OK… so I don’t know what happened to my husband, but I’m really *lovin’* this new guy that moved in. LOL! (Just kidding, honey!) I came home from work on Friday night and hubby wanted to rearrange our apartment so that I would have more room to stamp. Yeah… it was his idea!!!

When you walk into our apartment it is just one big, long room with a kitchen through one doorway and then a little hallway leading to the bedroom and bathroom. We rearranged so that the family room area (TV, computer, couch, chair, etc.) are on one side and my stamp room is on the other side. The two “rooms” are divided by the couch. I really like our new TV space and I LOVE my new stamp area!! Rearranging also forced me to reorganize and sort through a bunch of junk I didn’t even know I had. In the process I found a couple extra Scrappin’ Kits and some purple Stickles! Those were my most exciting finds of the day…LOL! I just love it when I find hidden treasures… kinda like when you find money in a pocket of the jeans you haven’t worn in ages… gotta love it!!

Sorry I don’t have pics of the room, so you’ll have to use your imagination. I’m working on taking pics of some of my storage solutions so stay tuned for that!