• Cheryl (clee1953- SCS)

    Oops, I always forget to sign my name – the above post is me. Also, I don’t know how the letters before ‘Taylor’ got into the post 🙁

  • Anonymous

    pjrbpcoTaylor – I empathize with your spider phobia! My ‘cure’ was accidental ‘immersion therapy’ (get ready – this will make you scream all over again).

    I was sitting on a stone bench outside waiting for a college class to start. When I got up to go inside, I noticed a spider on me and brushed it off without freaking out too badly. But then there was another and another…and more (all different sizes – some quite big)! There were people all around, but I dropped my books on the floor and started flailing my arms around trying to get all those spiders off me! I did manage to go to class after that, but kept checking and rechecking my clothes and books for another spider =:(

    So, I live alone and can kill a spider if I have to, but I can also scoop it into a tissue and take it outside! See, there’s hope 🙂

  • StamperSharon

    Oops — my comment posted before I was finished . . . I think the cherry tying contest was a tie, eh?!! Good times! 😀

  • StamperSharon

    This was my favorite door prize, Taylor — you did a wonderful job on it and it was such a pleasure to finally meet you in person!

  • Julie

    This is awesome! Where do you find the crates? I have the bottles — b/c I knew they would be useful for something, someday. 🙂

  • Gina

    wow, that’s GORGEOUS! I’d be afraid to drink any of it! Super job!!

  • Ashley

    Very, very cute! I saw those crates at my LSS and almost bought them but then I thought, I still need the bottles!
    At my preschool we have a little girl who is allergic to chocolate! What a terrible thing to be allergic to. I recently had gout in my big toe and asked the Doc if it could be all the chocolate I had been eating ( left over from Valentines and Easter) and he said “Maybe, but I can’t tell you not to eat it because it is a mood altering food for women”..mmmm..just what I wanted to hear.
    I’m 6 foot and my husband is 6’3″ so were all giants! I had a friend once who was (is) 6’5″ and weighed about 165lbs. Now that was tall.

  • Rose Ann

    What a yummy door prize….and I LOVE how you’ve decorated it! Super!!

  • Debbie

    Taylor, you’re so cute! I loved your comment about your spider phobia. My daughter is just like you. I read her your comment and she said she would (a) go to Starbucks until someone came home or (b) get a vacuum with a really long hose and vacuum the spider up 🙂 Hmm, then you have a spider in your vacuum. Not sure about that idea! Your frapuccino bottles are super by the way!!

  • Debbie Olson

    What a wonderful prize! I am sure that anyone would be happy to get it!

  • Melissa

    Oh boy – this is awesome!!!

  • Sherrie

    Hey Taylor we must be sisters! I am about 6’1 myself and played vb for Trinity Western. For me it was my ankles not my knees (somethin’ gotta give). Love your creativity and your chocolate door prize is very cool. So where do you go shopping for clothes??

  • debbiedee

    I LOVE chocolate and whoever wins this is one lucky lady!

  • Karen (taiterbug)

    Have a great time this weekend – what a great doorprize – only if I ever won a doorprize like that I would have to share it with my husband – as chocolate for me is a migrane waiting to happen.

  • Anonymous

    I ran and called my stampin’ up girl and ordered that chocolate paper….will make these for teacher appreiciation week!!!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!Thankyou so much.Elizabeth Glass

  • Kristy

    These are so adorable! A question for you though–how did you get the lid to be brown? Is that paper/fabric/ribbon?

  • Kim

    So adorable! I just love the bottles and holder, really amazing!

    And I’m with you on the cherry stem, so funny! When I used to travel for business we used to have contests when we were out for dinner! LOL! Have fun!

  • lexi

    sooo cute! chocolate candy, chocolate paper–perfect! have a fun stamping weekend!

  • Greta

    i suppose i am a weirdo 😉 i don’t care for chocolate either so tell the hubby there is another weirdo in the crowd 😉

    i do however like anything gummy

  • Kathy

    Love the door prize! I wish I was coming but I’m stuck up in the Bay Area 🙂 My dh is also one of the weirdos who doesn’t like chocolate.

  • Viv

    Super door prize!!! I have 2 empty Frap cartons with bottles–can I send them your way to decorate for me?? Have a great time at StampMania! I would love to see sometime tie a cherry stem into a bow! Amazing!!

  • Lisa

    LOVE the starbucks bottles! They are adorable, can ya’ll pop on over to Tucson so I can get an up close look at them?
    I too am tall, I am 5’11” and I have twin daughters that are 5’11” as well. My father is 6’4″ and I have a brother that is 6’5″ and 3 half brothers that are just as tall too and my half sister is 6’1″. My mom’s favorite saying when she was alive is that she always wanted to be the shortest in the family yet had to have kids as tall as buildings to get that way.

  • Ember

    OMG! I think we are twins seperated at birth! *Except for the chocolate over cheesecake thing… gotta have the cheesecake!* Im 6’1 too! (Size 11??) I also suffer from the ol’ volleyball injury (cept mine’s the shoulder!) Love the starbucks containers! SO CUTE!

  • Anonymous

    Fun and fabulous!!!! Have a wonderful time this weekend with everyone! I wish I were there!!!


  • Jenny

    If I’m ever in your neck of the woods or you in mine (KS) we have to go out to dinner together and get the chocolatey-ist (is that a word??) dessert that there is. My husband does not like chocolate either!!! What a disappointment!! Love the door prize!!

  • Anonymous

    WOW! I think that is about the coolest altered item I have seen in a long time – so unique and creative! See – that is why you are the 1st blog I check every day for inspiration! Jen G, Summerville, SC.

  • Nicole Seitler

    Oh, lovely! What a great gift! Yum!!! 😀

  • Karen - Jusgottastamp

    Fabulous door prize!!! I wonder if I could still get a plane ticket in time….oh, wait. I have a hair appt tonight. :o( Maybe next year?

  • AJAngert

    TOO CUTE!!! Have a great time this weekend!!

  • DeniseLynn

    Love it!!! What a great prize wish I could be there to win. *wink* Have fun.

  • CraftyMomOf2

    Hi Taylor!

    I love the door prize!! So adorable and yummy too! And your list of 7 sounds very interesting!!

    I hope you’re having a great day and a wonderful weekend.

    =) Meredith

  • Colleen

    taylor, this chocolate door prize is wonderful! Very creative. I am submitting it as a link for our altered items carnival over at Craft Critiqu…if your site is one that is picked, Sarah will probably let you know…

  • Michelle Huemoeller

    Absolutely adorable – have a fantastic time at the SoCal StampMania!!

  • Bridget Danson

    Hi Taylor, if you get any more, I would love to have some. Thanks!

  • L

    Hi I did not receive the original post. Please put me on the list (if there is one)I would like to order at least 4.Thank you Lynn E. Jackson

  • Anonymous

    Interesting – I get automatic blog updates from you but I did not get this one. I found out about it from another blog. If you can get more put me down for some. Kathy Tucker

  • Anonymous

    Will be checking this site all day for an update on the tape..

    ann i

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