• Carla Hundley

    I love chocolate,
    especially Snickers!
    Theclips are darling.
    Carla from Arizona

  • Jacqueline lipson

    I like candy corn always like to eat top and bottom off before the body. It was an amazing collection , but I think I love the layered pumpkins the most . So good for all my acorn and leaf dies fall is my favorite time of the year

  • Kristy P.

    I know I am too late to win (wish I had checked the blog earlier today!)…. but I wanted to answer the question… I love gummy bears. My tastes have changed in general since I was a kid, but that’s still a favorite. Now I tend to pair gummy bears with dark chocolate though. My favorite of the release is the On the Block Boo and the cover plate. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I just see myself using both. Looking forward to the release tomorrow (and may swing by during work to make my purchase lol)

  • Chris DuBois

    Chocolate of course. Layered pumpkins because they cross from Halloween to Thanksgiving

  • Heather Mills

    My favorite candy is–hands down–peanut butter cups. I pretty much only each chocolate for candy, don’t give me any of those fruity things! Chocolate with peanut butter, chocolate with coconut, chocolate with chocolate . . . it’s all good! As for my favorite product from this release . . . I don’t do Hallowee, but I LOVE pumpkins, so those fabulous pumpkin dies will HAVE to go on my wish list!

  • TinRibs

    My favorite candy? Reese’s peanut butter cups with the Reese’s pieces inside! My favorite of the new release? Tough to pick one, but I will go with the Jack ‘O Lantern cutting plate. 🙂

  • Jayme

    I love the little pumpkin treat holder. My favorite candy is pretty much anything mint chocolate or chocolate and peanut butter.

  • Bonnie Saxton

    I go for anything chocolate especially chocolate covered peanuts! This is an amazing release!!! I love it all! But my absolute favorite from this release is the “Layer It Pumpkins Dies”. Thanks so much for all the inspiration!!!

  • Scraporcraft

    I like the soft peppermints and Jolly Ranchers. Popcorn is one of my top choices too! I like the A2 frame dies and the pumpkin dies. Great look at the sets.

  • Dawn S

    Favorite candy is sweet tarts and Kit Kat bars. Love all the new products. One of my favorites is the Happy Halloween stamp and stencil. Can’t wait to start creating for Halloween!

  • MaryEllen Dockum

    Anything chocolate is fabulous, but the old Sixlets are my go-to! They have a wonderful candy outer shell which great chocolate inside. Put them in your pocket for a few minutes, and you have wonderful soft chocolate! (Can you tell it is about dinner time?!)

    I LOVE the blocked BOO letters and backer outline die! So many applications with ghosts, spiders and pumpkins! However, the Critter Clips look terrific- I think the spider is SO cute! Some googely eyes and the BOO would make a fantastic card! You really can’t go wrong with anything from the new release! Thanks for sharing the team’s creative ideas!

  • JoAnn Mallinger

    My favorite Halloween candy is little tootsie rolls. They are chocolatey and chewy! My favorite new Halloween release is
    the layer-it pumpkin dies. They are very versatile, more than just for Halloween! I was impressed with the little treat “covers”. I am sure children would be very excited to receive one.

  • Gina Nichols

    Chocolate#1 Love the Spooky Collection with the cutting plate,jack-o-lantern stencil & Boo on the block & shadow. Spooky Nights layered stencil, many usage for this besides Halloween!

  • Deanette

    I love, love Halloween!! My favorite candy would have to be anything chocolate such as peanut butter cups, milky ways, and Hershey bars with almonds. My favorite from the release is the jack-o-lantern cutting plate and stencil. I can’t wait to buy just about everything!!

  • Beth Madison

    My favorite candy is candy corn(especially with peanuts! It tastes like a salted nut roll when mixed and eaten together). I am most inspired by the jack-o-lantern cutting plate and stencil. Being a “super fan” Ive already bought it and picked it up Friday! Being so close to Taylor’s store is NOT good for the budget, but its soooooo hard to resist!????

  • Kathy T.

    My favorite candy is anything chocolate, especially Snickers bars! There are so many goodies in this release but I am most inspired by the Pumpkin Treat Wrap as I can see making treats for all my students and staff for Halloween as well as Fall treats for Thanksgiving.

