• Carisa

    I love the fact that these are smaller cards and you can use make your own envelopes or use letter-size envelopes.

  • hjack

    Whatever you have provided for us in these posts really appreciative.
    Packing list envelopes

  • Donna Thielker

    Like the slightly smaller size, your dies and the amazing DT inspiration!

  • Donna Pachuilo

    I’m new here. And I love the idea of the min slim line. You’re correct, the large size is intimidating almost. I really want it all, but I guess my favorite is the new tri-fold template and the stitched and scallop layering dies. ❤️ Beautiful! Job well done.

  • Norma Abt

    I do like the size of the slim line and there are tifild base cards available! Nice!

  • Doreen Steinke

    I have not tried the slim line cards, but I think the mini slim line would be a good introduction. I really liked the trifold template & dies. The possibilities are endless!

  • Mary-Anne V

    Love the new size and fun stencils.

  • Anna M

    WOW! Too difficult to choose! I love the slimline cards and the stencil with the window dies. The dot stencil is cool too. Oh oh, my wallet is quivering! LOL

  • Laurie Brown

    Oh I love making slimline cards and this mini version is so cute!! The stacklets intrigue me but I also think the stencils would be extra fun!!!

  • Heather Mills

    Ooo . . how fun are the mini slim dies!! I love the trifold panels; so fun!

  • Jane M Martin

    Love the mini slimline with the window dies! It’s a fun twist on the original slimline.

  • Deb

    I love these, I can picture all different characters peeking out of them.

  • Marisela Delgado

    I love the tri-fold slimline cards and dies! So cute! I also love the polka dots stencil. Too cute!

  • Mutzy Mia

    I have never made a slim card so I think my first try would be the trifold with the double windows. I like all the items you’ve created to use with this size card and all the wonderful envelope colors!

  • Angie DiMeglio

    I am intimidated by the larger slim line cards because of all the white space. I love this new size and can see myself making lots of cards this size. I also love the new dies and stencils!! Looking forward to tomorrow at release time!!

  • Amy McCue

    I love the size! I have been avoiding the slimline trend but these are really cute! Not as much card to fill up.

  • Tina S

    I love this size. I think it will be perfect for me! Can’t wait to play with the stacklets!

  • Scraporcraft

    I’m interested in the size and how it’ll work with my mailings. I’m sending lots of letters and the standard size is just a tad too small. I’m wondering if these mini slims would work better for me. I want to fold up a test page now and see how my stationery fits.

  • Jill A.

    I have not tried making slimline cards. These mini slimline cards are soooooo cute. I like the stitched and scalloped rectangle dies.

  • Kim Olson

    I love all things slimline – but THIS has got to be the BEST! I can’t wait to try it all!! The trifold has me most intrigued!! Is it tomorrow yet??

  • Allison Nesbitt

    OMG. I Love the Mini Slim. AND cut-in-windows to boot. ItIntrigues me that it has the versatility to have layers and look interactive without being complex. Such a fun idea. I would try a baby card first. layering baby items on the flaps. Also availability for more sentiments.

  • Janice Olsen-Curran

    These are adorable! The size of the card is intriguing as well as the cut out windows. Looking forward to trying these out. Thanks for continuing to inspire us!

  • Lexi D

    I am a huge slim line sucker and these are brilliant!! I love the trifold bases!! Well Done TE!!

  • Laurie Rankin

    The mini slim cards are genius! So cute and perfect for all those stamps that aren’t quite big enough on a regular or larger slimline card. Can’t wait to try my hand at one of these. My favorite would have to be the mini slim windows.

  • Carrie W

    Oh my goodness!! I’m in love! I especially love the way I can use my stamp collection in a new way. The Mini Slim Trifold Template + Dies set is genius!

  • Miriam Prantner

    What a great new line! I’m loving the trifold window dies and the masking stencils!

