christmas Day to open gifts with our sons and their families.

  • Amy McCue

    We have a big Christmas Eve dinner with the family, then go to midnight (11:00 pm) mass. Then we would come home, read ‘Twas the night before Christmas and then the kids were off to bed. Final wrapping activities started then!!!

  • Debbie Br

    On Christmas Eve, we all go to church, then come home and have a family supper. We then make the Christmas morning wifesaver to put in the oven on Christmas morning. Then we snuggle in to watch “Christmas Vacation”. Even though we probably know all the words by heart, we still get a good laugh! The creations today are marvellous!

  • carri daugherty

    We go to my in-laws on Christmas eve. My mom in law makes Chili and we have snacks, open gifts with each other.
    We do to my family on Christmas day!

  • Shaun Edwards

    As kids we always went to my grandparents house, we had chili and oyster stew and all kinds of munchies. The adults played cards and the kids play games and watched Christmas specials on tv. Those were the best Chirstmas Eve’s.

  • Janet Sisk

    I hinted at what we do on Christmas Eve yesterday. We start with a finger food dinner that doesn’t take long to clean up. We then listen to my dad read the Christmas story from the Bible in his big bass voice. Then the younger kids open their presents. Then we break for dessert. Then it’s back to the present opening but this time the adults. It usually lasts until about 11 pm. It was even later when all our kids were younger. I love this tradition! Thanks for a chance to win. 😀

  • annheidel

    We open one gift on Christmas Eve and act out the nativity story.

  • Stampfoldandrepeat (Jeanie)

    We used to stay up late to open gifts! Love all the cards today. Those awesome sky backgrounds… Just wow. Perfect backdrop for the new dies!

  • Amy Cooley

    Christmas Eve is spent with my husband’s family. We normally attend a church service and have a white Santa gift exchange.

  • Daisy

    When we were kids we would go to Church for our children’s Christmas pageant where we would get a brown paper sack with an apple, orange & nuts. We would arrive home & Pop would go in first to scare Santa away. Then we would open our presents & sing carols all night.
    We’re grown now and still go to the Church children’s pageant.

  • Isabel Z

    One of our Christmas Eve traditions is having my sister and her family over for dinner. After dinner, the cousins get to open their gifts to one another. After they leave, our kids open two gifts–one is a new Christmas book and the other is an ornament that represents something that they accomplished in the past year, or something that they liked, etc. Someday, they will take those books and ornaments to their own homes.

  • SueinMtVernon

    Best release day!
    Our Christmas Eve tradition was to attend church services and then drive around the neighborhood to look at the decorations and lights before heading home. We, too, were allowed to open one gift and it was usually the one from my Uncle Bob.

  • Janet

    Christmas eve involved church then our meal of cod fish and lefse followed by the reading of Luke 2 then presents. (Never Santa–all gifts were from real people.) Taylor, thank you for being a stamp company that produces Christian products–they are getting harder to find. I love your religious release items. Thanks.

  • becca yahrling

    Well, before I married my husband of 25 years (whose birthday is Christmas Eve), the family
    used to go to Mom’s church for their beautiful service. Now, though, we all go out to dinner and
    celebrate the December birthdays and it’s a large group (16-19).
    The nativity cards are just stunning! And I love the beautiful lantern.

  • KathleenA

    Since I have been married, our Christmas Eve tradition is to make a big pot of seafood gumbo and invite our friends over. Unfortunately we lived far from family for many of those years and could not always get together with family, so the friends and gumbo really warmed our hearts! We also have a tradition of opening one present on Christmas Eve!

  • Deb W.

    On Christmas Eve, growing up we would always have Ukrainian sausage, hot German potato salad, home-made red cabbage with apples and dark rye bread (we still continue this tradition). Then we would go to mass for the beautiful candle light service, after which we would get to open one present. The younger kids would then be put to bed while the older kids would start a huge 1000 piece puzzle. It was always the challenge to get it complete before Christmas day was over. Many good memories from these special times together as a family. Thank you for the awesome holiday releases, the designs are amazing!