  • Gail Shurbutt

    Favorite Candy. . .anything with caramel and chocolate! Can’t wait to make the Pumpkin Treat Project Kit!! The Layer-It Pumpkins are super cute. . .excited to start creating Halloween Cards and treats!

  • Laura Corkill

    Favorite candy, now that’s a toss up between Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Sour Gummy Worms. My fave from the new release; though I have to say that I LOVE EVERYTHING, Sugar Rush is my favorite because I am drawn to artwork with candy in it. I don’t know why, I always have been. Gingerbread houses, Christmas Trees with popcorn and ribbon candy, kids trick-or-treating with bags stuffed with candy… Happy Thoughts.

  • Noreen

    I always enjoy Halloween, and this looks like a very fun release. It’s hard to choose a favorite as everyone has such clever ideas. I did especially like the pumpkin lollipops and the bat and spider clips.

  • Lisa Petrella

    What a super fun release!!! I love fruity candy. Skittles are my favorite! My favorite product from the new release is the pumpkin treat wrap—sooo fabulous!!! Definitely want to get that to make festive little surprise goodies for my neighbor friends!!!

  • Linda Pahuski

    Favorite candy – M & M’s
    Looking forward to getting the treat wraps; always looking for something different to “dress up” goodies

  • Mary

    My favorite candy is Milk Duds! Love the chocolate-y caramel-y yummy-ness! ???? All of the Halloween products are awesome, but I do really like the jack-o-lantern face cutouts dies! So cute!!

  • Michelle Varney

    My all time favorite candy is mounds chocolate bars!!! I love the itty bitty sentiments and the starry night stencil has a lot of potential!!

  • jean marmo

    Must have candy corn. I already saw some in the store!!

  • Vicki Parson

    Anything chocolate is my favorite! This release is fantastic! I can’t wait to try out the classes with the product bundle and the black glitter cardstock is my very top favorite! Thank you for adding this to the release!!


    Love almost anything chocolaty! The Halloween stencil & stamp set is my favorite!
    Thank you!

  • Susan Weida

    I love chocolatey, chewy, and gummy candies. I love almost all candies, there are very few I don’t like. But I think my go to candy has to be chocolate. I love this Halloween release!!!

  • Meghan Kennihan

    The Jack O Lantern Stencil and those pumpkin dies! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!
    My favorite candy is Starburst! I like the fruity ones! Thanks for the chance!

  • Marsha Stehle

    Halloween is my favorite holiday! I like candy that is soft, chewy and fruity. This release has lots of fabulous products! My favorite is Millies Haunted Halloween stamp set.

  • Kelle Nolan

    Candy or candy, love it all but peanut M&M’s rock it for me. Just like candy I love all the Halloween release but to pick one, Jack O’Lantern cutting plate die and stencil!

  • Carol Scheevel

    If I had to ONLY pick one candy, it would have to be REECE’S PEANUT BUTTER CUPS. Am I right???? And if I had to only pick one Halloween Product from this release, I think it would be the Pumpkin Treat Wraps! I love making holiday goodies for all the ladies in my office …. so this is perfect! Great Release!!!

  • Nancy Kruger

    I love chewy candy! Not a big fan of chocolate unless it is Tootsie Rolls. Love the Pumpkin Treat Wrap- so many uses- not just for Halloween.

  • Melissa Miller

    I love snickers or Milky Way! From this release, well I love it all! But especially the new A2 Thin Frame Cutting Plate Die and Millies Haunted Halloween…really too hard to choose! Lol

  • SueB

    My favorite candy is anything with dark chocolate that has nuts & nougat. All of the cards are exceptional so it is hard to choose a favorite.

  • Carol Bates

    Reese peanut butter pumpkins, yummy ????. I like the spooky starry layering stencil set. Can see that could be used non spookily as well!

  • Claudia Gassett

    I love 3 Musketeer bars! those pumpkins are my favorite! So realistic and I love the spider! He’s cute for a spider!
    Thanks you for creating very fun stamps!

  • Christine Shannon

    Wow, my favorite candy is Andes Mints (especially after dinner-just like at Olive Garden, lol)
    My favorite sneak peeks are the new colors of glitter cardstock-so pretty!

  • Daria Zender

    Sea salt milk chocolate caramels is a favorite of mine. As for a favorite product – the Spooky Nights Layered Stencil caught my eye. It would be great for Halloween, but also for other occasions.