  • Donnalee Boisseau

    I am loving the trifold cards! It’s almost like a store bought card! ❤️❤️

  • Michelle L Fabian

    Love this release. I’m excited about all the stencils and what you could do with them.

  • Michele Slater

    I love making interactive cards! I think this will be the perfect size for this type of card. I love the new stencils and die with so many combinations, they will be very versatile.

  • Sharon McClaren

    I’m intrigued by the stencils. I’ve been wanting to try the slimline cards and these tools are definitely fun!

  • Sue Tavernia

    I am loving the Grumpling line so much. I ordered the Hot Flash Grumblings and can’t wait time use them. I will definitely be ordering some other Grumplings soon.

  • Carol L

    I love the smaller slimline cards, especially the trifold birthday card. You and the design team have done a great job with the product and with the inspiration!!!!

  • Daisy

    Not too familiar with the new slimline cards but willing to try with TE’s help. Know y’all will show me lots of tips
    & inspiration!
    My favorite new products are the stitched rectangle die & the scalloped die.

  • Tiffany

    I’m excited to try the slim tri-fold card with the windows that line up! Everything in this release is inspirational!

  • Dawn Kuhn

    These are great products. A great way to make some quick cards. I can’t wait to see the collection tomorrow morning. I really love the stacklets that are made to fit these card fronts.

  • Karen Weingartner

    Oooh! Can’t wait! I love the slimline!

  • Janice M

    I have been seeing slimline cards all over the place lately, and I have been wondering how to create them! Can’t wait to try them all! Thank you!

  • Jackie Lemon

    OMG! Mini Slim Trifold Templates and Dies… Where have you been all my life?! I love this whole concept. A new layout design simplified but packs a punch as you reveal each layer.

  • Joan

    Love the slimeline cards! Great idea to have the masking stencils to go with the dies.

  • Chris DuBois

    You are always challenging us. The slimline cards are just one example. The stacklet mini and scallop mini looks like a must for them.

    Chris DuBois

  • Brianna Morton

    I am so in love with these new products! You’re team is so ingenious. I have yet to make a slimline card because I’m intimidated by the size, so a mini slimline is perfect and I can think of so many possibilities. My favorite is the combination of using the masking stencils with the window dies to get it perfectly straight and even on both sides. I made a A2 card this weekend with a window on the front and it came out uneven on the sides, I was so bummed. Your team is so smart to have thought through and found solutions for problems that cardmakers face. I also love the trifold card bases and will definitely be buying those. It’s a simple way to be creative and unique and I really like that. I have a question, do you know if the mini slimline card can be mailed? Thanks for such good products, keep up the good work!

  • Judy Gudeman

    You know, I really like these. Somehow the currently-popular slimline cards just aren’t doing it for me. These, however are great! First, they are cute, and the size is proportionately pleasing to my eye. Second, the double window layers are super cool. And third, the 3-spot stencils (or windows) again are very eye-pleasing. Good design, Taylor & team!

  • Sue D

    Love the mini slimline shape and the window dies.

  • Kathy K

    I have been on the fence in getting involved in slimline cards. But these make me want to try. The whole package is what I love.

  • Kathy T.

    I am inspired to try the masking stencils. That yeti card is calling my name! Actually, everything in the collection looks like a lot of fun to try.

  • Kathy

    I am inspired to try the masking stencils. That yeti card is calling my name! Actually, everything in the collection looks like a lot of fun to try.

  • Tricia Ehart

    Love that they are mini slims. When I send a card it’s just to say I’m thinking of you, so I don’t write a lot in them. This is perfect for that!

  • Amy Cooley

    I really love this concept of a smaller slimline card!

  • Martha Deines

    I couldn’t get into the traditional slim line cards so this is exactly what I want. It has soooo many possibilities, and my creative juices are already going. I love it all.

  • sandra l reeder

    Y’all are so amazing!!! Love this stuff SO much! Keep up the great work!

