I’ve had some questions recently about how to use the JustRite monogram stamper. It is super easy to use, but for those of us who are visual learners I thought I’d do a little video. I hope it is helpful for a few of you! And a big thanks to my wonderful videographer (a.k.a. hubby Jon). Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you all have a wonderful day! ETA: I thought I’d answer some of the questions you’ve asked in the comments. If you have more questions about your JustRite Monogram stamper, leave a comment and I’ll update this post with the answers:Q: Can you describe how you set-up a traditional three letter monogram, with two smaller letters and a big one in the middle? When I set mine up on my c45, I find that the outside smaller letters are not on the same horizontal center as the large letter. They end up being slightly above, or slightly below. A: You are correct. The small letters will be either slightly above or slightly below the center of the large letter, whichever you prefer. I personally prefer to set up the smaller letters slightly above the center of the large letter.Q: Can the ink pad that you place into the Just Rite stamper be changed to a different color? Can you change the pad or do you have to clean the pad if you choose to use a different color ink?A: When you want to use a different ink color, you must ink a new dry pad. Each dry pad comes with two uninked sides. Q: How do you disassemble the elements when you are done stamping – is it a really messy process or is there a trick to it?A: To disassemble your monogram and border elements, put the stamper in the locked position by pushing in the red buttons on the side. Run the stamps across your scrubber to clean them and then just peel off the elements and put them back in your storage box.