  • Michelle Hruska

    I love ANYTHING chocolate! Everything is so cute, but I really like the Pumpkin Treat Wrap Project Kit. I love to make my daughter’s Halloween treat bags and this would be great!

  • Karen Weingartner

    I love Payday bars! My favorite product is the Critter Clips items- I plan to use them to make goodies for my kindergarten students. I am always inspired by the TE design team and Facebook fan group!

  • Cyndi Morris

    My favorite candy? That one’s easy — chocolatey! My favorite item from this release? That one’s harder. I do love all the exciting Halloween products, but since I don’t send Halloween cards, I have to choose the A2 Thin Frame Cutting Plate die. I’ve been wanting something like that for some time and I can see so many uses for this one!

  • Lorene

    My favorite candy is dark chocolate, plain or with nuts. As for the new release, Millie’s Haunted Halloween is calling my name… but everything else is awesome. Halloween is my favorite for crafting.

  • Linda Meunier

    My favorite is chocolate! I think that’s why my favorite from this release is the pumpkin treat holder! Perfect for a little candy bar!!

  • Marian Guay

    Oh, my………my problem is that I love all the sweet treats, however, Jelly Bellies and gummies would be at the top of my list! Thank you for another awesome release of cuteness overload!!!!! The jack-o-lantern cutting plate and layering pumpkin dies will be welcome additions to my stash.

  • Pat k

    Anything Chocolate!!!
    Favorite from this sneak peak- treat wraps, followed by spiderweb, followed by layered pumpkins, followed by……all great I love Halloween!!!

  • Lonya Mathys

    Chocolate is always a favorite but right now I am stuck (literally) on licorice taffy.
    I can’t say which is my favorite but I do love your stamp and stencil combos. Stencils a all time favorite for me.


    I love the candy, it is hard to pick only one. I love mostly chocolate…. Snickers, Peanut Butter Cups and Almond Joy. I am inspired Arjita’s pumpkin card with the Jack-o-lantern cut outs. The shading of the pumpkins are wonderful. My favorite products on this release are the Jack-o-Lantern cut out plate Spider Web Background stamp and of course you must add some pumpkin dies to the mix.

  • Chris Dring

    Oh my goodness! Such an incredible Halloween themed release! (And it’s my all time favorite holiday!) So hard to choose just one item from this, but the spiderweb background stamp really jumped out at me. Love it! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • daisy

    Favorite candy – chocolate peanut clusters!
    Favorite Halloween release – love the layered pumpkin dies & the starry stencil!
    Also always love Heather’s tags!
    Thanks TE.

  • Cynthia Evanoff

    Diabetic here, so anything sugar free. I like the die pumpkins, been waiting for “die-mention”.

  • Kathy Reiffenstein

    My favorite candy is white chocolate truffles. And if they have a flavored filling — raspberry, mango, lime — all the better!! I have a friend who makes these gorgeous creations and every Christmas, our truffle box arrives in the mail.

    The Halloween “shriek” peak is awesome. So many cool things and the designers have done a fabulous job showcasing the new items. If I had to pick a favorite it would be the layered pumpkin dies. I can see my Halloween cards now — a black kitty or three peering out from behind or on top of an array of pumpkins.

  • Lisa K

    I love all things chocolate and will grab M &Ms from any bag of goodies we ever bring in the house. I love the die that cuts A2 frames. If I had young children in my life, I would be all about creating those fun treat bags, like Jill showed. Such a fun release! I really like Heather’s autumn card. Those pumpkins are so pretty on the leaf background.

  • Annabeth Robin

    Favorite candy: anything CHOCOLATE!!
    Favorite product from this release: Sugar Rush

  • Shelly Tedrow

    TE TEAM,
    Like you do, you knocked it our of the park again. You make picking one thing difficult. The starry layered stencil got me. Yes it’s great with your new release but it can be switched up for so many occasions. I do love the Treat wrapper set too. Favorite Candy ?!?! I’ve had a serious sweet tooth problem for at least 50years. Yes I know some of you
    aren’t even close to my age, LOL. I love all candy except with nuts, peanut butter or coconut. My easy go to is Twizzlers. The whole bag, thank you!