  • KathyJH

    oh my goodness – you read my mind! I love the Mini Slim Trifold Template + Dies and the masking templates! Those stencils are also on my list – as well as some of the trifold cards! Great release and great job from your DT!

  • Titus Debbie

    The trifold card with the windows is calling my name. Love the idea of the new size slim. Can’t wait to see him in the morning!

  • Amy Klin

    I love the mini size – just right! The stitched stacklets and the stencils will be great to use.

  • Meghan Kennihan

    This is a GREAT IDEA! I agree that sometimes all that space on a slimline is intimidating! I’m definitely intrigued by the masking stencils and stacklets! Can’t wait to try the tri-fold!

  • Bethany Stover

    My favorite would have to be the mini Slimline dies. Of course I liked it all but if I had to choose one that would be it. I have not yet created my first one line card but I have purchased a few things to get started.

  • D. Suzanne Cox

    I haven’t tried making slimline cards and I haven’t done much stenciling SOOOOOOOOOOOO….I’m excited to see this new release. The smaller slimline is great. I love the window too.

  • Valerie Stapleton

    I love that the size will fit in the die cutting machines and Misti! My favourite would be the stencil/die combo, but I love everything. Can’t wait to make a trifold with the window cutout.

  • Michele Factor

    love it all. I cant wait to try the trifold cards. I love slimlibe cards and tiny things so this is perfect

  • Tin Dorrington

    Wow wow wow wow … amazing and such cute designs. I like the mini slim line as well. It forces me to use my 6×6 paper. Cute I’m excited to see more inspiration.


    I love that sweet little bear card that Heather created. Love the tri fold and the window. Thanks for sharing

  • Carolyn Marsh

    OMG…these are adorable! I can’t wait to try making Halloween cards with the trifold. 🙂

  • Pam S

    I just made my first slim card this weekend but LOVE the idea of a mini and never thought of a trifold! Can’t wait to see these!

  • Brenda McKenzie

    Very excited. This is a whole new way of cardmaking! I have so many ideas running thru my head for great holiday cards :0)

  • Suzanne Arena

    So much to choose from! I think my favorites are the tri-fold card bases and the colored envelopes!

  • LC Lamothe

    LOVE the mini slims! What a brilliant design! I’m excited about everything in this release. You just keep wowing me with your fun and innovative products!

  • annheidel

    I love the mini slim stacklet dies! I used to make cards sized for a regular letter envelope (not business or A2) to send checks to my mom. I defnitely love the smaller slim size!

  • Stampfoldandrepeat (Jeanie)

    I think this ‘mini slim’ is an excellent size, and I can definitely see this trendy size taking off. Loving all the layering options!!

  • Kim K.

    I love the new size, but after that I love the new masking stencils. Oh, and the size appropriate dies. Now, I’m ready to roll with all kinds of projects. Love, love the new products.

  • Rhonda Mizeur

    I love that your releases have all the products we, as stampers, need to create wonderful cards. You have included dies, stencils and even the card bases and envelopes! I like the smaller size and the variety of options that you have included. Can’t wait to get them!

  • Kim Thomas

    1. I love the SIZE…something unique and fun!
    2. I love the envelopes!!
    3. I will love using various dies to add interest!

    This is just great!!

  • Hope

    I am looking forward to a different size and type of card. I do the same things all the time. So having the cool template and dies to go with it and make it looked polished will be cool to experiment with. :-).
    You always make it look so easy in your videos Taylor.

  • Janet Sisk

    I just love the Mini Slimline Trifold template and dies! What a great way to send a fun card to someone. I love all the other products that go along with it, too, such as the stencils and rectangle dies. Thanks for all the inspiration and chance to win. 😀

  • Ann Reisinger

    My favorite is the Mini Slim Tri-fold template and die set, but I also love the polka dot stencil too.

  • Lisa M

    I really like this size card, love the trifold and the dies to cut out windows and the scallop rectangles!

