If you’ve joined me on the journey of Taylored Expressions, you’ve likely heard me mention my husband, Jon. The word ‘husband’ just doesn’t seem to be adequate for all the things he means to me… my best friend, confidant, love of my life, and amazing support. Over the years he has not only supported my creativity, but encouraged me to pursue my dreams.

I know many of your husbands would likely agree that the position of “Stamper’s Spouse” can be a difficult one at times! So I asked Jon to write the Top Ten Things he’s learned as a Stamper’s Spouse. Hopefully these little tidbits will help your significant other become the best Stamper’s Spouse he can be!

NOTE: While dripping with sarcasm, these are just a light-hearted look through the eyes of this Stamper’s Spouse. *grin*

Things I’ve Learned as a Stamper’s Spouse
By Jon Van Bruggen

My wife is a stamper. By stamper, I mean a paper-crafting, blog-hopping, creativity-oozing stamper. She’s not a crafter and she’s definitely not a scrapbooker. She’s a stamper.

Perhaps you’re also an involuntary member of this unique and growing collection of people I like to simply call Spouses of Stampers… or SSs.

Having been an SS for the past few years I’ve learned a thing or two about the stamping sub-culture. And even though I’m armed with this knowledge, the various quirks and expectations of stampers are still hard to manage at times. Perhaps you’re an SS and you think you’re the only one experiencing these things. Know that you’re not alone! We’re in this together! And so, for all of the SSs out there, I submit to you the top 10 things I’ve learned as an SS:

#10 – Delete “scrapbooker” from your vocabulary and then empty your recycle bin. Remember…she’s a stamper!

#9 – The outside of a greeting card is one hundred times more meaningful to a recipient than the words written on the inside. Or at least the outside of the card takes one hundred times longer to complete.

#8 – Organza and Grosgrain have nothing to do with anything organic or wheat-based. They’re ribbons.

#7 – When your wife says “I just want to change one thing about this card,” you better cancel your dinner reservations because you’re not going anywhere for a very long time.

#6 – What looks like the aftermath of a tornado is really just a uniquely organized stamp room.

#5 – Never, ever, ever say “Don’t you already have paper like that?” Trust me. It’s not the same paper.

#4 – Redeeming the weekly 40% off coupon at Michaels trumps having milk in the refrigerator and clean socks to wear. Seriously, are your personal health and hygiene that important? I didn’t think so.

#3 – The primary purpose of making cards is not to send them to others. It’s to create space for that new die-cut machine.

#2 – Much like the sun, you can’t turn off your wife’s creativity. As an SS, just give in already and prepare for many more dinner conversations about the latest blog-hop or stamp-a-thon.

#1 – Memorize this: “Wow honey! That’s really cute!!!” It’s pure gold if you can muster the enthusiasm to go with it. Use it as often as you can, especially when you’re in a jam. You won’t be disappointed.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the Stamper’s Spouse Top 10 List! Jon writes his own blog “Becoming” on more serious topics if you’d like to check it out. Thanks for stopping by today! Hope you all have a wonderful day!