    Happy crafting,

  • Fran Chopp

    When it comes to Halloween my favorite candy is without a doubt CANDY CORN! I love the Spooky Nights Layering Stencil. It is so halloweenish while not being too spooky! Great for special treats for the students in my classes!

  • Amy Cooley

    I love sour gummy candies!

  • Debra Davis

    Peanut butter cups are my favorite candy! I love the pumpkin cutting plate, stencil and the treat wraps!

  • Kriss Cramer

    Kit-Kats…chunky & chocolatey! Yum!!
    My favorite new product is the layered pumpkin dies and stencil for faces. What a great way to use the pumpkin dies for Halloween and Thanksgiving. I’m most inspired by other designers and I especially liked Heather Nichols’s jack-o-lantern tags!

  • Kerry McConnell

    Favorite Candy: Butterfinger!
    Prefer crunchy and chocolately snacks
    Favorite sneak peek: Well they are all great but if I had to pick one it would be the Lantern Cut File.
    I am most inspired by great card samples. Thanks for being a great source for that!!!

  • Anne Sturgeon

    So many great things…I guess I would pick that Pumpkin Treat die. I always am looking for new containers for treats and this is so darn cute. My favorite candy has always been Candy Corn!! I think because it has such a high sugar count. That stuff can keep you flying through an entire day… I also do love caramel apples with lots of nuts. Great sneek peek and I will be back to check it out tomorrow! Thanks everyone!!

  • Cathy Wolff

    Wow! You’ve all been busy! There are a ton of new products in this release and they are so cute!! First, my favorite candy is chewy – I especially love my Christmas caramels:-). No chocolate needed on these babies.

    Second, I think the new product that got my mind going right away is the Pumpkin Treat Wrap Die. It got me to thinking how fun it would be to make fun treats to pass out to friends and family. I especially love the fact that the wrapper fits Ghiradelli chocolate squares – can’t go wrong with that one:-)

    Thanks Taylor and Team for another great release!!

  • Michelle

    I like chocolate or caramel. I love the layering pumpkins, boy have I needed those, I have been working on fall cards already. I also love the A2 slim frame die’s. That will come in so handy in making so many different sizes of frames for my cards. Thank you for a wonderful release, I look forward to the video’s, they are always great!

  • Nanci A Mahenski Quick

    Anything chocolatey caramel and with nuts,my favorite! I love the new pumpkins, pumpkins always. And the boo die and stamp. Such a darling things!

  • Rita

    I love the pumpkin die cuts! You can’t go wrong with chocolate threats! Your videos inspire me to make more cards!

  • Lefant

    Depends on the holiday. Peeps for Easter, Gummy hearts for Valentines day, Peanut butter taffy for Halloween, Ribbon candy for Xmas. Bottom line sugar is sugar, it’s all wonderful.

  • Pattie Berg

    My favorite candy is chocolate, always! I really love the layering pumpkin dies. So versatile!

  • Kathy W

    Love it all! But I especially love the pumpkin dies. So adorable! Love all the amazing cards/projects shown today. My favorite candy is snickers or M&Ms. yum!

  • Beth Kochheiser

    My favorite candy has always been chocolate and I’m especially thrilled that things like Kit Kat come in DARK CHOCOLATE in mini sizes for Halloween. No Trick-or-Treaters will be getting their hands on those!! I love the Pumpkin Treat Wrap Project Kit from this release. I don’t make Halloween cards much any more but I do like to give out special treats at some of the meetings and gatherings that I’m involved in.

  • Cindy Noesen

    Love it all:). My favorite are the pumpkins and the Happy Halloween Stamp and Stencil combo.
    My favorite candy would be Snickers or Reeces!!

  • Pam

    Hi ! I’m pretty much non discriminatory when it comes to candy, lol. I welcome all kinds. But I do really like sour. And crunchy. And sweet. Oh boy. Anyway, I LOVE the Pumpkin Treat Wrap. We own a flame & skull painted hearse and do up a display and make special treats to pass out. This will be this year’s choice !! I can’t wait !!

  • Kathleen Dumpert

    Good morning,
    my favorite candy is sour strawberry belts. I am super excited for your latest release, I can’t narrow it down which i like the most so two of my favorite items from the release are your pumpkin treat wrap and your jack o lantern cutting plate! I am always inspired by the creativity of others and love to see all the inspiration from design team members.