  • Gilda

    Love the Mini Slim collection. What a great size and the ideas are wonderful.

  • Eileen Loftus

    These cards are so cute, they would make fantastic cards for my great niece Kohley who will be 3 in November. Just her size! Love the tri fold card with the balloons. Guess I know what I will be adding to my wish list!

  • Betty Giles

    I have tried making the larger slimline cards and not crazy about the size, but these are adorable! And matching envelopes, wonderful! I think the stacking stitched rectangles in this size Will be in my cart tomorrow…

  • Beth Kochheiser

    I’m excited to try these cards! Thanks for giving us some of the basics that will make the cards come together easily!

  • Dana M

    Genius! What a fabulous line of products and great way to ease into slimline cardmaking!

  • Vicki P

    Really love the pre-cut and scored trifold panels and the way the square dies line up nicely with them so you can create a lined up window with the stencils too! Very cute and clever!

  • Emily Henry

    You are killing my budget with all of the cool things that you have released. I feel I need them all. These will fit in regular envelopes which will travel with regular postage-awesome. I’m like you and do feel intimidated with the long cards. It seems like too much space to work with. I think I’m going to really like this size.

  • Jean B

    I’m very intrigued by the size of the card. I would like to try something new. It seems I’m always making 4 1/4 x 5 1/2. I love the balloon stamp set and die….so cute for my little Grands! And love that the stencils work so nicely on the size of the card. I think I’ll be buying them all and making this card!!

  • Tina Bos

    I love this new idea and cannot wait to try them
    Always love to have different opinions!

  • Jane Phillips

    I like the idea of using the slim line tools such as the stencils, masks, dies on the A2 cards. So many more designs, especially with the smaller stamps in our sets. Great idea!

  • Kathy Thompson

    Love the new slimline craze and seeing the smaller size certainly gives me more options. I love the new tri-folds and can hardly wait for tomorrow to be able to order them and the new stencils and dies. You are so on point with these!

  • Nancy V.

    Oh boy! I can’t wait to try these new products!! I have a feeling I’ll be spending some money tomorrow.
    I’m envisioning a mini using my new Field Notes kit.

  • Susan Weida

    I love the whole slim line concept. And of course the stencils. So many wonderful ideas. New size so many possibilities!!!

  • storymusicgirl

    The tri-fold cards with the shadowbox effect really caught my eye! I’d love to try them out!

  • Natalie

    I’ve always wanted to try these, I am excited to add this to my collection!!

  • Michelle Orsborn

    I love the dies, and the mini size of the slim cards, I loved the video you did! I am very excited about everything I saw. Thank you for the opportunity to win. The tri fold really has my interest as well!!

  • Natalie Cerilli

    I just got hooked on slim line cards and can’t wait to try the minis. I find they allow me to use some of my products in ways an A2 card didn’t. Love your site.

  • Chris L

    I think I am interested in trying the whole concept–I haven’t yet tried slimline cards, so I am interested in seeing more on how all the products work together!

  • Peggy E

    So cute! Love it all! Love the tri-fold card with the cut out squares for a different look. The stencils are great for an easy background- I have so many already but I always NEED new patterns! ???? So many possibilities. I think I need to retire so I have more time to stamp!

  • Ann Zemp

    Being obsessed with dies I’d have to say I am all about the Stitched Mini Slim Stacklets. However, the Mini Slim Trifold Template and dies are great as well. Let’s face it… I love them all!!!

  • Carol Scheevel

    Can’t wait! So cute! Thank you for all the inspiration pieces. I love the 3 circle and 3 square masking stencils and the cards made with those. I also think this will be son fun for Christmas cards!


    O.M.G! You read my mind! I’ve already determined that the slimline card size that is the hot ticket right now, is not one that I could embrace. So I’ve been making my own “version”. Yup, you guessed it! 3.5 inches by 6 inches. So, yes, this size is right up my alley! And the guides for the windows is genius!