  • Iris Esther López

    When my daughters were small we used to go to a candlelight service at church and then back home for dinner.
    All the Nativity products are fabulous.

  • Mary Schlief

    My favorite Christmas memory was a child when Santa already had come as we got up in the middle of the night and we snook open a HUGE round metal sled and all 4 of us spun around on it in the room and then we tried to wrap it back up so Santa didn’t get mad at us! The tree was filled with goodness and we couldn’t go back to sleep. That was the BEST Christmas EVER! Meant so much to me and still does! We had such fun on the sled for years to come! Having my whole family there was so wonderful. That was the year we had the best day ever! We now go to church with my kids and come home and wait for Santa. Track him and eat a small meal and we talk about the true meaning of Christmas. Your nativity REALLY is so beautiful and really gets the message about it. LOVE it! Thanks for making such wonderful product and cards. I really do get joy using the products!

  • Julia D.

    Beautiful samples from the designers! On Christmas Eve we have a scavenger hunt with terribly rhyming clues written by my mother. It’s super fun to read the bad clues to everyone and hunt for the next one. Then at the end, there is a present waiting to be opened! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  • Michelle H.

    I come from a large Italian family. On Christmas Eve, we have homemade Cavatelli pasta, that my kids have now enjoyed making with my mom. We open presents with our immediate family and enjoy the family time.

  • Miriam Prantner

    When I was growing up we always went to the Christmas Eve service at church, but my husband’s family is Scandinavian and they celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, so these days we go to my in-laws for a big family Christmas Eve gathering, and drive home late that night to be in our beds for Christmas day.

    I absolutely love today’s reveals, especially those layered scene dies!

  • Mary Holshouser

    Long ago, we went to my husband’s family for Christmas
    Eve. Christmas Day we went to my family. Now so many
    are gone and the family has split up. It’s not a
    holiday I really look forward too. Love the nativity
    set. having everything on bases makes it so much
    easier to have a detailed scene. thanks for the
    sneak peek. txmlhl(at)yahoo(dot)com

  • Chanda M

    On Christmas Eve when I was a child, my sister and I prepared for Santa’s arrival by leaving goodies for him on our kitchen table — a plate of cookies, carrots for his reindeer, and a note thanking him for stopping at our house (that assured him that we should be on his “nice” list). 🙂

  • Anna

    During my childhood we opened our Christmas gifts at midnight. We all lived in a multi-dwelling tenement. Our parents had a friend who’d dress like Santa to bring our gifts. When we woke up, we would find more gifts that Santa his around our home while we were busy opening some of our smaller gifts.

  • Kimberly Cook

    Christmas Eve is our family celebration. We start by going to church then we go to my aunt’s house to spend the rest of the evening at. Food, food, and more food is there to eat. But being with family is what is important.

  • Ann Z

    Always love a die set depicting the reason for the season! We attend Christmas Eve service and enjoy a great meal with friends.

  • Charmaine

    There usually was a Christmas Eve service at church that we went to. We would come home and have a late dinner…usually something easy since Christmas dinner was always traditional Indian food, and that required a lot of prep. Then we opened one gift and went to bed to wait for Santa.
    As an adult, my husband and I do still go to a Christmas Eve service and open one gift. Some of the nieces and nephews spend the night at my parents house and wake up there on Christmas morning.

  • Linda Gorman

    On the Christmas Eves that my son and daughter in law don’t come home from Ireland, I spend the night with my other son, his wife, and my only grandchild who is 4. It is so much fun waking up in the morning and watching her open her presents. My husband died 4 Christmases ago and so this is the new tradition. Before that we always went out as a family looking at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve.

  • Gramma Dee

    Christmas Eve… One of my favourite traditions when my kids were small was that they got to open their gifts to each other. I had told them that they could not ask to receive a gift, but they could offer a gift to someone else, and they caught on fast. Their gifts to each other were always fun and always showed how well they knew each other. One Christmas Eve there was a power outage and I will always cherish the memory of my teen aged boys rustling under the tree with flashlights to find their gifts to each other so that we could keep up with the tradition!