  • Sue D

    I like dark chocolate. Favorite product is A2 Thin Frame Cutting Plate die and the Layer It – Pumpkins die collection. I am inspired by nature.

  • Debbie Babb

    I love all the chocolates candies!!! My favorite new product is the pumpkin treat wraps kit. So sweet and my grandkids will love it!

  • Denise Evans

    I love licorice of any kind. Also, any chewy gummy candies. All of the new products are great but I particularly like the on the block BOO stamp and die. So much fun!!

  • Cindy Igyarto

    Love any kind of chocolate candy – but especially M & Ms (plain – I’m a traditionalist). Favorite product – the Layer It – Pumpkins die set!

  • Mary Holshouser

    So many things to love about this release.
    The full circle stamp makes great background
    The dies for the pumpkins give them more
    dimension. Going to be a fun Halloween
    card making season. thanks for sharing

    My favorite candy for Halloween is the
    small bars of Payday, Snickers, Baby Ruth,
    and Butterfingers.

  • Terrie D. (StarSpry)

    What a fun release! I love the projects everyone created! One of my favorite Halloween treats would have to be Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. 🙂 The Spiderweb Cling & Clear Combo set & Full Circle – Halloween stamp set are both so fun!

  • Heather V

    My favorite candy is anything chocolate without nuts. Especially Reese’s Cups!

    • Heather V

      I love Millie’s Haunted Halloween set. It is so cute! These would make great sets to introduce my new bundle of joy that is due in October!

  • Deb Bridgewater

    I love chocolate and candy bars do the trick for me! My favorite product from the release is a toss up…love the max and millie and the layer it pumpkings…i get really inspired by heather nichols creations!

  • Martha Acord

    My favorite candy is Snickers. The chocolate, caramel and peanuts are the best!! My favorite from the release is hard to pick. Probably the Happy Halloween Stamp and Stencil combo. The Layerd Pumpkins would be a close second.

  • Kathy j in Ellicott City

    My favorite candy is hard, I love all chocolate and caramel. Anything with those 2 items is at the top of my list. I also love candy corn at Halloween time. My favorite product from this release is the critter clips, a close second is the jack o lantern stencil, stamped face and pumpkin dies. I love Halloween!!!

  • Renee Logan

    fabulous new Halloween release! My favorite candy would be Hershey chocolate bar.. I worked at Hershey Chocolate years ago, great company to work for and delicious products.. thank you for this fun opportunity.

  • Susan P

    I love red licorice! I love the Thin Frame Cutting Plate die. When I saw the mini slim version I was wishing for one in A2 size.

  • Christine Berger

    Such a fun set of Halloween products!! Hmm, favorite candy? I love all candy!! But I most love anything watermelon flavored! Favorite new release product? I love the full circle stamp and the layered pumpkins! Can’t wait to see t time tomorrow!

  • MerryF

    Favorite candy is Peppermint Patties! I love them so much I allow myself to have them only on special occasions. This is such a great release with so many different products but my favorite is the spiderweb background, I can’t wait to use it!

  • Lauryne Cunningham

    What a fun release! I love Halloween! My favorite candy is a dark chocolate almond bark!

  • Debi Lowery

    Really cute release. My favorite candy would be anything with chocolate and caramel. I am inspired by the Layer It Pumpkin dies and the Pumpkin Treat Wrap dies because I really enjoy making “giftables” TFS

  • Coralee Duffin

    My favorite candy is crunchy! Butterfinger!
    My favorite of your new Halloween items is the Full Circle stamp set. I can envision coloring in the circle, or part of them in maybe a neon or glow-in-the-dark color, with maybe ghosties flying around!

  • Cindy Hugger

    My favorite candy is anything milk chocolate, plain, with nuts, with peanut butter…. That big BOO is calling to me, so are the stencils. I agree with previous posts – you have given us a fantastic selection to try to pick from. Happy Happy Halloween! Happy Crafting!

  • Tracy Ross

    WOW this release is a-MAZ-ing! My favourite candies are caramels. I pretty much like caramel anything LOL. It’s very hard to pick one item but I love love love those A2 frames. The whole release is fun – another home run TE!