  • Brenda C.

    O. M. G! This is brilliant! I agree that the tall slimline cards can be intimidating because there’s so much area to work with, so a mini slimline is the perfect solution. And I especially like the tri-fold idea! Then there’s the fact that you thought to make matching envelopes, and in all those beautiful colors. I don’t know where to stop praising this new release and I want it all! Great job TE!

  • Toni K

    Excited to try all the products with the slim line mini! I love the fact that you coordinate products to go along with it. It takes the guesswork out of it! I love to make cards, but when it comes to combining products my head goes blank, lol!

  • Kim Kooyer

    oh my! I love the trifold card, the background stencils, the masking stencils. It all looks so fun!! And I love the size of the card, too!

  • Michelle Sambajon

    I like slimline cards, but I, too, am a bit intimidated with all the extra space. I’ve been hoping for someone to come out with products that would work with this size card. I love the new Mini Slimline size. It’s the size of a check, which is perfect for gifting. I’m excited to see more projects and ideas.

  • linda

    I LOVE this mini slimline card size!!! the first product I’d try is the square windows stencil since aligning images or negative design space would be so much easier. a great release.

  • Mary Winegar

    I love this new collection. It’s the cards themselves. Love the new size and techniques you are showing. They are a great addition to our supplies. Can’t help buy love everything you show!

  • Dawn Sheridan

    You thought of everything with this collection! Love it all. Especially the window die to make the perfect card and envelopes that fit this new size card. Can’t wait to play with the new products.

  • Pam Crandall

    Love everything Taylor you certainly don’t disappoint! Love the Template and stenciling dies. I was never too sure about the new slim line card because it is so big, but I love all of these and a good opportunity to use all my critters!

  • Rita M.

    I love the new size and all the products that go with the mini slim lines!

  • Sandy Curtis

    That tri-fold card is cute, and very intriguing. I’m always in the market for new ideas.

  • Linda Meunier

    I love the mythical grumplings! I also know I would love the masking stencils too!

  • Suzy Girl

    I just love the mini slim! What a great idea and I’ve got so many ideas spinning around in my head. You all come up with the greatest products.

  • Denise Bryant

    I just love the size and shape of these cards! Really excited about the double windows for the tri-fold cards! Such a fun look, and so many possibilities! Awesome samples!

  • Jennifer Thompson

    I love these new products. You’ve thought of everything. I’d never bother to make slimline cards before because it’s too time consuming. I’m intrigued with the stencil and dies! I’d make a polka dotted birthday card similar to The one that Melody made!

  • Laura Ann Thompson

    I haven’t given in to the slim line craze yet, but this smaller size-tri-fold card has further peaked my interest! (and increased the items on my wish list!). My favorite products you showed today were the layered windows, and of course the stacklets always add so much. I am already thinking of ways to use all the TE Little Bits I own! Can’t wait to add more to my collection.

  • creatingincolors

    I love the new and unique size of this mini slim card. But wait, there’s more – the trifold template and dies for alignment are brilliant!

  • LeaAnn Carlson

    LOVE the “mini” slimline card! this is much more doable than the larger slimline card! The dies and stencils and the paper make everything fit perfect! I really like the tri-fold concept! I also liked samples that showed what the cares would look like without the windows cut. Really, who am i kidding….I LOVE it all! good job!! 🙂

  • Marian Guay

    I’ve been wanting to try slimline cards and this release makes it look so easy. Although I’m wanting all of the products, the trifold template and dies are at the top of my list and a good place to start. This release does not disappoint! Taylored Expressions is my favorite line and suits every age group. I’m looking forward to trying more of your products.


    Your team has really been busy! I’m not so sure I’m ready to change sizes of cards (Would change the amount of scraps after cutting card bases) but I really like the stitched and scalloped stacklets!