  • Denise S

    As our children got older our traditions would change. But reading The Night Before Christmas, opening one gift and cookies for Santa are my fondest memories

  • Meghan Kennihan

    The Nativity scene is stunning! Every Christmas Eve we read the POLAR EXPRESS…. my mom reads, my dad does the sound effects including the bell. I am an identical twin, we are 38 and my sis has two kids, and my brother is 42 and has two kids and we STILL do it to this day… just with Grandkids too!

  • Marisha

    We always leave out cookies for Santa, and one last plea for how good we’ve been 🙂

  • Linda

    On Christmas Eve we used to watch the black and white Alistair Sim’s version of A Christmas Carol.

  • Dee Earnshaw

    striking samples – love the images and wonderful inspiration – thank you.
    Our Christmas Eve tradition include watching a family Christmas movie and giving the kids one present to open – in front of a glowing fire – so cozy!!

  • Sherry

    If I’m visiting my mom for Christmas, I go to church with her and after we will watch A Christmas Carol (1951 with Alastair Sim – our favorite version). I’ll watch it if I’m home for Christmas as well. We also try to visit family we won’t see on Christmas day.

  • Jean

    Our kids are older and now spread apart so traditions have changed. When they were little we would go to church and they could open one gift!

  • Michelle Nicholas

    Oh my goodness!! I just love all the new release items, and I’m so excited for these new nativity ones!!
    My family’s Christmas Eve traditions are going to a candlelight Christmas Eve service together at church and then coming home to eat a light meal, which is usually potato soup.

  • Diane B

    We, my brother, my sister, their kids and their kids- 25 of us, go over to my mom and dad’s for dinner and gifts. Those that can make it earlier join them at mass first. We have been doing this since my 35 year old son was an infant.

  • Stacy T.

    I love all of your new products that recall the true meaning of Christmas! On Christmas Eve, my family used to get together with my moms side and celebrate. There was always lots of food and cousins to play with.

  • Martha Acord

    As a child, we always opened gifts Christmas Eve. Christmas Day was spent with my Mother’s parents. With our children, we opened gifts Christmas Eve. Many times out traditions revolved around my husband’s work schedule. Christmas was and is a very special time in our family.

  • Cynthia Cole

    Christmas Eve is usually spent watching holiday movies and lighting a candle.

  • SherryG

    For more than 30 years, all four of our children’s grandparents lived in a large Christian retirement community that has very special Christmas Eve service for their residents and families. Every year we look forward to singing the beloved carols and lighting our candles. We have only one parent left now, but my husband and I moved into that retirement community recently, so we are looking forward to another Christmas Eve with extended family and the cherished friends we’ve come to love during our visits.

  • Gilda

    When I was young, we always got to open one present and then fix cookies for Santa. I continued the tradition with my own children who are no longer children. Love the beautiful release today.

  • Jennifer R

    Wow, more awesome products. It’s so nice to see some religious items! Our Christmas Eve traditions are eating appetizers for dinner, watching a holiday movie and choosing one gift from under the tree to open. These traditions have been passed on since my childhood and now we also do it with my child and family.

  • Gail Shurbutt

    The perfect ending to this product release are today’s products! Our Christmas Eve tradition is going to church as a family and coming home to either a Chili dinner or a Gumbo dinner. . .we switch it up from year to year. Our sons have begun opening “brother’s” gifts on Christmas Eve, since our family has grown and Christmas Day might not find the entire family together.

  • Angie VC

    We always eat lasagna and get to open one present! I am the mom so I usually give two gifts but one is usually clothes…I get my fun too!

  • Sharon Gullikson

    We get together with my family, eat, open gifts, and talk. We have always celebrated this way. I REALLY LOVE THE O Come Let Us Adore Him cards. LOVE THEM–love to send “real” Christmas cards. Reindeer, etc are cute, but I like to send cards that are about why we really celebrate Christmas–Jesus Christ’s birth.

  • Kari S

    I love this entire release!! On Christmas Eve, we always go to the Children’s mass and then come home and host a Lasagna dinner for the extended family. The kids get to open one gift so they don’t burst!

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