Mmmmm….mmmmm….good! It’s Friday again so I thought it was fitting to post another cupcake card! I am absolutely loving these cupcake stamps by Lockhart Stamp Company. They are just so yummy looking and fun to color. This one I colored with Prismacolor pencils and blended with gamsol and a stump. It’s really bugging the perfectionist in me that the green of the card base and the green in the image look like they don’t match in the picture. But can you just take my word that they match in real life?? 😉

The card base is double-sided SEI patterned paper. Other cardstock colors are Whisper White, Chocolate Chip, and pink Bazzill Basics cardstock. I covered the cupcake frosting with irridescent ice embossing powder. I like the look of this better than the Stickles that I used on the other cupcake card. The ribbon is American Crafts which is so hard for me to use! (Hello…my name is Taylor and I’m a hoarder.) I just want to keep it all looking pretty together, but I try to keep telling myself if I use it all then I will have a reason to buy more! LOL!

A little update on the personal front: I did not touch my stamps last night! That is a huge accomplishment for me! Jon (my hubby) called me yesterday at about 10am while I was at work. He asked in his nicest voice “Honey… what would you think if I invited about 5 couples over for dinner tonight?” Initially I thought “NO WAY!! Our apartment is a pit, we have no food, and I am NOT cooking…especially on this short notice!” But he said he would clean the whole apartment, go grocery shopping, and handle all the cooking… so how could I say no?? We ended up having a very nice barbeque with several friends from campus last night. Jon did just like he said he would. He handled all the food and even washed the kitchen sinks, cleaned the bathroom floor to ceiling, and hung up all the clothes I had left on the bedroom floor. Everything is spic and span and I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful husband. Sometimes I joke that I am the man in our relationship because I am messy, I don’t pick up after myself, I don’t cook, I don’t clean (gosh…I’m quite the catch, huh?). But Jon covers for me… he cooks, cleans, does laundry, picks up my stuff. I’m sure all this will change when he’s done with school. Right now we have a little deal that I will work full-time to support him through school and after that I want to be a SAHM complete with cooking and cleaning. 🙂 All this to say that we had a great time with friends last night and I didn’t miss my stamps one bit. It was a much needed break!