  • Suzette Gardner

    What intrigues you most about this release? The size it prefect to make cards for all ages
    Do you have a favorite product? Yes, the mini strip stacklets, because you can make great rainbow mini slim card designs with them
    What’s the first thing you’re feeling inspired to try? Make a set of mini slim cards for all seasons 🙂

  • Susan Engblom

    Made a slimline card in a class about 10 years ago. Loved the concept, but it seemed so big, and I never made another one. This size seems perfect, and all your accessories are wonderful, especially the cards and envelopes to get started. Would definitely buy them, along with the mini slim tri fold templates and die set. Actually, I want it all! Another winner concept, Taylor.

  • Lynn T

    Oh, for sure the mini slim tri-fold templates and die set! Love the tri-fold layered look! What a fun new collection! Question – will these mail at the regular first class postage rate, or require special postage? Thinking regular rate, but wanted to confirm.

  • Mary Kay Ross

    Just when I thought the Slimline craze was at it’s peak, y’all come out with the Mini Slim. I love it all! There’s not one thing that isn’t just the BOMB!!!!! Can’t wait until tomorrow. I’ll be there! Maybe I’ll be one of the lucky winners, too! Thanks TE for the great new ideas y’all always bring!

  • Chanda Mullen

    I love the idea of making a smaller slimline card, and love the Stacklets and the dies that will make the trifold windows! Making right-sized envelopes available, too, is genius! This new size really sparks creativity! So many options!

  • Janice

    A great source of inspiration. The size is very appealing. So much creativity in one posting!

  • Karen W

    I agree that the smaller size is less intimidating. I’m becoming more comfortable with “white” space, but those full size slimlines are just a bit too big for me. I like the dies and stencils and how easy you make it to combine them for a cohesive look. The tri-fold base really does lend itself to fun little “reveals” as you open the card. Once again, you’ve made products that are exciting and will be fun to use!

  • SueB

    This mini slimline is GENIUS! I want to try the mini slimline stacklets, double window, circle,
    square, and zigzag stencils on a mini slimline card. I am curious about your mini slimline envelopes since you mention them but did not go into detail. Is it a true fitting mini slimline envelope or will it be a card that floats around in a standard envelope?

  • Phyllis Freese

    I’ve been admiring the slim line cards for a while now, but too intimidated to try them. I like the size of yours, since there is not quite so much space to fill up. The mermaid card is beautiful and would appeal to my granddaughter, but my favorites are the ones with the bear stamp.

  • Sharla Laursen

    I love the slim line look but I too was a little intimidated with all that space, these cards are so cute and live the dies as well! That mermaid card is gorgeous!

  • Julia Plunkett

    What a brilliant idea!!! I’ve looked at the slim line cards but never made one, mainly because of their size. These minis are just the right size. Great release!

  • Laura P

    I am excited to use my stamps in a new format. Hoping it helps me to boost creativity!

  • Cynthia C.

    Love the size, the stitched seem very versatile!

  • Michele H

    I LOVE it all! But the first thing that is going in my cart is the Stitched Mini Slim Stacklets. I don’t have any slimline tools and this is a perfect start. I really like the smaller size too.

  • Carol H.

    I LOVE the Mini Slim Stacklets dies! Also, I love the idea of a mini slimline try-fold card! Awesome release!!!!!


    I am intrigued the most about the size of these products. All others have been the 8″ or 8.5″ long dies and its hard to create some a little shorter! I want it all!!!


    OMGEE! I have never been so excited about a release in quite some time!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU…

  • Christine M Szekeres

    It’s hard to choose a favorite product since I think the whole release is well-planned, but I guess the square and circle window stencils. I love your stencils and these will be just as innovative as the rest I’m sure!

  • Linda Alleman

    I’ve been thinking about joining the slim card craze and the concept of mini-slim is what intrigues me. Also the tri-fold cards. Not sure I’m ready to invest in what it takes to create these but I’m a slow starter so that doesn’t mean I won’t get on the bandwagon at some point!!