  • Rhonda Mizeur

    My favorite candies are peanut butter M&M’ and butterfinger bar! I love to make anything Halloween so love the variety and versatility of your Halloween release! It offers so many different styles and possibilities! These new goodies inspire me to be creative!

  • D Suzanne Cox

    What a great release…I love Halloween! The layered pumpkins caught my eye along with the full circle stamp. My favorite candy is anything chocolate (but my favorite is Snickers and Reese’s Peanut Butter cups). All of the samples are inspiring.

  • Emma Sleppy

    Wow! I love anything milk chocolate with nuts!! Love everything today, hard to pick a fav but I really like the Jack o Lantern collection with cover plate and stencil!!!

  • Angie Kopydlowski

    My favorite chocolate candy is Peanut Butter M&Ms and my favorite sour candy is SweetTarts.
    I love Halloween and you all hit it out of the park with this collection! I really like Noriko’s sample made with the Happy Halloween Stamp & Stencil Combo set.

  • Phyllis Freese

    Dark chocolate is my absolute favorite. What cute Halloween products. My favorite is the layered pumpkin die, especially done the way Arjita created.

  • Dee Earnshaw

    love your samples – LOVE the frame in frame cutting dies – definitely one for my stash:)
    My favorite candy would have to be GUMMY BUT NOT the sour variety – anything sweet:)

  • Nancy Young

    My favorite candy is Smarties! But I do love some chocolate too. I’m very excited about the jack-o-lantern face cutting plate, I think there’s lots I could think of to do with that.

  • Allison G

    Fave candy is anything chocolate or gummy bears. Fave product was hard to choose, but those critter clips are ingenious and so cute! You have knocked it out of the park with this collection!

  • Sherry

    My favorite candy is M & M’s (always plain). I love the Spiderweb Cling & Clear Combo set. I think you could do a lot with that background – spooky or cute. But the whole release is fabulous (as usual)!

  • Deb Wagner

    Dark chocolate is my go to treat (and it’s good for you)… Absolutely love the pumpkin stencil and die. I just started using stencils and really like the versatility of them. By stamping buddies thought I bought paper and were amazed when I said they were stencils colored with ink and blender brushes. So Awesome!

  • Laurel

    Gummy’s are my favorite candy. The sugar rush stencil and stamp set inspires a whole wack of ideas for many seasons. And who doesn’t ❤️ new glitter paper colours!

  • Cathy K

    Would love the max and millie or the happy halloween stencil. My favorite candy is york peppermint patties

  • Evelyn

    My favorite candy is anything chocolate with nuts! What a great new release. Love the pumpkin layering dies, the spider web, etc.

  • Hollie V

    What a fun collection. My birthday is 2 days before Halloween so i often had a party and then we’d all go trick or treating together. These images stir those sweet memories! My favorite candy is Chewy Red Hots!

  • KathyJH

    Favorite candy – Reeses cups and Butterfinger Bites! Great Halloween release! I love the spiderweb, Millie (especially on the broom!). I’m intrigued by the clips and need to see a video on how they work. I also like the pumpkin treat wraps. So many fun things!

  • Sobia

    Love the layer it pumpkin . And for candy crunchy or something with nuts in it.

  • Candy Romeo

    I love the pumpkins. I like the layering look. I love the stencil & the boos. All the cards are soo cute! It’s tough to decide!

  • Isabel Z

    I LOVE the pumpkin treat wrap! So cute!

    My favorite candy is anything with chocolate in it. Yum!

    I’m inspired to create by all the talented TE designers.

  • Carol Harrison

    My favorite candy is chocolate,chocolate , and chocolate !! I was planning on using last years Halloween until I saw this years! Can’t wait to get my hands on the Pumpkin Cutting plate . I’m so excited !!

  • Iraida Miller

    Sour Worms are my favorite!!! I love the pumpkin treat bags are adorable!!! and the layer it Pumpkin stamp, as it is versatile!.

  • Deb Bridgewater

    I love chocolate and candy bars do the trick for me! My favorite product from the release is a toss up…love the max and millie and the layer it pumpkings…i get really inspired by heather nichols creations!

  • Emily Henry

    My favorite candy is anything gummy. From the time I was little I loved going to the movie because I could get “Dots”. Now I have many more choices and I love them all.

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