  • Valerie Ward

    You READ MY MIND with this whole Slimline Craze! I have some products, but like you said, they’re overwhelming! I am IN LOVE with EVERYTHING you have here! It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I guess I’ll start with the they Stacklets; but I’m also love the stencils, the trifold base, the double window & template, and that If Balloons Could Talk set! I’ll be going to my local store, SCRAPMANIA in Cedar Rapids, IA, for ALL of these brilliant goodies!

  • Noreen

    What a fun idea! And something a little different. I like the different sizes so you have a choice, or can even layer them. And the circles add a nice variety, too. I love all the cute ways the designers used them.

  • Angela Burnett

    Exciting!!! I am so intrigued with the trifold mini slim line dies and templates. These products are genius how they all fit together with guides to do windows perfectly. I can’t wait to try them out and make my own trifold slim line with windows and add some polka dots with the stencil. Happy Crafting!

  • Linda Decker

    The trifold slim line will take the work out of making cards with windows. I have always wanted to make these type of cards and now it will be a breeze to do. I’ll be using them for every occasion. I can hardly wait.

  • Christine McCallister

    The mini slim trifold templates and Dies Set look easy and fun, and ‘open up’ a whole bunch of new ways to use the stamps and dies already in my collection!

  • Debbie Carter

    I enjoy making slimline cards, and this smaller size is awesome. It’s fun to get out of the comfort zone and try new techniques. I love stencils and the new ones certainly do not disappoint!

  • Michelle Varney

    I had never heard of slimline cards until this past weekend so the timing was great! I really like the party banners as they could be used for so many occasions. They cards would be great to use with the snowmen set!

  • Bonnie Sharp

    Excited for this new size! I’ve been wanting to try a slimline card but there is just too much space for me and these Mini Slimline Dies will be just the ticket. I can’t wait! I love the new coordinating stencils. And every stamp set looks bigger and better!! So many exclamation marks but I’m happy!!

  • Michelle Varney

    I had never heard of slimline cards until this past weekend so the timing was great! I really like the party banners as they could be used for so many occasions. They would be great to use with the snowmen set!

  • Gayle Byers

    Oh my gosh. Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating the mini slimline sets. I just am not a fan of the larger size, and am sometimes cutting challenged. But with the stitched and petite scalloped mini slim dies and trifold templates how can I mess it up? Perfect! I can’t wait to try these sets with the Oh Fish Ally stamps and dies. So adorable.

  • Rosie Nunez

    Wow! What an amazing idea to do mini slim dies for cards. I can’t wait to have them in my hands.

  • Ginny Larsen

    There is always something fun and new at TE. These slim line cards are great. Like the stencil ideas for setting the dies in the perfect place.

  • debbiew

    I love the idea of a mini slimline card. I have a hard time deciding what to stamp on a regular size slimline card. I’ll have to get the Mini Slimline Trifold template and die set. I know it will come in handy!

  • Martha Acord

    WOW! I am always looking for something new and different. This is it!! I am loving the Mini-Slim Template and Die set. The perfect tool to get things just right. Thank you Taylored Expressions for keeping us challenged!

  • Janis in ID

    Love love love this new size!!! I have been experimenting a little bit with new sizes of cards and this mini-slim is FABULOUS!! I am intrigued with the tri-fold design. I haven’t made many of those before.
    Congratulations on a wonderful new release!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  • Janet

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    Creativity abounds at TE!!

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    Also love the bows on the strings of
    the balloons. An extra added detail that adds
    to the fun. thanks for the sneak peek.

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    The masking squares and layering dies are on my wish list!

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    Favorite accessory? I love the Masking Stencils and the Stitched Mini Slim Stacklets. If I had to choose which one to start with I think I’d say the Stitched Mini Slim Stacklets. Can’t go wrong with either one though to get started.

    Thanks for another great product Taylor and Team! Here we go…


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